My Mom Fucked By Her Collegue

My mom name is Amu and she looks perfect structure her size was 38-32-38 when she smile dimple in her face and her eyes was very attractive her body notable part is her ass well curved ass while she walking very men on street must notice her ass bouncing.

I am doing degree near my mom office and my time and her office time same time we both leave house and office same time and we used to travel by train every day train will come very raise and she try to go inside but I will be there in near the door.

Some of her colleagues are to come in same train only but I don’t know her colleague one day I am not feeling well so I didn’t stand near the train door and I too follow my mom but my mom didn’t notice me she went inside and stood towards window now my mom surrounded by uncles.

I am there beside my mom, but my mom not notice me she just watching outside one uncle fully covered my mom from behind his dick touching my mom ass and my mom can’t do anything because the train crowd so I just tried to push the uncle.

I want to cover my mom from those uncles so did and pushed him but uncle looked me very angrily but I didn’t make any eye contact with him and then uncle whispered something to my mom ear then my mom said something to his ear.

Now uncle put his hand to my mom ass he softly squeezing my mom ass then my mom turn to uncle both are talking each other while uncle squeezing my mom ass some time her boobs touching his chest then we reached our place both are get down from train.

I moving to college suddenly some voice calling me that is uncle he called me and informed that she is her wife don’t do again otherwise I call polish. I was shocked to hear and I see my mom waiting for someone in the corner of the railway station.

The desire to watch who that is? Yes that is the that uncle went near to my mom hold her hand and leave and next day I asked to my mom who is that your colleague coming same train she said his name is Raju and saran then I asked identity she said Raju tall and handsome Saran short and block and

Now identity yesterday Raju said my mom us his wife so today I didn’t went inside I watching from door I seen Raju and saran both are near my mom first Raju behind my mom I know he is enjoying with my mom and saran beside my mom both are talking each other after some time.

Saran went my mom behind now Raju and my mom facing each other now my mom seen me and gives smile to me and I too reply with smile. I seen saran hugged my mom from behind but my mom shown nothing in her face and she also enjoy their act so these think happen daily.

One day while my mom bathing her mobile got a message from Saran today you wear what I gifted you but I did not open her message just it shows the message without opening it then she came from bathroom and i informed to her you got a message then she read it.

I see her face she smiled inside to her mind then she went to bed room and she wear skin pant and red color tops it is very tight to her usely she wear saree only but today she wear that so I questioned to her and she replied today is special day in our office.

I wear this and seeing in that dress my dick also getting hard because her superb curved ass crack visible and her upper part of her boob also visible and boobs also very tightly fitted to her dress so today I also went inside to the train without knowing my mom.

My mom went inside and she show her favourite place now both Raju and saran covered my mom from crowd and now saran came behind my mom and he lifted her tops to her waist now my mom ass crack clearly visible now saran put his hand to my mom ass squeezing it very hard then.

He placed her dick to my mom ass crack he fuck from her pant my mom enjoying fucking and talking to Raju his hand around my mom waist my mom boobs touching her chest sometime she slept his shoulder also and then saran hand went to my mom pussy area.

Now my mom out of motion so she hugged tightly Raju and Saran said to my mom I booked film ticket near her office so get down from train I followed her both are went to the theatre in theatre I can’t see what they are doing after finish film they took auto and went to my home and I too follow her.

all are went to my home and locked inside so I went upstairs of my home there is air hole to see bed room and main hall and so I went main hall air hole and I see now my mom sat on Rajus laps and her leg is placed saran thigh Raju squeezing my mom boobs and saran playing with my mom legs after some time she stood now saran removed her tops and wow

I see my mom boobs with white and black strip bra and my mom boobs hardly covered that bra then Raju removed her skin pant now my mom only bra and white panty and then both are removed there dress and now everybody there only with their inner wear.

Now Raju lifted my mom in his shoulder and went in to bed room and I too switched bedroom air hole Raju throw my mom to bed she bounce and then both are went near my mom mouth and she removed inner wear now two monster dick front of my mom.

Mow my mom happily shacking two monster dick coming to their dick Raju has 8′ dick and saran has 6′ black very fat cock his foreskin also removed first she took saran cock into her mouth and saran hold her head and fucking my mom’s mouth.

She dropping her saliva from her mouth she moaning like anything and now Raju hugging from behind her squeezing her boobs and removed her bra wow her 38 size boobs now free in air she has brown color nipple Raju tinning her nipples and saran fucking her mouth then.

Now saran took his cock from mouth and she laid on bed then saran removed her panty another wow her beautiful hair less brown color pussy and I seen first time he start kissing pussy then he separate her pussy lips he licking my mom pussy.

Now Raju went her mouth and fucked her mouth 5min both are changing their positions and my mom can’t wait she begging to fuck her pussy and then Raju took his cock and she guided to her pussy Rajus small trust it went inside.

He start fucking her pussy Saran slept on my mom in diagonally and there are kiss each lips 5 minutes gone in that position and then saran laid bed my mom raided him 5 minutes then she slept over him then Raju put his finger into my mom lovable ass hole.

One two he increasing his finger then he took his cock slowly put into her asshole but it didn’t go inside then he took oil to apply my mom asshole then tried to insert it goes slowly and finally trusted fast suddenly my mom shouted loudly and wake upped from bed then they are asked what happen

Then she shown her asshole its bleeding blood flowing her ass and then both convey to mom asking sorry we do slowly common then my mom slapped Raju very hard and said do slowly but this time Raju laid on bed my mom above him and saran trust his dick to mom asshole then rhythm they fucking ass and pussy sometime my mom crying and enjoying their action.

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