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I am Kannan, 42, from a remote village in Denkanikottai taluk, Krishnagiri district, Tamilnadu, India. I am a regular reader of ISS for the past 2 years. I will narrate my whole life from the age of 17, which will be incest. For the sake of incest haters, I just tell you to not read this. Thanks.

Now I come to my life. I don’t want to tell the participants name and age now itself. It will proceed while the life goes. At the age of 17, I was in 11th standard. I have two younger sisters(twins) 14 months younger than me. We have 6 acres wetland from my father’s ancestral property and 8 acres of dry land from my mother’s ancestral property. My mother was the eldest of 6 female younger sisters. And my mother’s parents are dead at my age of 4 and 7 respectively. My father’s father also dead at my age 6. All the sisters of my mother are to be married to someone and this huge task came on the head of my father. For this purpose, they gave their 8-acre land to my father. Except last all the other five sisters of my mother got married and somewhat settled in life. The last sister of my mother, Rani, just only 3 years elder than me is waiting for the marriage.

We live in a thatched house, which contains only one big room and open veranda. Adjacent to this is a small thatched house with one room and a veranda. It is used to keep grains and have some little space. We are one of the 30 families in that village. All will go early in the morning to their respective lands for field works and return in evening. The wild animals problem are high on those days. Now we consist of my grandma, father, mother, aunt(chithi), me, twin sisters. Grandma, father, and mother will sleep in the main house and my aunt, me, twin sisters will sleep in the adjacent house. While sleeping I will be sleeping near the door, next to me is my aunt and then sisters. I will always wear shorts on those days, my aunt will wear half saree, and my sisters will wear full frock and girls shirts with backside hooks (those are traditional dresses).

My life was normal until my 11th standard. One day in December, I got a severe fever with high shivering of cold (temperature will be very lower than Bangalore in our village in Denkanokotta). Nearly at midnight, I was shivering with chillness and fever, feeling this, my aunt hugged me. I want to say one thing we two always be in one blanket and sisters will be in one blanket. After that hugging, I got some relief and my aunt told me to keep my face in her chest.

I kept my face buried in her chest. That is the first time I am feeling something like hard balls. It may be like my face buried in between two mangoes. Even she hugged me tightly and asked: “is it ok now”. “Somewhat better,” I told. After some time I got more heat from my aunt. (I must say one thing here since she is 3 years elder we all call as Akka (elder sister) only. Hearing these conversations my sisters woke up and asked what matter. Aunt told that he is shivering. Now Radhika (my sister’s names are Radhika and Gayathri) told to sleep me in between aunt and her. Therefore I switched my sides and I am in between my aunt and Radhika. Now leaving Gayathri in one blanket, Radhika came into our blanket and hugged me from the back. I am sandwiched between my aunt and Radhika. Now I felt better and I got heat from two sides. I don’t know at what time I slept. When I woke up, it was late to get ready for school. My aunt told me to take leave today. All 3 (father, mother, and grandma) went to the farm and my sisters went to school. I was just in bed when my aunt came with hot food for me and she even feeds me. After that I slept, at noon my aunt woke me up and feed me my lunch. She told that she will come after her lunch. And after 30 mins she came and came inside my blanket and hugged me tightly.

She checked my fever with her hand in my forehead, neck and in my chest by lifting my shirt. Is it ok now, she asked? Yes Akka, I told. Now also she told to keep my face in her chest. By sleeping all the time, now I kept my face in between those mangoes, and my left hand was hugging her back. She took my right hand stretched and kept her neck in that. Her hands are at my back.

Now I felt the heat from her, my tool got erected and it is poking through my trouser to hit her thighs. She slowly moved her right hand to my tool over the shorts and got it. Hey, what is this she asked? I don’t know Akka, I replied. Ok sleep now, she told. But her hand is holding my tool and slightly pressing it. I got a full erection and felt slight pain. The pain was also nice to feel. She hugged me tight and asked how is it. It’s very nice Akka, I told. In that way, I slept and she wakes me up in the evening for a coffee. Then my sisters came from school and told the next two days are a holiday (Saturday & Sunday).

Usually, on holidays, we will go to our mother’s land which is situated nearly 4 km away from home and there are one well and mango plantations mixed with coconut trees. Our work in the holidays is to irrigate manually all coconut trees and mango trees. Since the land is a slope, we will carry water pots in our heads and water the plants. I and aunt will go by 6 am by bicycle and my sisters will come with morning food and lunch in our Luna motorcycle between 8 am and 9 am. Nearly there are 600 trees combined and every plant will get water every 15 days once.

And coming to the live story, we ate night food and got laid in bed and talking some stuff. My fever and cold got vanished and I and my aunt continued talking. There was silence on my sister’s side. After some time my aunt told me in my ears in a very low voice to calm down and be still as like sleeping. We closed even our faces with our blanket and waited for half an hour. Now we hear some husky voices from my sister’s side. My aunt slightly removed the blanket and watched my sisters and they are also fully covered with a blanket. But something is moving inside the blanket. My aunt now told me to see that. I need to tell you one thing. On those days we have a coloured 5 watts bulb as a night lamp. With that lighting, I watched that thing. I can clearly imagine that one of my sisters is on top of the other. I asked aunt what they are doing. She told me to keep quiet and slightly lifted the blanket on the sides near the hip side of sisters. Seeing that I got shocked. I can see the side butts and thighs of both the sisters, they were nude below the waist. I asked my aunt what is going. She told that she will tell tomorrow morning and she made a plan to stop this act.

She called Radhika and told that kanna needs to lay in the centre and as I laid Radhika adjusted her dress and came close to me. Now my aunt is sleeping on her back and I am on my sides hugging aunt. Radhika came back to me and hugged. Now Gayathri got tempted and asked whether she must sleep single. For this aunt said to come over her and quickly Gayathri came on top of my aunt. Since my hand was in between Gayathri and aunt I need to take my hand and to hug Gayathri. Seeing this Radhika put her left leg on my hip and her left hand was in my stomach hugging each other. We all were covered in two blankets one over the other. Heat is developing inside and my tool was getting erected and poking into aunt’s thighs. We don’t know when we slept like that.

After some time I was feeling something and opened my eyes to see that Radhika was on top of me. Her head is in my neck. Now I kept my hand on her back and felt that there is no cloth. And I moved my hand to see that it is lifted up to her Boobs. I slightly moved my hand towards her chest in the sides and found that there is cloth. The only waist is open. Then I hugged her tightly and her breast is pressing in my chest. In her sleep, she also hugged me very tight by inserting her hands into the back side of my neck. And in the same position, we slept.

to be continued

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