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Hi am Sundhar age 20 from Chennai and myself am a great fan of this site and I had read almost all the stories in this site. I liked many stories but some are not real but mine is a true story and this is the story about my love to my aunt named Meena.

My uncle got married to a beautiful lady Meena at the time of her marriage my uncle was 35 and Meena was just 20 and as my parents were staying in abroad they left me here in India and used to stay with my aunt and uncle

And my uncle used to go often for business trip and returns only once in a month. Meena doesn’t have any children so she used to treat me like her own child and she used to drop me in school and she used to take care of me like bathing feeding and everything and I also liked her very much.

I stayed with her and after that I moved with my parents. I finished my grade school and I was spending my time with some friends then me and my family went to my uncle’s home and my Meena aunt greeted us. She gave a tight hug and I was shocked to see her because.

She was so beautiful with long black hair milky white color and she has the biggest boobs of 38kk-32-36 and big ass also and she became somewhat fat and but she looked just like 27 or 28 only and she was damn sexy in saree due to large breast her dress will be very tight.

She wears her petticoat below navel only which is very sexy to see from sideways and then my parents left me there for one month and my uncle was also packing for his business trip then my family and uncle went off

At night leaving me and my aunt alone then it became night and we had our dinner and was lying in same bed itself then she started asking about my life and was chit chatting and suddenly.

Me: I’m angry on youMeena: but why what happened?Me: look! before and all you used to take care of me like your child and you used to feed me, bath me, play with me and everything you used to do for me.

Meena: but!

Me: and I used to hug you so tightly and sleep with you and I used to play with your navel but now a day’s you’re not at all caring about me.Meena: so sorry! You’re still my baby only okay here after I will take care of you!

I hugged her and she gave a kiss in my fore head and we started talking and then I told you’re so beautiful and uncle is very lucky to have a wife like you! But her face became so dull and she told it’s getting late so you sleep and at night I was seeing her breasts which was very big and she doesn’t wear anybra.

Then slowly I kept my arm on her belly and was playing with her navel and she dint said anything and I placed another hand on her breast and was simply pressing me and slept. I don’t know how I had slept then at morning and I wake up and was searching for Meena.

She was in kitchen preparing coffee and she told me to have the coffee and wait in bathroom and so I finished my cup and went to bathroom then she enters the bathroom and then she removed my dress except my boxers and then she made me to sit and poured some oil and was massaging me.

She poured so much of oil and poured all over my body and massaging me then she told me to remove my boxers also I felt but she told it’s ok baby I had seen you from your childhood then she pulled my boxers down and when she pour hot oil my cock became 90 degree and very big up to 7 inches.

She got shocked and said is this real what I’m seeing then I told touch and see and then she was massaging my cock also and after some time. I splashed my cum into her face and then she cleaned herself and made me to sit for half an hour then she started bathing me and while bathing.

She just cleaned me well and went and she dressed me and we had a breakfast while eating I told Meena your so beautiful but you’re somewhat fat, try to be in diet and then she told OK from now onwards I will be in diet and do my exercise then we were chatting the whole day till evening.

We both took a nap and while sleeping I was on her hand and playing with her tummy then night came, then we had our dinner and we planned to move to night show movie then

We were planning to go for an English movie and we were getting ready and she came in red saree she looked very hot in that with low cut blouse then I told.

Me: Your like an angle but there should be some alteration in thatMeena: What’s thatMe: You should wear your saree little bit lower.

Meena You naught but OK I will wear for you then went near her and pulled her saree down and that to very low to her navel and then I told you’re the most beautiful in the world then she hugged me and told thank you so much your uncle never praise me like thatMe: don’t wont am here for you!

Then we went in car to the cinema hall and the hall was almost empty only 20 pairs was there in that big hall then we went to last seat and the movie started and while movie was going on and I slowly kept my hand on her tummy and was slowly playing.

Then interval came we had some snacks and again movie started but it was boring Meena was watching the movie and I was planning with her tummy and I slept then after the movie got over she wake me up and we went to our home but I was very tired.

I was on her shoulder and she lifted me and she dropped me on the bed then she changed my dress and she also to nighty and at night I was searching for her tummy but it was under her nighty then I scolded her to change the dress.

Then she removed all her dress and came in semi nude only panty she was wearing and came under the bed sheet and I also came into same bed sheet. I got shocked to touch her and I touched her breast it was very huge and so soft.

Then slowly gained some courage and made her to my side and suddenly her big breast fall on my face and slowly I kept my mouth on her nipples and was sucking she was in deep sleep but she rather hugged me more tight and closer to her and I slept.

Then at morning she wake me and told I want to prepare breakfast now but I dint left her and I was sucking very hardly on her breast and was playing with another breast and then also she left me.

I slept and then I woke up at 11 am and finished my refreshment and went to Meena and she was having her breakfast in the couch and I went to her and lye on her lap.

Meena: come on now eat I will feed you! Then I was eating and she was also eating then suddenly she askedMeena: when you’re going to get married?Me: when I get a nice, care taking, beautiful girl like you means I will marry!

Meena: I’m looking beautiful to you?Me:oh yes! I told before it that uncle is very lucky to have a wife like you!Meena: but your uncle never uses me! He became old and he could not satisfy my needs.

Me: Doesn’t worry will help you! She kissed me and told

Meena: no dear it’s not good for our relation.Me: I love to help your needs

Meena: did you have sex ever?Me: no! Then suddenly planted a kiss on my lips and I told I love you so much from the first moment you hugged me! then she said I also fell in love with you when I saw your cock then I took her to the bedroom and

I kissed her all over and started removing all the clothes and when I saw her pussy it was clean shaved and wet suddenly I kissed it and was sucking it and I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy she was enjoying it and she came twice then I told her to give the blowjob, then she was sucking my cock like a lollipop and I came in her mouth itself.

I slowly inserted my cock inside her and started fucking her she was murmuring so loudly and I was fucking her very hard after 20 minutes and I came and she came twice that time and she pushed me down and came on me and was riding me and I was sucking her boobs.

Finally she came and fell on me and her breast was crushing me like that itself we both slept and then it became evening I was very hungry. I waked up and saw her she was sleeping like an angle then I went out and brought some food and I returned back and I was feeding her.

Then she was very tired and after eating she hugged me and told this is my best sex ever! I told tanks but there is still lot is there and I kissed her in lips and she had slept then at night we had our dinner and again we started and this time and I tied her completely and i tied her mouth also that she would not shout!

Then I told I want to close your eyes also then only you can feel the surprise and she agreed then I tied another cloth on her eyes and she was completely naked and was like my slave and then I was finger fucking her pussy for 10 min and suddenly.

I dropped a scope of ice-cream on her pussy and she got sudden pleasure and was jumping like mad and murmuring a lot and I removed her mouth and eyes knot and I planted a kiss in her lips and dropped some more ice-cream in her and I started licking the ice cream from her pussy.

She came trice at that time itself and I started fucking her like a mad dog and finally I came twice then I cleaned myself and her also and she cried and said I never ever had sex like this and I love you so much then at night and I came naked itself and slept on her and she did not move at all and so friends I will continue in next story contact me at [email protected]

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