My Friend’s Mom Became My Sex Slave

Hi friends this is Srinivas. I am a regular reader of iss and I am happy to post my first story here.This is a true incident that I have encountered with my Angel Sweta(name changed).Any suggestions and comments can be mailed to me [email protected].

Coming to the story I am from Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh.The heroine of the story sweta (38-30-36) age 36 was the mother of my best friend.I used to visit her house daily and I used to have formal conversations with her whenever possible and while talking with her my eyes are busy having a feast of her sexy ass and milky boobs through her saree.

One day I went to my friends home as usual but the thing I experienced that day was unusual.My friend went outside on urgent work and he asked me to help her mother on some house hold work as they are planning for house warming festival in few days.I accepted to what he said and started helping her mom.While working we too are sweating badly and that day she wore a blue colour saree with a matching blouse and the sweat running over her boobs are clearly visible to my eyes as she wiped the sweat with her pallu in between I never missed the chance to take a glance.I am getting horny and I had a boner in my pants which I tried to hide it from her.She was observing the deeds of mine but pretending as if she was unaware of the things happening around her.

We took a break from work and she told that she would get me some coffee and went into the kitchen.Her beautiful round ass hidden behind the saree resembled the pendulum what a scene it was.

I sat on the sofa and she came with two cups of coffee and sat beside me.

Sweta: srinivas how am I looking in this saree

Me: very nice aunty I guess it’s new and the blouse was perfectly stitched

She smiled in a naughty way and I didnt understand why she smiled like that. She told me that the blouse used to be loose as it was stitched at the time of her marriage but it became tight now and she took the glass frome me and went into the kitchen with her ass swinging again.She came from the kitchen and asked me if I need to go early or I can stay for little more time.

I told that its ok I will stay.Then she sat beside me and kept her hand on my thigh casually this again aroused my boner to which she giggled and said this is second time srinu and asked me dont you have a gf. I said no.Dont you masturbate daily she asked .I am shocked for that straight question and also felt embarrassed and replied that yes I do but not daily. She moved her honds towards my zip and rubbed over my cock and leaned on my shoulder saying that I have touched a cock after a very long time can I have it.

I got confident by her moves and placed my hands over her pallu and pressed her boobs woww sooo soft and tight she gave a slight moan which made me go mad and I kissed her lips. Her lips got sandwiched between mine and I satrted biting her lips moving my hands over her boobs hidden behind her pallu she kept her hands on mine and pressed them against her boobs giving me the hint to crush them.

I removed her pallu kissed her navel and the cleavage revealing the upper portion of her massive boobs trying to come out of her blouse. I unhooked the blouse and the black bra and freed her boobs.The milky white fetish boobs with a brown aerola and brownish nipples are a feast for me to watch. I grabbed them with my both hands and kept in my mouth I chewed the nipples and bitten them with my nipples she reacted to that with heavy breaths sweet moans and moved her hands in my head and plucked my hairs which made me much hornier.She was in a hurry to take my cock so she pushed me over the sofa and removed my pant and jockey and took the 6″ tool into her hands and started stroking it and licking it.

I too removed her saree and petticoat she was not wearing a panty and the juices from the pussy are flowing over her huge whitish thighs I licked the juices and went to her pussy squeezing her thighs and her ass I licked her pussy lips and made it wet she urged me to have my cock into her pussy and widened her legs I kept my cock into her pussy slowly and started stroking her slowly she told me to fuck her slowly and increase the speed gradually. I took small breaks while stroking her in order to prevent my ejaculation she only told me the tip and during break I licked her pussy and fingered it and again I started to penetrate into her hungry pussy after few minutes she told me to come in 69 position and she took my cock in one gulp and gave blowjob which made me go wild and I licked her pussy like a mad dog she enjoyed that act and she reciprocated my acts

She ordered me to sit and she sat on my cock facing her boobs over my face and she started jumping . I wondered how she knows all these positions she smiled and said that I too watch porn. She started jumping and the boobs are dancing before my face I started sucking those melons and her ass was pounding my thighs making big sounds I loved the moment I squeezed her ass and rammed her pussy in that position after few strokes I made her sleep on the sofa I kept her left leg on my shoulder right leg on my thigh and I entered her pussy and gave strokes she was not comfortable with that position and I quickly switched to missionary I bent forward licking her lips squeezing her boobs with one hand holding her hip with another hand and entered her pussy she enjoyed the position which made me go crazy and I stroked her hard and cummed inside her she was very much satisfied with my cock and she promised me that she will offer her pussy whenever possible I returned home happily thinking that I lost my virginity to a sex queen

Friends please give me suggestions as it was my first story and the comments are accepted. Any interested horny house wife’s can contact me for fun mail me to [email protected]

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