My First Time With Mature Lady In Neighbourhood

Well, legally am allowed here “I ” cause am just 18 years old…. “Anyway” hello, people. I am Juhi and am from Mumbai, this my fan’s ((which you all will become after reading this I guess)) is my first sex story here so don’t mind any mistakes.

Am from a typical conservative orthodox family no prior knowledge about sex, except what a kiss was. Until one day a bitch sent me a link to this site, which I must say is quite amazing. At first I read a few stories and I had to google most of the words like ” fetish, BDSM, oral sex, gangbang, cum, threesome etc. ” to understand the meaning of it, and was amazed by it.

So my holidays were on and I was at home full day because my typical mom didn’t like me going out with my girlfriends because they smoked a lot of cigarettes and weed, which she didn’t want me to do. I was getting bugged full day and the only time I had fun was reading the stories on ISS and I had downloaded the app too because it’s easier to read and had a password to. Then use to do time pass with the neighbor’s baby, Shalini was the mother of that baby and right from the watchman to milkman to the secretary of the society use to stare her with lust because she was beautiful and I was jealous of her beauty, it’s a female thing.

She lived there with her mother in law, her 2-year-old baby and the hubby worked in Dubai. One day, as usual, I went her home to play with the kid but he was asleep so I just randomly decided to talk with her, hoping to get the secret of her beauty to which she said it’s her mother’s traits. We talked for a while and she wanted to see the pics of the college programs in which I had danced, which my mommy had told her about.

She casually was scrolling about through the pic’s when Shalini’s mother in law called her to bring a glass of water to which I said I would give and she can continue watching the photos. When I came back after giving water and a formality talk with her mother in law, I was shocked to see that she had opened the ISS app and was scrolling thru it. I froze and cursed myself to keep such a dumb fuck password for that app which was “1234” and I went into a mental blank. Shalini turned and saw me frozen in fear and laughed and said: ” it’s ok girl aaja bett ja ye saab common hogaya hai ab” I could hear my heart beating and just sat there as she told. I was staring at her face and she casually was reading it, I had no clue what to say so kept quiet and peeked on the screen and she was reading “Adventures of two birds” (( kavya I want a kiss because you got shout-out to your story))

As she read on I noticed her eyes go wide and breath heavy. My cheeks were red and my hands were cold then she closed it and gave the phone back trying to avoid eye contact all the while, we were just sitting there numb after a while she being the mature and experienced one started to ask questions slowly and the way she asked it was so comforting ((maybe she did it purposely)) which made me eager to answer all her questions like ” from when are you reading it, what all categories you like, have you got a bf, are you virgin, what’s your figure, do you shave down there, do you finger yourself” I answered everything except the last two of them, she kept her hand on my thighs and I got goosebumps all over and asked again “Juhi do you shave down there.?”

I got really embarrassed because I hadn’t touched them since they started growing. I said no… And what about fingering she asked to which I made a puppy face and said ” actually I don’t know how” to which she started laughing out loud making me more embarrassed.

” I’ll teach you she said” I was a little taken back, Shalini caught my hand a took me to her bedroom and she directly started to remove my t-shirt and I didn’t even resist because I kind of wanted it. My boobs bounced and popped out, nice bra she exclaimed trying to remove it. My face got tensed to which she said “Aacha baba I’ll remove mine also” and removed her t-shirt, her boobs bounced more because of her size and I thought to myself ” this bitch also has big boobs with a beautiful face” I smiled staring at them and she had a cunning smile as though she had successfully trapped me.

She unclipped her and my bra at once, talented woman she was, she saw my hard nipples and said you have perfect boobs for your age dear and pulled her bra down. Her nipples were bigger and hard, she pulled me and made sit properly then licked her finger and smeared her saliva around my nipples and blow hot air thru her mouth. It felt weirdly good and I shivered and fell back on the bed, she really seemed experienced in pleasuring women, soon she caught my boobs and slowly increased pressure by pressing harder, my mouth was wide open along with my eye’s. Then she came over me completely and pressed my lips to hers and that’s when I realized what I had gotten myself into. All the cherry lip gloss of hers was in my mouth and her saliva too, that was my first smooch with a woman who is more than 10 years elder to me.

She kept sucking my tongue and lips while I kept moaning because of her hands on my boobs, my nipples were never this hard ever before and it pained but it was a good one. She finally left my lips and while moving up had a trail of saliva, we both were breathing really heavy and I kept my hands on her stomach which she pulled on her boobs and began pressing hard her nipples were sexy and after squeezing for her while she bent forward and I knew what she wanted, I just opened my mouth wide and took her long nipples in my mouth which was strange and good ” zorr se” she pleaded and I did that, began sucking on her pinkish brown nipple like her baby with my eye’s on her face ohh god her expressions were so sexy.

She was hissing all the while as I played with her nipple and then came a little milk I was amazed and drank it, it was not much but was good. She seemed satisfied and moved up, we both had a big smile on our faces, she again bent down but this time caught her boobs and pressed her nipples against mine and again smooched me.

Then she moved down and pulled out my short’s, Shalini had a big smirk on seeing my green panty, she put her middle finger right in the pussy and moved it up slowly to my cilt and a wet line emerged. She closed her eyes brought her nose near and sniffed my panty few times and in one go pulled it, she and I could see my juice’s all over the hair. ” oh I love hairy pussy” she exclaimed which got me wondering ” this is not a first time she’s had her women in bed with her I guess and I was right which I came to know later”…. Shalini again blew hot air onto my pussy and chills ran down my spine and took a part of my hair (( which was about an inch long I guess ” embarrassing” )) in her mouth.

She was sniffing and rubbing her nose and lips all over my pussy area, then came then tongue and again she traced a line from my pussy to cilt which made me gasp and moan loud. She licked it twice more and touched her finger on my pussy all the way up to the cilt, up and down up and down as her finger got wetter and wetter making me shiver and thrash my head side to side pulling the bedsheet, ohhh it was amazing but she suddenly stopped with a cunning lusty grin I gasped at looked at her coming next to me licking her finger’s ” make me cum first then I’ll return the favor” Shalini said.

Giving her a puzzled look I got up and she pointed with her eye’s to her pussy, I got between her legs and pulled her PJ out to see that she already had two big wet spots about to connect on her blue panty. She raised her hips and said come on baby, I sniffed her panty while removing it which smelt amazing though. She was a self-centered bitch but her body right from her smell to her assets were amazing, I could not find even a single hair on her pussy area and it was leaking too much juice’s, I did just as she did to me and was rubbing up and down her cilt.

She then in a weak voice said to put one finger in and out of my pussy and lick at the same time, I was a little hesitant in pushing my finger in her hole but did it and it was slimy and hot then I put my tongue to her cilt and licked it. I couldn’t get my right rhythm right being the first timer but I guess she liked it because more of her juices flowed out, she then earned to put in one more finger which I did and she kept on moaning and hissing “Faster whore faster, yeaahhhhhh yes yes fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhh oh” (( she is using a 17 year old and calling me a whore)) my mouth was starting to ache but she yelled “Ohhhhhhh faster am gonnna cumm” which got me excited because I always wanted to see what happens while coming so I put in all my effort and roughly began fingering her and licking and sucking her cilt and in moments she raised her hips shivered and moaned and hot thick white fluid came out of her pussy directly on my face.

I was bringing my head up and she turned in ecstasy and the side of her knee banged on to my head hard and I fell on the bed (( so much for the people who say sex is 100% pretty and awesome)) my head hurt a lot as if someone had slapped me with a real hard swing….. When she finally got to her senses she took my head in hand and began to apologize, then wiped her cum off my face with her lips and smooched me making me taste it.

Then she made sit back with my knees bet and spread again licked her finger and began rubbing my cilt which send me waves of pleasure, she asked whether she should put the whole finger in and I exclaimed “No” covering my pussy. She grinned and moved my hands and began rubbing again and licking to I couldn’t control and was moaning loud and gasping, Shalini told me to calm down or her mother in law would hear it and I covered my mouth and she increased her pace, it was so awesome I was just pulling her hair and bedsheet and then in a moment’s I could feel something building up inside me ohh that feel I can’t describe it almost unconsciously I got and finally came, my own saliva was drooling out of my mouth I was in a different state but I could feel her licking every bit of it from my pussy and when I got back to my senses I was sweating breathing damn heavy and could hear my heart beat, she came near again smooched me giving me some of my own cum.

I was totally drained not even had the strength to put on my clothes, she said: ” soja mai aati hu thodi der mai” she dressed and left to check on her mil and baby. After some time when she came back I was dressed and we talked a bit and I went home, rest of the day I could not think of anything else except what happened between me and Shalini.

We did it again two time’s before she shifted to Dubai to her hubby….. Well, that was sex story, my learning curve I guess.[email protected]

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