My Long Term Relation Ship With Rinku

Hi All,

I happened to visit this site and I was amazed and thrilled to no end, reading the stories..I, too, wanted to share my experience…My true experiences..

I am Edrin here from Mumbai.Aged 27…

Year 1995-2000————————-

My encounter with gay feelings started when I was quite young…With my elder cousin(who was a heavy guy 4 years older me with cock size of 6)..We used to go to my Aunt’s place on Sunday’s..What started with boyish playfulness, slowly became my enjoyment..Though we never could actually find a place to completely tame our lust, we still managed to sneak around whenever wherever possible ..Initially we used to just do body sex. Then one day we happened to spend around 30 mins alone in their home as everyone had gone outside..We kissed and played like true lovers..Completely naked..Snogging and mouthing…caressing and kissing each others body..His heavy hairy body on top of me…Then he turned me around and placed his red hot dick into my hole and started rubbing it against my hole…It was awesome..The hotness of his cock was so overwhelming on my naked ass.Then he spread ass cheeks with his hands and asked me hold his cock..I took his cock in my shivering hand and guided it to the exact destination…then he thumped me hard..It was painful and I cried out…He stopped…We could not continue further…

Slowly,we could not get much time for each other..As days, months, years passed, we could not manage to explore things..Maybe for him, he thought it was some childhood ignorance and done only for experiment.And he thought even I did those things as I was very young and couldnt truly understand the real implications of gay sex.But for me it was always there on my mind.My fantasies were all centered around him..

Many times I used to feel what would have happened if I somehow managed to endure the pain then. What if we somehow got an entire night alone so that I can make actual love to him. Stroke him, suck him. But my imaginations only added to my frustation and desperation.I became more horny..I used to masturbate thinking of him and his red hot manliness.Sometimes I would insert things into my asshole..A toothbrush…wooden round handle base,,etc…(but only small things).

Year 2007-2010————————-

Years flew by and I too managed to control/hide my sexual orientation and fantasies. I got a job in Pune.Every Weekend I used to come to Mumbai and return back on Monday.

Then I managed to make a friend online.(Considering I didnt have a laptop with me, it was not a mean thing as I had to go to a public cyber cafe…Go to Gay chat room and then befriend a nice understanding guy).

I somehow always fantasied (and still do) of old mature partners.He was around 47 and sounded a nice mature guy.(I lovingly later named him RINKU so I will address him with this name only).We exchanged numbers and spoke about meeting up.We decided that I stay overnight at his place.This was a big risk for me as it could completely jeopardize my career,social life.And I was also experienced in sex with women(which I also liked)..So this opportunity to reignite my gay feelings was really a dilemma for me..Was I really gay or confused?.Anyways I thought of giving a try..

It was Friday..I had shaven my body and trimmed my pubic hair.I told my parents this weekend I wont come as I have some work.I took my usual train from Pune..But instead of alighting at Thane I moved ahead to Dadar..Once I reached I got tense…Have I gone MAD..what if the guy is not so a gentleman and start blackmailing me(From my chat room experiences I think being a gay is not as much/big a taboo than being Gay and a bottom).I checked my cell phone there were 2 miss calls and 3 messages from Rinku.What should I do? I decided to hang around and maybe have a few drinks to calm my nerves..I messaged back Rinku that I am still in train.I headed to the nearest resto-bar and gulped downed 2 small pegs of Smirnoff and a cheese sandwich..At that time I introspected that I could not turn back now as it was totally wrong and unfair to Rinku.

So I took a train from Dadar to Andheri..Rinku was waiting for me in Andheri station..Even here I purposely messaged my dress attire wrongly so that I can check him first(We had not seen each other till now)..I saw him.. he was wearing a black Jeans, black T-Shirt..with a cap..Rinku was very fair and handsome whereas I was darkish..(He reminded me of late Feroz Khan). He had a big beauty spot on his face. And there was true gentleman written in his personality.

Here I would like add something about my body..I was darkish, though my body was more towards wheatish..I was slim but not thin..I had good chest (that later Rinku lovveeedd so much) like a young girl..I had nice bum.In short I was a bit voluptuous at the right places.

Anyways I then approached Rinku and said I am Edrin..I apologized for the wrong message sent earlier and Rinku took it sportingly..We took a rickshaw and went to his house..I was feeling very awkward but Rinku was graceful enough to ease the situation with his conversation..He had a 3-bedroom flat of which he had rented out 2 rooms to PGs.This troubled me…But anyways we sneaked into his bedroom. This was the beginning of my first sexual fantasy being fulfilled…………

I asked Rinku for the bathroom. I had a good nice bath.(Rinku also always appreciated my priority for hygiene).We lied down on his bed..(He had blue rope lights in his bed)..He turned them on…And I WAS SO TURNED ON…I was wearing a boxer and a vest..He had 2 bottles of wine(one red and one white)..I opted for the white wine as Rinku chose the red..Rinku had placed a bowl of strawberry for snacks..The whole time we were speaking I was staring at his beautiful face and lips…It was around 1.00 AM now..we talked about many things and the initial awkwardness had gone and in its place there was pure fire and lust..As I placed our 3 peg of wine down and looked at him, I sensed it was time for Deja-Vu…

He said lets start and jumped on my lips…We kissed so madly..Our tongues sucking each other…He was so surprised with my reaction and eagerness.(He didnt realise all my pent up horniness)…He sucked my nipples and was impressed by my smooth boobs..I still remember his words(They are so perfect..Not too big..Not too small..)I begged him to come on my top of me as I wanted to feel his entire weight..He had shaved himself clean and his lips were so thirsty…He nibbled my earlobes and I was in a different world.His free hands explored my nipples..his fingers reaching out the smooth opening below my boxers…

I begged him to squeeze my boobs like a woman..He was kissing and nibbling my one boob/nipple and squeezing my other one like a dough…I searched and found his throbbing cock.It was giant of around 6 inches.Long and thick…By this time Rinku had turned me on my tummy and started reaming my asshole…His tongue was adventurous…With striking force his tongue would enter my hole which was spread wide by his hand…I was moaning shamelessly without any inhibition. I suggested for a 69 position..He was lying on his back with my ass on his face..and I was sucking his cock…He would frequently hold my head still and jerk his torso up, so that my mouth would choke with his cock…

He then started fingering my asshole…It was a Virgin one and obviously not used to the rythm orchestrated by someone else!!!!Rinku would say soothing words like “relax”,”spread your ass”,”dont get tense”…And he was very good ….I felt a little bit of rashness around my hole…Then he asked me lie on my tummy again..He spread my legs and took out a lubricant(It was FALCON I guess)..he gelled me up with that lub and then lied on top of me..I was surprised how expertly he guided his massive cock to my hole..With one finger he marked my hole and placed his cock exactly..With his first jerk only I started crying…All the preparation had gone for a toss..My asshole was feeling like on fire and I couldnt help but clutch it and sob in pain..

Poor Rinku didnt bother me for some time…After some 10 minutes he patiently started the foreplay again..This time I determined myself to be more relaxed..I asked him lick me all over..He licked me from forehead and to my toes..Those 10 minutes I was in some electric trans and I remembered a simple coconut oil might help…Rinku immediately pounced on my idea and grabbed a bottle of coconut oil and messaged my ass and asshole generously…Next thing I know he was on top of me and his penis again finding his way.He removed his condom citing a reason that this way I will also feel the warmth of his cock and wont panic.I protested but I finally succumbed to his pressure.

This time he didnt jerk his torso but pressed it hard so that his cock was penetrating my hole gently..I could feeling his shaft clearing the initial barrier..The moment his big shaft was in, I was cumming from my dick..The cum was clear and colorless unlike the normal cum..Later I realised it was the precum..

Rinku now started humping me …slowly but with force..Until he was deep inside me…I caught hold of his hip and begged him to stop..Stop he did..But only to change and demonstrate different positions..

He fucked me in total 6 different positions in the course of intimacy.His lust was as insatiable as mine.

1)The normal missionary position with me on my tummy and Rinku on top. His thrusts had become more fast and vigorous. The feeling of the cock entering the hole is great but what is more head spinning is when a cock this thick comes out of the hole and re-enters it again. We fucked this way for around 5 mins.

2)He then asked me to bend on me knees and hands like a dog. He arched my hips so that my ass was more upright and fucked me that way. He was standing at the edge of the bed. With one big sweep he held my hips and swayed my ass hole towards his crotch. He put some more oil and fucked me..Sometimes pulling my hair to make my body in a arch-like position. The pounding still continued hard..His big balls were banging my ass cheeks and I was crying and moaning in pain and ecstasy..He was spanking me..I moved and swayed my hips in sync with his thrusts..This time I came for the first time for the night.

3)Then he made me lie on my back and lifted my legs to his shoulders and fucked me…(This is my favourite as Rinku would bend down and kiss me hot on my lips.My lips were all swollen by his wild and ferocious kisses)..This time I came for the second time for the night. We took a power break of 15 minutes.(OMG..He had still not come)..I cleaned up and again gave blowjob..I sat on my knees and licked and sucked his massive cock and balls…

4)He then fucked me in standing position. I was holding the handles of his cupboard and he was humping and pounding my ass from behind.He would move his hand to my boobs and press and knead them like a dough and squeezed them hard..I mean very hard..The next day I could feel the lump of my boobs.

5)Next I was made to fuck myself by sitting on his cock..with my back facing him..This was the most painful and tiring as his massive cock was in me and I had to move up and down..My dick had became by this time too frail to reflect my inner feelings. It wasnt erect but my butt-hole was still eager and it would leak whatever fluid was left inside.

6)Same like 5 but this time I was to face him. He was kneading my boobs and pinching my nipples..

By this time even Rinku could not stop..He again made me lie on my back(as he realised I enjoyed this a lot) and banged me..His thrusts were even more wild and with more aggression..His fair clean face had gone his movements became more of a pent-up anger and desperation like a caged lion…The moaning of his and mine together were driving both of us crazy.Then suddenly with one final jerk he removed his cock from asshole and came all over my waist ….

My quest for the unfulfilled desires was finally complete with the help of Rinku..I owe him from my whole heart…..We continued our relationship for few more years..But then due to some problems we couldnt continue..But I am optimistic one day we will rekindle the overnight stay again…

This is for my dear Rinku..A gentleman, a lover, a friend. If you can read this and it reminds of our times, I think I had done a good job..

And all the readers, I hope you enjoyed my true experience. Do share your feedack.


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