My Friend’s Mom, My Goddess

Hey guys.. This is sam. At present my age is 19. I am from bhubaneswar, odisha. If you like the story mail me at [email protected]. Aunties and girls looking for sex and fun , feel free to contact.

As I was saying I am from bhubaneswar. At present I am pursuing my btech 2nd year. Talking about me.. Fuck it.. Just know that I got a long dick(this statement was for the girls only).. Let’s be descriptive about the other sex.

Honestly speaking I don’t know her name. She is my friend’s mom. And so I always call her aunty. She is a goddess. I have learned this word from iss but trust me guys m using the word at the exact place. She is a sex goddess. She has the perfect ass I have ever seen. Her son and I are childhood friends. So I have known aunty from a very tender age. She had married at a very teen age and so now she was as super hot young married bitch. Her stats would be 34-30-34.. Yess baby.. Her 34 ass would make any guy go fucking mad.. And her boobs.. Not huge. But perfect.. Fucking 20s girls are chai kam pani infornt of aunty.

Coming back to the story.. Since the day I have know what boobs are, I wanted to suck her boobs. I was very close to their family, so I never had any restrictions of entering her house. Wenever I visited aunty , she would be in a sexy tight top and her nipples would always be visible.. It would be difficult for me to talk to her as I my eyes would always drop down to her boobs instead of her eyes. I am sure she had noticed it. She was very friendly and so she knew this was common for my age. I was 17 then and she would be 34. 34 was her lucky number I guess.

I used to have lunch there somedays.. And we used to sit on the ground and eat. After we had done eating she would clean the floor. That was my best time. She would bent down to clean the floor and my eyes would be stuck at her big hanging boobs and her deep cleavage. Till now I haven’t ever seen her wearing a bra. Each time she would bend , my junior would rise up to salute her inner beauty..

This used to be my daily schedule.. It was getting uncontrollable and I wanted more.. Just peeping wasn’t the solution ..

Btw my friends father worked in a bank in puri so he would never be at the house.. I know you can understand.. Yess.. She was sex starved

One night, I suggested my friend to have a night stay at his house. And fortunately he readily agreed.

Our dinner was accompanied by floor cleaning incident and as usual my hard on was dr. But that day as, I was going to stay at their house I had changed to my boxers and removed my undies. So my hard on made a tent on the boxers. That evening she wore a loose t shirt, and dress wasn’t anything beneath the top , and I could she more than just her upper boobs, I could she her hard brown nipples.. Wow.. That was a moment.. I never knew her boobs were so big.. They looked like two big brown skin colour balls hanging and ordering me to tear the t shirt and grab those two and suck it.. My hard on was at its full flow and the tent was huge(which I realized later)

I had not realized that coz I was busy trying to get even more from the small opening from her neck. And in the mean time aunty had finished cleaning and she was looking up at me. She cleared her throat , indicating me that she was looking at me.. I came back to my sense , covered my tent with my hand and hurriedly said sorry aunty and ran to the other room where my friend was sleeping.. My heart was pounding so loudly that I anybody beside me could hear the beats clearly.. My hard on had turned semi hard by now. I the door was slightly open, I was lying on the bed beside my friend , and continuously thinking what happened few minutes ago..

Honestly speaking , after a few minutes , my mind was fixed on the moment when I could see her nipples … and her big melons.. And in the mean while my hands had pulled down my pant and holding my hard rock piston inside the blanket. The blanket was till my waist and you could see my some pubic hairs from outside… I wasn’t letting the feeling to end so I was just caressing my dick .. Trying to enjoy each second of the time. I could hear aunty cleaning the utensils.. Dirty thoughts were coming into my mind .. I was imagining aunty playing with the soap water, pouring it on her and seducing the viewer as in porn videos.. .. After around 1 hour I sensed that aunty was done with work..

But my hand wasn’t ready to leave my dick and forget this feeling.. Suddenly aunty entered our room and I couldn’t think of anything except of closing my eyes and keeping my hand on my thigh inside the blanket.

The lights were on so aunty was able to c my exposed pubic hairs and the huge tent below it.. My heart was beating very fast.. I was fucking scared to death.. But my dirty part wanted to see what happens next.. I could feel the blanket rising atleast upto a height that I could guess she pulled it up and saw my statue of liberty.. I remained still so that she feels I was deep asleep.. I felt fingers on my pubic hair and my heart was beating even faster now.. Then those soft tender finger crawled to my penis.. I could feel her hand shivering.. The moment her hand touched the base of my dick , my hard on was like at its peak..

Suddenly her hands left my dick.. I couldn’t understand what was happening.. After 2 heart beats , I heard her sound and I realized she switched of the lights.. I was smiling in my mind.. I knew something horny was gonna happen..My heart was excited and jumping around.. Suddenly I felt the touch again.. My heart stopped.. From touch it came upto hold..Yess.. The lady of my dreams , my sex goddess , my fantasy queen was holding my dick.. Slowly she started pulling my skin down.. And dn up again down. Yeah.. She was giving me a hand job.. I was in heaven baby.. Her soft hands around my dick…. Aaaahhh ….

What a pleasure… what a feeling.. Aaahhh.. She started increasing the speed.. That was the first handjob I had ever got and the fucking best I can ever get.. She kept moving it up and down.. I knew I wouldn’t be able to control much.. I was about to cum.. I..

She stopped.. She dint.. She stopped before I could cum… it was killing me.. I felt lips on the tip of my dick.. She kissed the dickhead and cover my dick with blanket and closed the door and I guess she went to her own room.. I was happy ,, but upset.. Why did she stop like that..

I held my dick.. Shit .. It was a disrespect to the handjob aunty gave me.. I was lying down.. Thinking wat happened..

I couldn’t sleep.. I wanted her.. I understood that she wanted the dick.. I was ready to take risk.. I heard something from the other room.. I couldn’t hear it properly.. I was curious.. I removed the blanket.. Pulled up my boxers.. Got out of the bed.. And was silently walking outside the door..It was dark outside in the hall.. Aunty’s room was adjacent to our room.. The sound was coming from her room.. She was moaning .. Aaaaaaah .. Aaaahh.. Fuck mee …… fuckk mee …. Aaaaahh …. My heart was back to jumping again.. My tent was rebuilt.. My hands were on my dick.. I had pulled down my boxers.. And started masturbating.. Aaaahhh … yeah.. Fuck it… aaaaseee.. Mo bia re paseide.. Toh banda ku aane… ( comee… fuck my pussy.. Bring your dick ) .. Choddd .. Madar chod.. .Aaaahhh …

These were the words I could hear.. I felt like m the luckiest person in the world.. I was cuming.. Aah… I was cuming.. Shit.. I poured it all on the door knob… my sperm was dripping from my dick as well has the door knob…

Aaaaahhh… yeaaah… dats it.. Yeaaah.. She was giving her loudest moans.. And she cummed.. I could know she it.. She was cumming.. .. Yeaah.. Aaaaah.. Her voice was going down.. She had cummed.. She sounded tired..

My heart was beating fast like bolt. I wanted to go in.. I wanted to see her.. I waited for a few minutes… I couldn’t wait any more.. I slowly opened her door.. As it was dark she couldn’t knw the opening of the door..

I entered the room.. Closed the door.. The window was slightly open.. And the moonlight was straight falling on her bed.. What I saw was out of this world.. I could see a shaved skin. And below it .. I could see the most beautiful thing of this world.. I saw her naked pussy.. Her hand was on her inner thighs. Her pussy.. Not just her pussy.. Her wet dripping pussy..

The liquid was dripping from her pussy.. I could see it clearly.. My dick was hard again.. Saluting.. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. My heart was habituated to the running..Drops of liquid were slowly dropping from her cunt lips to the bed.. I couldn’t control myself.. I wanted to touch her.. I wanted fuck that beauty..

I moved my face near her pussy and took in the aroma.. Aaaaah.. What an aroma.. While smelling her pussy I by mistake touched her thigh.. I was scared.. But she dint move.. Or give any reaction.. I touched her thigh again.. She dint react.. I gain courage.. I kept my hand on her thigh.. My hand moved closer to her pussy.. I felt wet.. I touched it.. I touched her pussy.. I was no more in control.. I was playing with her lips with my finger.. Her hips.. Moved.. I stopped for a second.. Dn I inserted my finger inside her.. It was all wet inside.. It was like a vacuum pump.. It was sucking my finger.. She gave a moan.. Aaaah.. I took it out and again inserted it.. She was moaning..

I increased the speed.. It felt heaven.. I felt even luckier and hornier now.. I had place her hand on the edge of the bed.. And now my hard dick was touching her hand.. She continued moving her hips and moaning.. Suddenly I felt a hand on my dick.. I was shocked.. And I removed my finger .. Her hand started moving… on my dick.. To and fro.. Aaaah.. Yeah.. Another hand job.. This was even better.. I was out of this world.. Her other hand held my fingering hand and directed me towards her pussy.. I inserted my finger and started fingering her. We were moaning..

She uttered my name.. Saaamm… aaah.. Yeah,, thats right.. Do it.. Yeaaah. Saaam.. I never knew my name would sound so horny..

She switched on the light.. There was my goddess.. She was completely naked .. Her boobs were perfect shaped and placed.. Her nipples protruding and calling me .. I was surprised.. I always knew she was too sexy .. But I never knew this would be the height of her sexiness..

She had a bit of fat on her belly which made her even sexier.. Her neck shinning beautifully .. She looked like a goddess from heaven..

She asked me to climb up on her so that we can do 69.. Yeah.. My first encounter and it started with 69.. Holy mother of fucking god.. She had my dick in her mouth.. And I sucking and licking her pussy.. I inserted my tongue in her cunt and she gave a loud moan.. I kept doing it.. And her ass was shaking .. Aaah.. The feeling.. It was the best day of my life.. ..

Many more things happened after that wich I will be narrating in the second part..

For friendship , casual sex and fun and feedback.. Mail me. At [email protected]

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