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Hello, everybody, I am from Bangalore and an avid reader of ISS and also a big fan. I have finally decided to share my story of how I got attracted to my neighbor aunt and fucked her. This happened in the year 2010 when I was in graduation.

Now let me start the story, this story is about my neighbor who used to stay right in front of our house her name is Geeta, she was a Tamilian, tall, dark complexion and also had well-hung boobs. She had one girl child and her husband was daily wages worker.

Her house was really small it had just a hall and a kitchen which they also used to take bath. Since she was very close to my family she used to be at our home most of the time and I used to help her girl child do her homework most of the time.

One day I was sitting on the balcony of our house and trying to study, Since Geeta used to stay right in front of our house, I saw her washing clothes, she had her nighty lifted till her thighs and her cleavage was visible and this was the first time I felt attracted and saw her with lust in my eyes, I was enjoying the scene and suddenly she caught me staring at her and I acted as if I was studying.

She saw me and then she came inside our house and I thought I am dead today as she going to tell my mother about it. I ran downstairs to see if she going to tell my mother about it.

Then I saw her talking to my mother and laughing about some other thing, She saw me and gave me smile this gave me courage and I used to sit on the balcony and stare at her most of the time, like when she used to wash clothes, wash dishes or sweep outside the house and she knew that I used to stare at her but she never said this to my parents.

Her husband was a drunkard and he used to get drunk and hit her every weekend, my parents would most of the time intervene and save her.

One day my parents had gone out and I was supposed to give the keys to geeta aunty and then go to college, her house was very small I could see that her clothes and towel where lying on the kitchen wall then I realized that she might be taking bath in the kitchen. I wantedly decided to leave early for the college and by pretending to give I will go inside, I got ready locked my house and I entered her house, the kitchen did not have a door it just had a curtain and I suddenly entered calling aunty and my thought was right, I saw her naked for the first time, I stood there and kept staring at her for 30 seconds and even she was kind of speechless I said sorry aunty and came back to our house, my heart was beating very fast and was thinking what do I do next, after sometime as I was getting late for college I went out again and this time I stood out and called aunty, she was in the hall wearing blouse, petticoat and trying to wear saree, she saw me and called me inside I could not take my eyes of her boobs I kept looking at them while talking her, she knew I was staring but she did not make an attempt to cover it. She then took the key from me and told me to listen don’t tell anyone that you saw me naked, I said and ok and left for college.

This went on for some time and I used to stare at her and even brush her ass and chest at time when I am crossing her without any fear.As they say “Luck favors the brave”, IT happened so that on Saturday morning my parents had to visit my native as my dad’s brother had met with an accident and was in ICU, In a hurry my parents had forgotten to drop the key at geeta aunty’s place, I reached home and went to aunty’s house to ask for the key, her husband was there, he called me inside and explained what happened and he made me speak to my parents on his cell phone, Uncle calmed me down and told me to stay at there place for the night and he went out.Aunty made tea and was preparing the dinner, I was helping her daughter do the home work. After some time aunty served the dinner we had it. After some time we heard a huge banging sound and the next thing we saw was uncle had passed out right in front of the house. Aunty asked me for my help to lift him and take him inside.

Aunty lay the bed for us and she had put uncle in one corner and the baby was lying between me and aunty, she turned off the lights and we all went to sleep, I was really horny and after an hour got an idea to touch aunty’s boobs, My heart was racing, hands were trembling as I was slowly trying to unzip her nighty, It was little difficult as the daughter was lying in between. I then decided to act as if I am sleeping and put my hand on her chest and I kept hand on her chest grabbing her boobs for couple of minutes and I did not get any reaction this gave the courage to press her boobs, it was the first time I was pressing the boobs, chills ran down my spine, my throat was dry and was trying to squeeze her boobs, I slowly opened my eyes to see her and to my shock she was already awake staring at me but I did not remove my hand.

She woke and checked if her husband was awake or not, she then moved her daughter to the other side and slept next to me and pulled a blanket on both of us. I was happy and going crazy in my head as we slpt I pulled her nighty up and grabbed her boobs from behind and started pressing them hard and squeezed her tits, she then turned towards me and kissed me on my lips and she made me suck her boobs and I could feel her naked thighs in between my legs. I was sucking her boobs and my hand was rubbing her vagina, I was trying everything I had watched in porn.

Once she was wet, I pulled my pants and gave my dick her hand, she stroked it and gave me a blowjob for couple of minutes, all this time both of our hearts were racing and we were constantly keeping an eye on the husband and daughter.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and gave me a condom from under the drawyer, she herself put the condom and turned her back towards me and guided my dick to enter her vagina, she gave loud moan and I held her mouth to avoid noise and I started thrusting my dick in her vagina, It continued for some time but was little difficult so asked her to move inside the kitchen, as soon as we went to kitchen I removed her clothes and made her naked, I put her on the floor and started fucking her with my 6 inch long dick and moaning like a wolf and I had her mouth covered, and after 15 minutes of fucking she grabbed me tight and that was my first time seeing an women get an orgasm live, her fingers dug deep in my arms as she grabbed me and her stomach moved up and down, her eyes rolled up and had tears in them, seeing this I release my cum inside the condom and lay on top of her for a min.She them woke me cleaned both of us and made sure the condom was deep inside the trash so that her husband cannot see it and we went back to bed and she again made her daughter sleep between us.I hope you guys like my story and Please give me your valuable feedback on my email ID : [email protected]Any ladies, housewifes, divorcees, separated, widowed and any unsatisfies aunties in Bangalore looking for genuine, well educated, well mannered male for a discreet NSA fun you can mail me at my email ID: [email protected]Confidentiality will be maintained.

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