My Love Story With Lovely Girlfriend – Part I

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This is Harsha submitting my story for the first time. I m writing my encounters as different parts. I will submit my stories depending on the response from u guys. Please forgive me if u find any mistakes, do suggest me and help me writing the story in a more seducing way. Please feel free to write me on [email protected]

First let me introduce myself. I m working as a software engineer in Bangalore with stats of 5’10” and i want to tell u guys the truth, i have dick of 4 inches height and 1 inch diameter, I have a girl friend named Anjali, we met each other in the college when i was pursing my BE. she was in love with some other guy, due to some reasons she broke up with him and at the same time i started caring for her and i started to like her, this went on for 6 months and i proposed her but she didn’t agree, she said i need some time. Then after 4 months she agreed in a very different way. Let me explain you.

We friends met in one of my friend’s place as there were no one at his place, i even invited her. She came in selwar looking gorgeous, we chitchatted for full day but my other friends said they should leave as it is getting late but Anjali said her head is aching, so i asked them to leave and told my friend (his house) to drop his girl friend and wait for me, let her sleep for few mins, later i will lock and give the keys to u. As soon they left she came slept on my lap, she slept in such a position i was able to see her cleavage.

I asked her what happened, she turned towards me and said I Love You, i was in heaven she said i wanted to tell you this differently. Then i hugged her, she was also excited, she also hugged me very tightly, i started to explore her and she started responding very nicely. I started from her feet to kiss her and i kissed each and every inch oh her body from feet to thighs. She said will move i just wanted to say this, i was not at all in a mood to listen to her words as that was the first time i was touching a girl body.

Hey i forgot to tell you guys, how did i find her body stats. When i came to near thighs her selwar top was another layer covering her thigh, i moved that up and found a white spegatie one more layer covering her navel. i pushed spegatie up and i felt very nice seeing her flat tummy. Then i saw her black bra, that is when i asked her, what s the size of this. It was new bra, she felt very shy to tell but after forcing finally she said it is 34C. After that i knew only her bra size. After that i just touched her boobs on the bra. We just got packed up and left.

We didn’t find a place for the next encounter, exams neared and we were busy studying months rolled over and we got another best chance for our encounter, my mom and dad was invited to my close relative function and they decided to go the next day at morning 7 and come back at 5 or 6. for my bad luck i had tuition on the same day till one. Coz i didn’t wanted to miss this opportunity i took my two wheeler to the tuition and we finished the tuition at 12 30 and i asked her any plans but she said no i winked her made her to say yes in front of my friends, so i said i will drop her. After we left she asked why u made me say like that, i said surprise wait and see.

I took her to my place and she asked why did u come to ur house, i said come inside i will tell you, she asked what will u say to mom and dad, i took out the keys from my bag and we entered. She realized why i brought her, she said u idiot i know why u made me say yes. We reached around 1 pm and i said her i will get some movie, i went to CD shop and asked any new movie, he asked me which language i said trible. he asked me desi/imported. i said anything is fine.

I came to my home and started playing it on the lappi, i called her inside the room. She was real shocked seeing that movie running on my lappi at the same time she was even excited. I pulled her towards me and started touching her body, watching the movie she asked me to feel her. She was wearing selwar, i started removing her top and she said please close door and windows. I closed everything it was like a first night room coz of the surrounding houses there is no much light in that room. I removed my shirt and pant, i was in my under-wear. she asked me to show my love.

I started to remove her spegatie and removed the pyjaama, she was moaning very nicely. I started to touch her body from the bottom and she said please don’t stop teasing i m feeling very nice, at the same time i started removing her bra, first she said please no, dont see but i was pleasing her to open, finally after i was asked her so many times she agreed to open her bra. I opened her and and started touching her boobs with my hands and i started licking her boobs and touching her nipples, it was so soft that i felt like i m touching a soft ballon with a knot in the middle.

I started sucking her boobs and biting it, she was moaning so loudly, room was filled with her voices, then i removed her panty and was start kissing her pussy, it was not shaved but those juices were dripping from her pussy, i started licking her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her pussy, she said she was in heavens, i was very happy seeing her satisfaction in tha face. I asked can i insert my dick, she said please not today. After this i asked her, i want u to do something for me, she asked what, i said till now i only know that u wear 34C size bra but now i need to body stats of your figure, she felt shy and she asked u want me to measure/will u..? i then brought a tape started measuring her, she measured 35-28-34. It was an awesome figure what i was waiting for all these days.

After this we saw the time it was already 4 30 and we were scared that any time my parents may come. we got dressed up and left from my home. There are many such instances where i have satisfied my girl just with oral sex. Please give me your feedbacks to my id [email protected], any girls/women interested and want to experience my oral sex which gives u the level of satisfaction which u would have never got before can mail me. Waiting for your feedbacks to write the next story.

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