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My name is Raj, from Chennai. In my family, there are 3 members(father, mom, me). I am studying 3rd year in college. My father is a businessman, he is always busy with his business & my mom is a housewife. This sex story is all about my mom & how she changed completely after her affair with my friend Jagan.

First I introduce my mom. He is a conservative South Indian woman. She used to wear only sarees. She has a sexy body even at the age of 42. All men will see her sexy body while she was walking on the road. I have 4 friends (Viki, Siva, Ram, Raja)who used to come to my home to enjoy my mom’s body. In presence of me, my friends will see my mom’s deep cleavage & her sexy navel. One day my friend Jagan told me that your mom is so hot & he has a lust for her. First I got angry but then I used to enjoy what he do. I am staying in the college hostel. So Jagan used that time to meet my mom when no one at home. He helps her in all ways & she also liked him. But she didn’t know about his lust for her.

Jagan waited for a chance to enjoy my mom. That day came after few days. One day there was no one at home & my mom was bathing in the bathroom. At that time Jagan came to my home & asked my mom to open the door. But she wore only a towel to cover her body. As she is so conservative & shy type, so she thought a while & finally came to the hall & opened the door. Jagan was shocked to see my mom in the towel. She switched on the fan for him, at that time she got electric shock & fell down. Jagan planned to enjoy my mom & he first opened the towel & saw her fully naked body & gave first aid to her by locking her lips with his lips. He inserted his tongue into my mom’s lips & tasted her saliva. After some time she woke up & said thanks to Jagan for giving first aid.

Then their relationship went to next step. He bought sarees for my mom. She was shocked to see that saree because it was transparent. Then he told that you are so sexy & told her to wear that saree. Finally, she agreed.

He had 1 masterplan in his mind. That plan was to take a blue film of my mom with my 4 friends. But he told her that it was just a short film & little glamor in it. She agreed to act in that film. He arranged all things perfectly within a week & asked her to come for the shoot. He picked my mom in his bike & went to his home which was shooting location. My mom entered his home. My 4 friends are present there. One of my friend Viki asked my mom to change her normal saree to transparent saree. Then she asked the dress changing room. But my friend told her to change the saree in front of them to apply makeup for her.

First my mom was shocked. But after some time, Jagan convinced my mom to do that. After few minutes of thinking my mom removed her saree in front of my friends. Viki is the makeup man, he applied makeup for my mom & pinched her sexy navel.

Jagan told my mom that there was a photo shoot today and the shoot will be after 1week. She agreed what he said. My friends told my mom to give some seductive poses in a transparent saree. One of my friends noticed that the navel of my mom was not visible. Then he went close to my mom and told her to be at low hip. In a fraction of seconds, he inserted his finger in my mom’s saree & lifted the saree below her navel. Now her navel was clearly visible to all. The saree was too low hip so my friends got a glimpse of my mom’s pubic hair near her pussy. Then one of my friends asked Jagan to inform my mom to shave her pussy & keep it clear. Jagan came near to my mom & told the matter. Then Jagan makes my mom get into the bathroom to shave her pussy. Then my mom shaved her pussy in the bathroom and came to the spot. Now my friends said you are a too sexy bitch. My mom got shocked to hear such words. But Jagan told my mom to adjust what they say and to be cool in shooting spot.

Another day at my home. I came to home from hostel. I was shocked and surprised to see my mom’s sexy avatar in a transparent saree. Her deep cleavage & her beautiful navel was clearly visible to my eyes. Then Jagan came to my home. He went directly to my mom’s room & closed the door. I asked him what is going on here. He explained what happened till yesterday. He showed me the photoshoot pics of my mom. It was too hot to handle. I got an instant erection by seeing my mom’s photos in red transparent saree.

And also said that my friends are masturbating daily for my mom.Then he picked my mom to shop mall in front of me & they went for shopping. Mom didn’t react about this to me. She acted like nothing happened.

Then the shooting started. Jagan came & explained the scene to my mom. It was a liplock scene. He taught her how to French kiss passionately by pulling her in his arms & placed his lips in my mom’s lips in front of all my friends. For 2 minutes there was complete silence there. He tasted my mom’s lips for 2minutes & released her. Other friends are eagerly waiting to enjoy my mom. Then what happened next was __________…The remaining sex story will be continued based on the response from the audience.Thank you.

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