My Friend’s Mom Became My Wife

Directly ,coming to the story ,this happened around two years ago friend pavan he was very close to me , we were childhood friends,

Coming to pavans mom she was a ,a bomb she doesn’t look like 36….. with big milky white boobs .

While..coming to the story I had no bad intentions about Chaya aunty ,I used to go pavans house every day,she used to treat me as their family member…but I got attracted when I and pavan saw huge no.of. porn movies in our inter holidays …my sexual feelings increased for aunty…but I used to think this is wrong she my friends mom ..I should not think like…

After a year all. This changed ….my lucky week started because pavans grand mother was hit by a auto in her village so pavans family went to their village..but Chaya aunty dint went due to health problem ..pavan informed that he was going to village and his mother is alone in house , please take care of her ….I said OK and don’t worry about her ….

At evening I went to pavans house and knocked the door , Chaya aunty in beautiful blue Saree opened the she was looking dam sexy…in that Saree, she said ” ra rohan vacchii kurchoo”… I said OK..and wantedely asked about pavan she said he is not their he went to village with his father …I said OK

Then she sat on the sofa and started watching serials ..I started praising her …aunty your Saree is so good,your looking beautiful in this Saree ,looking like a collage girl ,she said don’t joke rohan I know about myself..I replied no aunty your really soo good…and laughed . I started. Flirting with her till night ..and in the night about 8 pm I went to home ..

Next..two days ..nothing happened ..I got no chance to touch her or seduce her…..but my mind was thinking about her how to fuck her ” how to keep my dick in her mouth”….that two day I just flirted with her but I went to market with her ….I wantedly touched her ass in crowd in the marked she acted like nothing was touched to her ass……

My life’s most luckiest day was that 4th day ….when that day morning I came to pavans house and saw that the door was opened ….and I entered the house ….just saw Chaya aunty lying on the sofa catching her …I said what happens aunty she said she felt in the bathroom so her knee was injured she was getting so much pain ..I asked aunty I will rub you volini it will give you relief ,she said no beta thank you ,why you should suffer for me , I replied no aunty no problem I will massage with moov ….she said OK ..

Wow I raised her Saree about her knees , and kept her leg on my lap and started rubbing her knees they were so smooth and white ….by touching her only I got hard …while massaging I rubbed her things. I was in

About 15..mins later she said she is some what OK now…..she said she will prepare tea for both of us because she was getting headache said that no worry’s aunty I will prepare tea for you , I prepared tea for both of us and were drank our tea ..for about two minutes later she said that her head is paining so much ….so I said aunty will massage with navratan oil ..your headache will cure she half mindedly,said OK I started massaging her head she was feeling good and started relaxing for about 10 min later I got courage and started massaging he neck said doesn’t said anything I think I got signal I started rubbing her boobs from sideways ….after 2 min she suddenly said to stop and she is feeling relaxed now,

I was not able. To control my self I was so hard my dick already in 90 degree position…I don’t know how got that much of courage , I said aunty I love you so much, I will die for you, you are my dream girl from my childhood,I love you aunty ,I want to marry you.,

She shocked and replied what are you taking roshan your are my friends son ,I never expected this from you ,you are not mature to say like …please stop this .I understand all this is common for your age..but this is not correct you should leave to your home now..suddenly I don’t know how got that much of dare I hugged Chaya aunty and started French kissing she was avoiding me and trying to release from my hug…I tightened my hug and started pressing her ass from backwards.,she was telling that it is not correct she is my friend mom ,but no word were not getting into my ears ….about 1min later she started cooperating with me she was responding to my kisses and caught my hair and started giving kisses ….

For about 10 min we were kissing …..then I threw her on deewan and started tearing her blouse like a dog and teared her blouse,she was wearing a black bra and her boobs were coming out from her blouse I removed her blouse started sucking like a mad dog and biting her hard nipples….she said be gentle rohan I am your friends mother… u my dear fuck me…..

I sucked her boobs for about 10 min …and went down and removed her panty …she was already wet…her cleanly shaved pussy lips were waiting for me I started licking her pussy….she was moaning heavily ah ahhhhh ….. ahhhhh … ahh … landokah …..dengu ra .. lanjodkahh …. ahhhh …. mhhhh..

Then she came down and removed my pants and kept my dick in her mouth …wow I was in heaven…she was sucking like a whore after 3 min I said I am cumming she said to cum it on her pussy I said OK then about 5min later I got hard and ready to fuck she said she want my dick in her pussy..she was shouting ..pettu ra na mogudah …pettu na dullahh tirchuu ra …I got full josh by hearing that word I pushed my dick in her pussy and started fucking hardly because it was my first time ….I was in full pace ….I cummed in her pussy …..after that I lifted and started fucking in that position..and tried doggy style..after that we did oral sex 69 position…

After the session we slept together ,she said that this the unforgettable day in her life,her husband was not involved in sex with her from past 8 years ..she was desperate for cock..and thanked me she removed the “magalasutram” and gave it to me and said to put it on her neck and I did what she said …she said now we are married she is my wife and I am her husband …and she said she will do what ever I want……

I replied oh we are newly married now and asked when is our first night…she gave a naughty smile and started another session ….in that we did our first night with all the flowers decorated in bedroom……we slept at 4 in the morning and slept naked by hugging each other….

The remaking two we don’t know what is night and what is day …..only sex ….in kitchen in bathroom,in hall ….we left no place in the house….

After that pavan and his family came….but our relation never ended we continue our relation whenever we get chance……..

Thank you this was my first true incident and wrote as a story..sorry for mistakes..any women and unsatisfied wife’s can mail me at [email protected]

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