My Girlfriend Fucked By Friend – Part 3

My girlfriend fucked by friend – part 3

This is continuation. My girlfriend fucked by friend,

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I was waiting in the corner of street around 20 min, but she didn’t come , later after 5 min she came. When I asked why it got late she told she will tell in call during night and we left home. I called up at 10 pm and was speaking about other stuff and was waiting if she herself will tell me what happened after I left but she didn’t say a word, then I myself asked why it got late she explained ” the moment u left he asked to sit I told its getting late so have to leave but he told to sit for 10 min,

I told ok and sat, he asked me so when are you coming again and giving me kiss, I replied today itself it was too much so it’s over and not any more, he told one last kiss for the day, I told no as I am very tired but kept on insisting that one last kiss, I told lets see next time and got up and about to leave, he hold my hand I told to leave but he didn’t, he asked to hug me I resisted but he himself hugged me and kissed on my neck I pushed him back and told lets see next time and left.” this only happened. I was horny by the time she completed and we did phone sex and slept.

After 2 weeks it was onam so she was wearing onam saree on that day,she called me and asked to meet her but I told I am outside and not able to come and I disconnected the call.

She caller my friend and he came and saw her nearby her home and spoke for few min and she left as it was nearby her home, as usual she called in night and told me what happened on that day, I asked her to call and speak with him but she as usual hesitated first and later on my request she called him up and was speaking with him for more than 30 min , I was keep on calling her but she didn’t respond so I left, after 45 min she called me and told its flowing for her I asked what happened she started to explain ” he lifted the call and was speaking about normally and he complimented that I was looking awesome in onam saree that too my hip was lightly visible and it was very sexy but bad luck that was not able to speak and be with you for a long time,

I told ok next time when I wear saree and if I come by your house side I will call u can come, for that he got excited and asked when we meet next time if he can kiss my navel in saree I told not sure lets see and I disconnected the call” I asked her you didn’t do anything why its flowing for you, she told she started to imagine him kissing and what he did other day that’s why it is flowing .

I asked her when can we go again she told she is ready anytime after 2 weeks , so I planned and planned to go after 3 weeks on Friday she was very excited and told ok, the previous day I called and asked her get a saree as well to his home she asked why ? I told that I wanted to see you in saree so get it.

She too told ok and at morning 8 she left her home and was waiting for me I met her and she was wearing blue colour saree fully covered where nothing was visible, I felt happy seeing her the way she was wearing the saree, we left to his home on the way I asked her if she will go alone and I will join in 10 min , she told ok for it but told to come as soon as she calls me and she left to his home I called him and told that she is coming and I will be there in 10 min and asked him make her wait in his home he too told fine and he disconnected, I was waiting for her call but she didn’t call me its been 30 min and my heart was beating very fast I kept calling her but she didn’t attend, I wanted for some time and later its more than a hour she went inside but no call from her nor responding as well,

I felt irritated and went to his home the door was locked I jumped the gate and went in and found that no one is at downstairs and I went up where the gate was locked from inside so I called up her number sound is coming from hall so I went and saw in window both were not there only her handbag and mobile was there, I noticed one room was locked from outside and other was locked from inside I thought to ring the bell but suddenly I thought to see from window what they were doing inside but to my bad luck curtains were there and I couldn’t see anything then I went nearby window and heard tv noise only, so I decided to ring the bell and I rang the bell continuously after 3 min the door opened and it was her, I was frustrated to the core and scolded her for not attending the call she told wait I will tell you everything, in meanwhile I noticed her saree was below navel and it was loose no pins were there, I didn’t ask her anything. I went to his room and my friend acted as if he was sleeping so I told her not to disturb him and asked her to come to another room, she too switched off tv and came to other room.

She closed the door and came near me and asked me to guess what would have happened I told I am not sure you itself tell, she said ok and got up and removed her saree she was only with blouse and petticoat she sat near me and made me to lie in her lap I was angry so I didn’t touch her she knew that I was angry and told your anger will go if I tell what happened, I asked to tell she started to explain ” I dropped you in road and came to his home he was waiting downstairs for me, the moment he saw me in saree he was excited and very happy which was seen in his face, he asked to come up and we both went up to his room, he locked the door and came, he was jumping seeing me in saree and told thanks for coming like this, I told its ok and I kept my bag in hall and went to kitchen to get water he was seeing me top to bottom when I was walking, I came back and he told he didn’t like this saree that much I asked him why like that. He told you looked sexy in onam saree but not this one, I said it’s bcos I am wearing pins and it is like that as I am coming to college, for that he told no its not and argued,

I told him ok wait I will come and I went inside bathroom and removed pins near my navel and shoulder, and with one fleet I came out of restroom and stood before him, he went mad by seeing me like that he accepted now that am looking damn sexy, but your navel is not visible in this saree, I just showed him my hip and he was tempted seeing it and asked to show more but I resisted, he got disappointed he told something is on the saree and came near me and it was dust near leg he wiped it, so I bend by leaning when he removed the dust on saree. He saw my hip and told its awesome and asked if he can touch it, I told no but he touched inside,

I was tempted so I didn’t say anything he came behind me started to hold my hand and kissed in neck and kept his other hand on my navel, he started to lick my neck and smooch me I was fully tempted, he slowly started to enter the side of my saree and started to feel my bare stomach and with his middle finger he inserted in my navel hole and was kissing my neck inch by inch, he made me to turn his side and started to kiss on my lips passionately by holding my hip and other hand on my back for few min and our tongues were playing for few min.

He made me lay down on bed and he slept next to me and he moved my saree and my navel was visible to him he is touching it and I was kissing him madly on his lips for some time and he slowly kissed on my forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, hands, neck and he moved my pallu completely and continued kissing on neck, cleavage, breast on my blouse, slowly moved to navel and was licking my navel fully and I was holding his head suck more and more, around my navel and his saliva was fully on my navel.

He asked me to remove my saree I did it, I was in front of him only with blouse and petticoat, he asked me to stand up, I got up and he was sitting on bed and he kept his face on my stomach and started kissing it badly , I was holding his face on my navel he hugged me tight and didn’t move for few min, he slowly moved his hands around my ass and pressed softly and he lifted me up and my boobs were on his face he made me to sleep on bed and he slept over me, I removed his t-shirt and I hugged him tight and was kissing again, he slowly moved his hands towards down and touching my hip and pressing softly while kissing on my lips, I was able to feel his penis which is hard and piercing on my vagina more and more.

I stopped him and asked to remove his shorts he was shocked but he removed immediately and was only in underwear, he asked how u alone will wear all this remove my petticoat, I removed my petticoat and I was wearing underwear and blouse alone in front of him for the first time, he slowly kissed on my toes and slowly licking inch by inch, I was moaning in pleasure, he came near my pussy and kissed on my innerwear and moved to navel and licked my navel and slowly came near my blouse and opened one by one button with his mouth, it was flowing for me the way he removed, I was only in bra and panties now, he was mad seeing my breast through bra and started to touch it and pressed it softly and I was moaning very badly and he was teasingly licking my cleavage on bra but not licking it fully

I pushed his mouth near my nipple and he immediately started to suck it on bra and pressing the left breast very hard, he was sucking my nipple on bra and made it wet fully with his saliva he tried to open my bra hook but I resisted and he was in fully erect and his penis came out of underwear and touching my vagina on underwear slowly he started to jerk and I was in heaven, he was licking my nipple on bra and his penis was piercing my vagina which I was unable to control and making him to jerk more, he cummed and his sperm was fully on my underwear and thighs , he slept on me for few minutes and I too was fully wet down , he slowly kissed on my lips and made me to sleep on him.

I was sleeping on him in my bra and panties he was wearing only underwear, I felt his penis which was small. He asked to remove bra but I told him no and he started to suck my tongue and kissed for 2 min and slowly his penis was getting erect and I was able to feel it again, I hugged him tightly and he kept hand on my breasts and started squeezing them slowly which was turning me more, then suddenly the bell rang so he got up and went to washroom, I wore my blouse, petticoat and saree and came to open the door,” this is what happened.

I cummed twice when I was listening to her all this and I started to press her breast and removed her blouse saw her nipples which are clearly visible in wetness which is due to his saliva, I asked her remove petticoat and panties, soon we were nude, I saw the panties while removing which was fully soaked in her juices and smell of his sperm near her pussy, which made me horny to the core , I started to insert my penis and fucked her 3 times that day without condoms, she was exhausted but I did not leave her till I cummed 3 rd time.

.Then we both bathed and started to home at 4 o clock, he was sleeping at that time so I went and woke him up and told we are leaving and left, while going I asked her if she wanna get fucked by him next time but she told strictly no, she told ” I enjoyed enough and I don’t want to have his penis inside me, if I wanted I would have done today but I did not as I didn’t want to” after listening to her words I was confused but atlast happy that she is so frank to me which made me to love her more and made me to say ok anything for her happiness,

She dropped me near my home and left, as usual at night I was calling her but her no was waiting for more than a hour, I know she will be speaking with him so I kept quiet…

To be continued…..

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