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Hi, all fellow readers of Indian sex story, this is Raj from Bangalore, again with one of my experience with my neighbor lady.

Thank you so much for your feedback on my previous two experiences (Fun with Chat Friend and Fun with Stranger who got introduced in Bus). I request you to share your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

Coming to the sex story, as I recently moved to Bangalore, I took a rented house in a medium sized apartment. There are 32 flats in our apartment and mine is 2BHK. It’s not a porch apartments of Bangalore, all the house owners are middle class and most of them are medium age group people.

When I got this house, my next flat was vacant. After two months, once I back from business tour, I have seen some shoes and movement in next flat. I forgot to tell, from one of my rest room I can see the next flat’s living room and their common toilet.

After seeing some movement in next flat, I rushed to my rest room and had a look at next flat, to my luck there was no curtain in their window as it was not a common place, that open place is just to keep the sun light and drainage pipes.

I could see many people, like one old age couple and two medium aged guys. I cursed my luck and about to come out of the restroom and heard some lady voice, so I was waiting there and here is our heroin of this experience came. She was a gorgeous lady, looks like around her 30s with awesome assets. She was in T-shirt and 3/4th tight pant. She must be in 36-32-34. By seeing her, I am not able to conclude that she is married or not. But, she was really good and sexy.

As I am staying alone, I was spending more time in the restroom to see the next flat, I could able to understand that, it’s that lady’s mom and dad. She is staying along with her parents and brother and the other guy is her husband. She was working somewhere, every day she used to leave by 9:30 and return by 7 in the evening.

One day, I woke up a bit early and rushed to rest room, and I have got one awesome show. Yes, it was our queen, Meera (Came to know from her) doing yoga. I was trying to hide and watching her. Her 36 sized boobs were almost peeping out of her t-shirt and I could able to see the perfect size of her ass.

From, their side it’s not possible to see as I am in dark. So, she was doing her yoga very comfortably, by stretching and bending. In between, she was adjusting her t-shirt but still, she couldn’t hide her boobs. That day while watching itself I have shacked my cock and masturbated. She has completed her yoga in half an hour and I have seen the entire session.

Then, it became my daily routine to watch her during yoga. Once, her parents were not there and it was her and her hubby alone and he used to leave early in the morning.

As usual, I was ready at my window by 7:30 in the morning, to my surprise, she came in her inners. Wow, what a show it was, though I have seen her boobs many times, but the first time I am seeing her in Bra and panty and I was so excited. It looks like, she just woke up and I could able to guess that, she slept in the same attire.

She rolled her yoga mat and looked around, started removing her panty and bra. It was an awesome moment to see a lady of her structure nude. She was doing nude yoga and I was playing with my cock. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and I never saw a pussy with that much smoothness.

While doing yoga I could able to see all the dimensions of her pussy and ass crack. No need to mention her boobs were jumping while she was doing the yoga. Though she is married, her pussy looks very tight and boobs look very firm and tight.

As the day passes, I used to plant a smile on her whenever I used to see her in the parking or lift or corridor. She also used to smile back.

I got introduced to her and came to know that she is working for a xx xxx Bank as credit manager. I see to that, I am leaving the office at the same time she is leaving and coming back at the same time she is coming. We became decent friends, but still looking at her doing yoga is my day today activity.

Once during yoga, I slipped and fall down in the restroom, she suddenly came to her window and looked around. Then, what happened is the twist, she came to my home and knocked the door. I went and opened the door. She enquired that, what happened, have you fall down, is there any issue. I said I am alright and she left.

I was thinking of the incidence and realized that she must be knowing that I am watching her doing yoga, otherwise just with the sound how come she knows that it’s me who fall down.

Again during leaving to the office I met her in the lift and she told, take care of yourself while watching and left the lift. While leaving the lift she dropped a paper in the lift. I was in shock that, she knows I am watching her doing yoga. I picked the paper and it has some mobile number.

Immediately after getting into my car, I ringed that number, that time she was in her car which is parked opposite to mine. She asked me to call after 11 as its getting late for her office.

I called her after 11 and she told that she knows I am watching her doing yoga. I asked sorry repeatedly and she said, no problem, in fact, I also enjoyed while you watching.That day onwards we started chatting in WhatsApp.

We shared many things and I came to know that she is married for 4 years and her hubby is an ok guy. She doesn’t like him, she had some affairs before marriage and because of family reasons, she married him. In chat, we have reached a level in which we have shared nude pictures of ours and having a lot of fun in chat. But, really didn’t have the intention of fucking.

Once some of her relatives are not well so they all went to their native and she couldn’t get leave so she stayed back alone. I simply asked her in WhatsApp that, why don’t you do yoga in front of me instead of doing in your home. She immediately said ok, tomorrow morning I will do it in front of you. I couldn’t believe and I slept with a lot of dream about next day.

She messaged me to keep my door opened as she doesn’t want to wait outside my home for me to open. So that without anyone’s notice she can come.

As per the plan, she reached my home by 7:45 and I are not able to believe my eyes. Meera- Are you happy? Me – Very Happy Meera, I am not able to believe. She was laughing and rolling her yoga mat and started doing yoga. She asked, whats there in just watching me doing yoga? I told, its really fun and I love to watch girls doing exercise.

While she was doing her yoga, I am not able to control myself. As I was just in boxer (I don’t wear innerwear at the home) I could able to feel the erection. I just went behind and slightly touched her butt. She turned back and asked, to do this you took this much time?

Then I got confidence and hugged her from behind. I was holding my hand on her stomach and smooching in her neck. She was holding my head and turned back. I hugged her and smooched her butt and kissing very passionately. I was playing with her ass crack. There was a lot of salivae exchanged.

She removed my t-shirt and planted few kisses on my chest. I removed her t-shirt and crabbed her boobs with a bra. I was kissing it with passion and pressed hard. She started moaning. I started biting her nipples over the bra. She also started playing with my chest and nipples (I love this ). She crabbed my cock over my boxer, I guided her to my bed room.

He made me sit and removed my boxer, now I am full nude and she is in her 3/4th leggings. She started kissing my cock and stroking it. I was playing with her boobs and nipples. She took my cock completely into her mouth and giving me deep suck. I was feeling like flying. I asked her to come to bed. I removed her pant and asked her to laydown.

I started kissing her pussy and giving her deep lick and suck. Then we had satisfying fuck. At the end, she was very much happy and told that I never had such happiness from my hubby. As it was getting late for both of us, she left from my home. After that, the entire week we had at least one round of fuck every day.

During that weekend, her hubby also went to their native and she told, she is having some official work on weekends too. Needless to mention, whats that work. I took her to a resort nearby Bangalore and had wonderful sessions.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my sex story about the experience with my neighbor. Kindly share your feedback and suggestions to [email protected].

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