My Legacy As A Masseur

Hello, Readers!

I am Rahul, 25 years old living in Patna (Bihar), 5’9″ average built with strong hands and patient temperament.

This is the first story about a massage given by me to a 32 years old lady at her place in Patna itself.

Giving massage turned out to be my hidden desire which I got to know about after watching massage videos on various porn sites. I didn’t find anything as sensual as giving body massage to a female. That sensual way of touching her over sensitive body parts and driving her sexual satisfaction to a level which wasn’t experienced by her before.

One afternoon after having watched almost every massage video available on the internet, I decided to finally be a masseur to a girl/lady. So I started looking for a webpage where I could post an add for my massage service. So finally I posted an advertisement with my email address about my massage service which would be available for females at her place in Patna for a price which was Rs. 2500/- for one session.

After posting this ad, I knew it would take time for someone to approach me as my offer was city specific. So one fine day, I happened to receive an email from someone whose name was Nitu.Nitu was a 32 years old independent lady who was in Patna for some official purpose accommodated in her Company’s 2BHK apartment. She was there alone for two months time. That’s all she told me about her during those conversations we had via emails.

All this while I responded very professionally to all her questions to make her believe that I am very passionate about this massage service that was offered to her.

So after two days, she finally expressed her desire for a massage session after a deep inquiry of my service and experience, the kind of person I was, how I looked like, etc.

So she shared her number so that we could fix a date and time.I called her, talked for a while and then fixed next day’s 3 PM time for the massage.

After hanging up, my heart started beating at a racing speed as she was going to be my first ever client in this massage business. I was least concerned about how she looked like coz I was more concerned about my performance as a masseur.

So finally the next day, I reached her place with a bottle of Olive oil.

I called on her number to let her know that I’m standing outside. She answered and invited me in the apartment which was on the 2nd Floor. I reached her floor and rang the door bell. The gate was unlocked and I saw her asking me to come in with a pleasant smile on her face.

I went in and was guided to the hall to grab a seat on the couch. I settled myself there with a deep breath and finally looked at her seated right in front of me. A classic young lady, who looked way younger than her age, seated confidently and looking at me. She was dressed in a blue satin robe with her hair clutched. She had herself maintained in shape. She was almost my height.

After exchanging pleasantries she asked me for water or any drink if I’d like to have. To which I said water, please.

After having water I was finally feeling comfortable with her and started to talk about how I was gonna start this session. I enquired about the areas she wants me to focus on and if she was ticklish anywhere and other basic things. She said her neck feels sore and the same about her arms and thighs. She wanted me to focus on her back too along the spinal chord to which I assured that all these areas will be taken special care than the other parts. She then said that she wasn’t a shy kind and she needed a deep tissue massage, to me which meant she wants me to be hard with my pressure.

So I asked her for two towels, one which I could place on her bed as I was going to use olive oil and the other to cover her body. She said she’ll call me when she’s ready with the towel in her room and she entered her room.

I took out my massage oil, stretched out my hands a bit to get ready for the massage. She finally calls out my name to which I said Yes coming.

Upon entering her room, I found her laid down on the bed on her stomach with her body covered with a towel. She seemed ready. I checked for the fan to regulate its speed for a comfortable room temperature. After this, I asked her if I should start..and she said Yes, I should.

I asked her to relax during the massage and feel the areas wherever I was going to massage. She said Okay and then I moved towards her to start with her neck.

I took some oil, rubbed it in my palms and applied it on her neck. As soon as I touched her neck, she left a small moan as ‘Ahh’. It seemed like she liked my touch which gave me more confidence.I continued rubbing her neck. After massaging her neck for a while I lowered the towel down to her waist to gain access to her back. She seemed very comfortable with my touch as she was whispering out words like ‘Oh yes, I like it’, ‘I am liking your touch’, ‘Yes this spot’ etc.. So far nothing sexual as such was happening. Then I was reminded of a massage technique which I saw in the videos where the person tries to massage the front part of the shoulder by lifting her shoulders and accessing the area above her boobs. She didn’t resist instead she supported me to lift her shoulder so that I could have an easy access. Likewise, I teased her a little by massaging the upper part of her boobs.

Now when I moved towards her back to massage them, I tried to lower the towel to such an extent that if she wasn’t wearing a panty, she asscrack would be visible. But she had her panty on. It seemed like a V-shaped panty which covers most of the ass.Anyway, I continued to massage her back with deep pressure and it seemed she was really enjoying when she said, I’ve got nice hands.

Then after rubbing her back for some time, I moved towards her legs by lifting the towel up to her thighs. I was stroking her legs in rhythm up to her lower thighs, did the same to both her legs one by one and asked her if she still feel soreness in her leg muscles, to which she said, not at all.

Then I asked her if I can proceed further and lift her towel so that I can massage her thighs now, to which she just “hmm’d”. I then, by wasting no time exposed her milky thighs to a level from where I could see the part of her panty which was covering her pussy.I got a little aroused by this view. Poured oil on her thighs and started to massage both her thighs with two hands massaging each.

Now I’ll continue in hindi.

Toh dheere dheere mei uski thighs rub karte karte uske panty tak touch kar raha tha..Fir maine uske legs ko thoda separate kia taaki mujhe uski inner thighs ko massage karne ki thodi jagah mil sakey. Uski inner thighs massage karte hue kabhi kabhi meri ungali uski choot ke nichle hisse ko bhi touch kar jati, jisse wo thoda hil jati, but wo bolti kuch nahi. Mei sirf usey tease kar raha tha, taaki usey achchi tarah se sensuality chadh jaye. Aisa thodi daer karne ke baad jab mujhe laga ki ab mere kisi bhi movement pe wo oppose nahi karegi, maine usse pucha if she wants to get her lower back massaged too, to which she said ‘yes ofcourse, its worth it’. Then I asked if I can lower down her panty so that it doesnt get drentched in oil, to which she said okay and lifted her waist so that I could pull down her panty.

OMG, jaise he maine uski panty ko ghutno tak niche kiya, uski gori gori gaand dekhkar mera lund khada ho gaya aur bahar aane ko uchalne laga. Mei ab uski thighs pe baith gaya aur uske gaand pe oil daalkar uski gaand ko ragadne laga zor zor se ki jaise roti ke dough ko masalte hain. Mere pressure se wo bhi moan karne lagi. Ye sab abhi tak control mei tha, maine bhi control kar rakha tha. Maine uski asshole aur vagina ko abtak touch nahi kiya tha, kyunki mei chahta tha ki wo iss experience ko achchi tarah enjoy kare.

Fir maine usko panty wapas pehna diya aur usse palatne ko kaha. Mei usko apne ek professional masseur hone ka ehsaas dilana chahta tha, isliye uski choot aur gaand ko dekhne ke baad bhi control kar liya.

Maine bahut sharafat se towel ko iss tarah pakda taaki jab wo turn kare, mujhe uska body na dikhe aur mei usse towel se cover kar du. Mei chahta tha ki Nitu ye notice kare, aur usne kar liya. Usne meri taraf ek satisfied nazron se dekha jo mujhse ye keh rahi thi, that she doesnt mind exposing her body parts infront of me. But I pretended to be very professional and assured her that, I’ll do anything to satisfy her urges.

So now I started with the front part of her legs and rubbed them with adequate pressure. Kyunki humlog dono thode aroused the toh maine jaldi se uske legs ko massage kiya aur mei uske neck ki taraf aa gaya.

Uske sarr ke peeche baith kar, mei uske neck ko firse rub kar raha tha aur dheere dheere uske boobs ki taraf apni ungali rub kar raha tha jo abtak towel se covered thi.

Mei dheere dheere uske nipples ki taraf towel ke niche se he ungali fer raha tha jiski wajah se towel dheere dheere khud uske boobs par se niche fisal gaya aur mujhe uska ubhara hua stun dikhne laga. Uske gol sudol se boobs dekh kar firse mera lund harkat karne laga.Mei ab aakar Nitu ke bagal mei baith kar uske boobs ko massage karne laga jiski wajah se wo bhi thoda ecstacy mei move karne lagi.

Uska haanth mere thighs pe tha aur wo apne haanth se mere thighs ko maror rahi thi. Humlog dono ke beech pressure game chalne laga. Kiske haantho mei zyada dum hai. Mei fir niche ke taraf move kiya aur towel ko uski waist tak le aaya aur uske abdomen ko rub karne laga. Wo meri taraf dekh rahi thi. Maine isharo mei pucha kya hua, usne nazar faer li aur blush karne lagi. Mei samajh gaya tha uske ishaare. But mei fir bhi thoda patience rakha aur uske abdomen aur pelvis region ki massage karne laga.

Thodi daer aisa karte karte, mei uske front thighs ki taraf move kiya aur uske towel ko wrap karke uske stomach mei rakh dia jiski wajah se uski panty expose ho gayi. Wo abtak kaafi wet ho chuki thi, uski panty pe wo wetness mujhe dikh rahi thi. But mei uski thighs pe focused tha. Ye mera last teaser tha, kyunki ab mei usey poori movie jaisa experience dene wala tha. Toh uske thighs ko massage karte karte mei uske panty ke corners tak apni ungali ferne lag raha tha jiski wajah se wo thoda shiver kar rahi thi.

Fir maine usko ishara kiya ki mujhe panty se problem ho rahi hai, usne turant apni gaand uthayi aur mujhe panty utaar dene ka signal diya. Maine uske ishaaro pe act kia aur uski panty utaar di.Readers, uski choot dekhne ke baad mujhe pata chal gaya ki choot ko jannat bhi kyun kehte hain.

She was so clean down there.

Those Pink pussy lips were all wet with precum waiting for my touch.

Iss baar mere lund se aisa stroke maara andar se ki mujhe ek baar usey sambhalne ki zarurat mehsoos hui. Lekin ye zarurat shayad mujhse zyada Nitu ko mehsoos ho gayi aur usne mujhse ishaare mei kaha ki isko mei sambhalti hu, tum meri chinta karo.

Bass fir kya tha, uske jhatt se mere jean ko unbutton and unzip kia aur mere underwear se mere lund ko azaad kar diya. Ab mujhe bhi kaafi relax feel ho raha tha, mere lund ke bahar nikalne se. Mei apni performance pe concentrate karne laga ab aur uski choot ko oil se massage karne laga. Mei uske dono labia minora and majora ko alag alag rub kar raha tha aur fir uski clitoris ko, jo sabse zyada sensitive hoti hai.

Humlog dono mei sensuality gazab ki chadh chuki thi. She was stroking my cock vigourously. I then signalled her that I was gonna go down on her and will massage her pussy by my tongue. To which she got excited and held my head to guide it towards her pussy.As she was already wet down there, I could taste her juice. It was sour and smelled like an aromatic essence. After licking her pussy vigourosly for sometime, she asked me to kiss her. I could not resist her call and locked my lips with her and we both continued to kiss like two thirsty animals sucking water from each other’s mouth. But just kissing wasn’t giving her thirst any peace so she decided to go down on me and suck every single drop of juice that my cock sprinkles. So I asked her to go 69 on me. She really liked this idea and said, she’ll be the 9 and I be the 6. She gave me one hell of a blowjob, while I on my part gave her an unforgettable massage experience.

This is how it began.

I hold more of experiences like these..but those will be shared later.

If any female reader is interested in getting such massage can approach me my sending an email on my ID i.e., [email protected]

I’d love to serve you at your level best. See you soon!

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