My Mom’s Friends Played Trick To Have Sex With Me

Hi all! I am Anuj 22 year old living in Anand, Gujarat. Here is one more story for you all which happened just now. I mean to say yesterday with my mom’s friend who was around 27 or 28 year old (you all can say her bhabhi also) with average looks but good figure of 32-30-34. She was married two year back only and shifted near my house around 5-6 months before only. Now coming to story.

As I was on vacation and yesterday was my last day of vacation so in morning I was packing my bag at home. My train was in night 9 pm. I was packing my back while some one knocked on door. As I opened the door there was she. She was staring at me first I don’t know why but then I release that I had wrapped towel only (as I was going to take bath after my packing) and through which my semi erected dick can been seen on towel. I said sorry to her then she reply me “didi hai”. I called my mom and went inside and packed my bag and went to bathroom.

Now she was sitting in the room which was beside bathroom as I was entered she again looked at me and I looked at her, she had worn a light white-cream colour t-shirt and pajama like lower. Through which her panty like and bra stripes can be easily seen over her dress. After taking bath I again saw her and this time also she was looking at me. In some time I got ready and started my work on laptop in front room she was leaving then she asked my mom that is he your son what he do. And seeing that I was doing some work on laptop she asked my mom that does he know how to repair laptop, then my mom asked my will you able to repair her laptop there some problem in it and not working properly. She said that window formatting have to be done. I said ok I will do it. Then my mom said me to go with her repair her laptop. I got proper dressed up and went with her.

While we were walking she asked about me what I do my name and all. I was just replying her and walking along her. soon we reached home then she took me to her bedroom where in corner table her laptop was lying. She said that she wants to learn how to format window.

I agreed and said ok I will teach you and sat on chair she asked me to wait for few min as she change to her house dress and bring some water for me. I was waiting and within no time came with a glass of water and gave to me and seeing her I was a little shocked.

Now she was wearing a blue colour silky nighty and seeing her breast her nipple were poking in her nighty I can tell that she had removed her bra. Nighty was full length and lose so I can’t tell more. I drank some water and put the glass on table and said her lets now being. She bend a little and picked her laptop and turned towards me to hand over the laptop to me but unfortunately the fell down by the edge of laptop and water fell over me and all my pant and even my underwear got wet. She said sorry..sorry and I said its ok no problem. She brought towel to me and said clean it up but till then all the water was absorbed by pant and underwear. She asked me to if I want to go home and change I refused it and its ok we will finish our work first.

Then she again said sorry and opened the laptop. It was old having Pentium processor and windows XP and may be 1 GB ram. Seeing that I calculated time it will take and I started to accuse myself that it will take long time maybe around 1 hour or more than that. She was standing beside me and watching then she said will you turn laptop screen as I am unable to see then I turn but know I was I unable to see it then I told her to sit on my chair as there is no space for other chair so she sat and I got up but now also same problem was occurring as the laptop was much old it has some screen problem.

Then she told to lets share the chair so that we both can see I agreed and sat on half chair and started to boot menu and started booting the window disk. Now I was getting cold due to the wet clothes and AC she saw me shaking lightly and said to change my clothed first and then move forward first I refused but then she brought a lungi for me and said to wear it or go home and come after change. Finally I took lungi and went to bathroom removed my pant and underwear and wrapped the lungi and came again she started to stare at me as my dick was semi hard again and this time lungi is shoeing much more then before.

She took my clothes and hanged them so that they dry up soon and came back and sat again start booting. As we both were sitting half-half and uncomfortable so I told her that lets change the sitting pattern and let me sit first back then she sits front me. She agreed and I got first settled and moved back so that she can sit as she sits and move little back my dick exactly landed in her ass crack and now I can tell you people that she was not wearing her panty.

She got adjusted and my dick settled in her ass crack and we started our work I was telling her what to do next step and formatting while my dick was hardening I was controlling it and concentrating all my mind on window formatting but as she was moving slowly due to clicking on laptop I finally got full hard on and I guarantee she was feeling dick in her ass crack and finally window started copy file and she stopped her little movement but now it was too late. She was not saying anything and I was also keeping silent and finally braking the odd silent she spoke and asked me how much time it will take now. I said her 20-30 min and then again same silent occur and now I was unable to control myself and moved my hand in such a way that I was adjusting the laptop screen but actually I was pressing her boobs from sideways and then landed my hands on her thigh. She didn’t say anything and reacted to that.

Then I move forward little bit and tried to puss my dick in between her legs and she finally reacted and she moved backward by seeing me moving forward and then I got my signal and started moving my hands on her thigh slowly and lifting her nighty.

And then she turned and kissed me and we started smooching each other and with one hand I was pressing her boob and with other lifting her nighty and soon I got her nighty end and removed her nighty completely which then she stood up and turn and removed my t-shirt and unwrapped my lungi and sat facing me on my thigh and started kissing. Now I was pressing rubbing her both boobs and pinched her nipple and she moaned while she was kissing me and playing with my hair.

Then slowly-slowly I kissed her neck and coming down licking her neck boobs and started sucking her boobs her nipple were hard brown in colour and stiff boobs, I was biting her nipples and sucking them and with my one hand I started to finger her. She was already wet and she was holding my dick. Pressing it stroking it wildly.

Then she stood little up and move forward and try to insert my dick in her pussy but I stopped her said I use condom without that I can’t fuck you. Her expression changed and pulled the drawer and took out one condom packet and rolled it on my dick and sat over me inserting my dick in her pussy and moaned aloud ahhh ho hahhha and started to move for few minutes while we were kissing, then again she stood up and changed the direction and again sat on my lap and directed my dick in her pussy and started jumping on me and now whole room was filled with her moanig and fucking sound aaahh hooo fuck me fuck me hard ahhh ooh yeah hhmm.

Now I was holding her boobs with my both hands and pressing hard. After 3-4 min jumping she cummed and stood up then I got up and took her to bed and lifted her on leg and insert my dick in her pussy again and started to move fast and she started to scream now aaaaaa ahhh hmmm oh goooodddd yeah fuck me hard ohhh baabbyy hmm aaaah, within next 5-6 min I cummed. She licked my dick and removed my condom with her mouth and started to suck my dick and with her hot and wet mouth which causes eraction in my dick again.

Then she told me enter her pussy again but I told her again not without condom she indicated me towards drawer and opened it took one condom and wear it and while she had lifted and bended her both legs I pulled her towards me and inserted my dick in her and started again with full speed for next 7-8 min in whih she was screaming like hell and then kept her leg down and turn half and I got on bed and from side I inserted my dick in her pussy and started to move again and she started her moaning again within two or three stroked she cummed.

After few min fucking like that I removed my dick she came over me and I laid down and she started to insert my dick in cow boy style and starting jumping on me for few me she was jumping fast then she got some slow then I hold her from her hips and started to move from downwards and she was moaning ooohhh baabby yeeaahhh I love it ahhh ohh ahahh. And then again she cummed.

Then she removed condom and started to lick my dick and suck it like a lollipop. She was sucking my dick and moving it to and fro at lower side. Ohh yeah and I cummed in her mouth after 10 min of blowjob without wasting any drop of my sperm she drank it all and laid on me. She was slightly rotating her hand on my chest and saying that she loved it. You have much more stamina then my husband and bigger cock than him. She thanked me for such a lovely fucking session. Her thank got me remember that I have to finish her window installment which then she replied me that she will do it herself don’t worry about it.

First I was shocked and then started to laugh and also laugh. Then I saw the time it was 2 pm she stood up and me hurry wear your cloth and go my husband will be home at any min. I wore my dress and went to my while living she kissed me and said when will be you coming again on vacation let me know I have to repair my laptop again and gave me smile with a blink.

You all can give me feedback and contact me via my mail [email protected]. And thank you to all my reader for giving me nice response on my life stories.

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