My Life Changing Fortune – Part 4

First of all thank you everyone for suggestion for my previous story. This story is the part of series “My life changing fortune”. Those who don’t know about me I am virat but everyone calls me andy(nikname). I live in delhi and doing mba 2nd year. Basically I am from surat. I live with my long distance cousin bhaiya(rahul) in his 3 storage house. I stand 5’11” tall with a fair skin. I am a football player. So I have a great physic. My tool is about 7.5 inch tall.For more details read my previous two stories.

I told you all how I got a chance to fuck my mayanti bhabhi and then my new gf mouni while rahul bhaiya was in us. We 3 were perfectly enjoying each other company till poonam mayanti’s cousin came to delhi which I told you in previous part. After reading mouni letter I was overwhelmed (those who are reading my story for the first time pls go and read the previous part to know every incident that changed my life fortune ). I took a bath and went down to mayanti for morning breakfast.

As soon gates open another surprise was waiting for me. Poonam opens the door. She was standing there with just a towel on her body which was covering her half breast and her ass. And a hair cover to cover her hair from been wet. I was just admiring her beautiful little wet body with my eyes. Her 36 boobs with some water droplets on it ,her milky white thighs. I was getting hard.She saw me looking her out. She said andy close the door I ‘m going to take the shower. She turns around and my god her ass was swinging from left to right to left. I was mesmerized by the size of ass. I have never seen such a great ass in my life.

After 3-4 step her towel moved little bit up and I got little glimpsed of her ass.I was staring her ass like a hungry animal looks to at its prey.I think she knew I was looking and with her hand she put the towel down. ( I think girls have some supernatural power. They always came to knew when a man is staring her body. Right girls ?) as she was adjusting her towel her leg slipped and she fall down. She shouted ouch with pain. I rushed towards her to help her. She says pick me up. I gave her my shoulder to raise her back , then only her towel falls down. My god her boobs was just in front of me. Her light pink round nipple surrounded but nappe. Her milky white slim body with very small pubic hair around her pussy. I was just mesmerized by her body. I was staring them as I will be seeing boobs for the last time in my life.

Meantime she shouted you cunt you can look by tits later now take me into the room. Fucker… I said sorry and help her to the room. I laid her down there and gave her volini to put over place where she was hurt. She said you idiot how can I apply volini at the back. Give me some volini massage at my back. She said put it just above her ass. I said ok. I started massaging her with volini at the place where she was hurt.

After 2 min of massage she started moaning ahhh yesss andy thats the place…. Keep massaging my back with your hard hand.. Ahhh oohh yesss. And she started opening her legs. I was massaging her and she opened her leg fully. Now I was able too see her pink clit of her pussy. I was staring at them and thinking to just take out my tool and start fucking them. But I control.

I finished massaging her and asked do you want something warm to cover your body? She replied yes.. I want warmth from your body whit a cheeky smile. I knew what she was trying to say but I acted what? I don’t understand. She said don’t try to act so dumb. Take out your cock and strat fucking me. Look at the tent you have in you boxer. I was feeling shamed. She said waht are you thinking just fuck me.

We were kissing on bed. We kissed for almost 5 min. I said you wanted massage of back now get ready for some pussy massage. I gave my two finger in her mouth and started moving them on her pussy walls. Then I split on my finger and enter those in her pussy. Firstly I was gentle she was enjoying it. After 2 min I started moving my hand so fast like I was running for gold in Olympics 100 m race. She can’t bear it and she realsed some pee. I told get ready for the punishment for these.

I started fucking her pussy with same speed she again release some pee. Then I say now get ready for the punishment for these sin to pee over me. I pick her up and turn her around and started slapping her ass. I atleast gave her 10 tight biting on her ass. Her ass was as red as cherry. I pulled hr towards me and hang her head in air and gave her my tool to suck. She was doing it very slowly. I got angry and started fucking he mouth I choked her throat with my dick. She was gaggling. She split some pre cum again on my dick and rubbed it with her hand. She jerked me for a min or so and I again started fucking her mouth. These time more brutly. Her face completely turn red as she was unable to breath. It was hard to compare her ass and mouth which was more reddish. She again stroked my dick.

Then I pulled her down and neel down her. I asked her to be in doggy style. She put her body on bed and lift her ass. I entered my dick in her pussy. She shouted with pain. She start shouting pls pull it out… I have not been fucked since last 3 months… Pls pull it out… I have never taken such a huge and thick dick… Plsss…. I shouted shut up whore… Today you will get your lesson… I started fucking her brutally.. Honestly I have never fuck anyone so hard till now, not because of she pee over me but because I have never got such a great ass and boobs.. They were extremely large. I just wanted them to remember my dick… Just like all the boys I love big boobs and ass.

Coming back to the story… I fucked her at that position for almost 2-3 min.. Then I pick her up with my dick still in her pussy and take her to near table. I asked her to put his one leg on the table so that I can reach her more deep and hit her g spot comfortably to make her cum soon.. She did sooo and I entered my dick again in her pussy and started fucking her.. These time I reached to more depth and she came just after 2 min. She was totally down as she cum.. She was tired… I see that as more as an opportunity..

I kneel her down and asked her to suck my cock. She these time sucked with more passion. I asked her now to be in doggy style. She said pls andy I can’t take anymore I have already came.. Pls no. I shouted you bitch I told you will be punished till your soul come out today. I put my finger again in her pussy and started fucking with my hand. She again cum. There was little cum on my finger and then I entered that finger in her ass.. She shouted oouchhh.. Nooott there plsss…. I didn’t listen anything and keep fingering her in her ass..

Then I gave those finger in her mouth to suck it… She sucked them and re entered them in her ass. I take out my finger from my ass and entered them in her pussy.. Next was coming from me she never expected that. While fingering her I entered my cock in her ass…. She shouted with pain… Plsss pulled it out nowww or I m dead pllsss pulled it out…. I didn’t listen anything. After 2-3 strokes my dick entered her ass completely. She as just shouting with pain. I thought she is too loud if our neighbor heard it, then it may cause problem…

So pulled her hair and chock her neck so that she can’t shout… I keep fucking her ass for 5 min then I was about to cum. I kneel her down again and came over her big boobs… She was so tired she was not even able to sit.. She fall down.. She asked me throw her on bed as she can’t even move… I picked her up and throw her on bed.. As I was about to leave mayanti entered the room… Poonam was completely shocked and scared to see mayanti. Mayanti shouted andy what is these. Mouni in the morning only told me about everything that happen last night between you too..

After that I never expected from you that you will fuck any other lady except mouni and me. How dare you too even bet a eye on poonam… Meanwhile poonam started yelling… Wait a min whose mouni ? What happen between andy and her… And what dii andy fuck you too ??? Whats going on here ? Tell me or I will speak everything to rahul jiju.. I said just sleep now and I will explain you everything when mouni will be here.. Now you are tired just sleep now.. I and mayanti came out.

What happen next will be in next part.

In this story I have tried to give every possible detail as some of you suggested me too keep my story more long and with more detail. I hope you like it. Your any suggestion or appreciation is heartily welcomed. Mail me at: [email protected]. Any milf or lady with huge assets are specially welcome for chat for fun. I guarantee you full secrecy. Thank you.

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