My Life Changing Fortune – Part 3

First of all thank you everyone for suggestion for my previous story. This story is the part of series “My life changing fortune”. Those who don’t know about me I am virat but everyone calls me andy(nickname). I live in delhi and doing mba 2nd year. Basically I am from surat. I live with my long distance cousin bhaiya(rahul) in his 3 storage house. I stand 5’11” tall with a fair skin. I am a foottball player. So I have a great physic. My tool is about 7.5 inch tall.For more details read my previous two stories.

I told you all how I got a chance to fuck my mayanti bhabhi and then my new gf mouni while rahul bhaiya was in us. We 3 were perfectly enjoying each other company. Our days used to start with fuck end with it too. Most of the time we use to be naked. 1 week passed happily. But then comes a twist in the tale. It was almost 9 at the night and we were watching a movie in our house and were fucking each other too.

Suddenly mayanti’s cell rang. It was her aunt. We let her go and talk and I started fucking mouni. Mouni was riding my cock and mayanti came with her face down. I asked her what happen ? She answered me back saying her little cousin poonam is coming here day after tomorrow as she has some college entrance test and she will be living with us. Hearing this moouni was shocked. She stopped riding me and shouted wwwhhaatt? Are you mad ?How can she live with us ? How we will enjoy each other? I calm down mouni. I asked mayanti it’s ok. She will be here for a day and then she will leave. We can manage a night.

In morning she will be out for her test. Hearing this mouni felt relaxed. Then mayanti said there would be no problem if she was living with us for a day or two,but she will be here for a week cauz she having test of multiple collages. Hearing this mouni said fuck that whore. She spoiled our fun. I was also little moved as how I will live for a week without mayanti and mouni fucking together for a week. I said we will see it later. We have this night and a full day tomorrow. We should enjoy each other to the fullest. We fucked that night but no one was feeling as we was earlier. Next day was almost similar.

We got up at 7. I told mouni to go to her collage s she is not attending for almost a week and her semester is also nearby. She was not ready but I convinced her by saying that we can’t fuck in afternoon as poonam will be here. She then agreed. We fucked passionately for a hour and then got dressed.

We took our breakfast and leaves the home. Mayanti bhabhi was alone going to the airport to pick poonam I told that I’m going to drop mouni at collage so why you not join us and then we both will go and pick poonam and we can have each others company.

We reached the mouni’s collage we drop her, gave her a goodbye kiss and mayanti bhabhi came in front seat. It was almost a hour journey. Almost after 10 min after droping mouni mayanti said I andy I don’t know if we will be able to fuck for next a week or so, so give me your cock now. I replied you have your wish mah lill bitch. I was driving and mayanti bent downwards gave me a blow job.

Meantime while driving I was sure that some people have seen us at red light. I told her this. She said I don’t care. I just want your cock thats it. We were about to reached the airport. I blow my cum in her mouth and she drank it and cleaned my cock. We were waiting at the airport for poonam to come.

After few min a juggling big tits came toward us wearing a deep v-neck green top and black denim with a heal. I was blown away by that figure and look. And she came and hug mayanti. I knew she was poonam.

I started thinking about fun I can have with her with mouni and mayanti. Mayanti called my name I suddenly said yes,then she introduced me with poonam we hug and her big boobs little touches me and I was getting erected but I control. She asked whom are you thinking about ? I replied you she shockingly what?? I mean you are welcome in Delhi. She gave a cheeky smile and turned. I carried her one luggage and she carried her one. She was in front and I was staring at her ass. Which was best I have ever seen. I just can’t stop dreaming about to fuck that ass and boobs. We reached our home.

Since poonam was here I can’t fuck mayanti and mouni. So I called mouni at my home and fucked her. It was time that I and mouni was having full night alone. That day I was not rough. We were fucking with lots of love. I think that day I found the Holy Grail in her body.

We were licking each and every part of each other body very passionately. We were deep in love. We were looking in each other eye and I was over her fucking. She was biting her lips with pleasure and in between we were kissing. Her body was breathing very heavily. We enjoy and enjoy and I don’t remember how many times we came and when we slept.

Morning I wake up and mouni was not there. I saw time it was 9:30. I think mouni must be in collage. I went outside I found a note on the table. It was from mouni. The word written on that just gave me great pleasure. ” to my love

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