My Neighbour Aunty In Belgaum

Hi all, this is Kiran from Belgaum. I am native of Belgaum, working in Belgaum as an Accountant. Let me tell you about myself. I am 6″ tall, a bit lean but muscular. I have never spoken to anyone in the apartments other than the security.

One day, when I was returning from the office, I saw a lady standing near my house. She was wearing a night pant & t-shirt. First I didn’t bother to see her but when I saw her face, she looked so cute.

Then my eyes scanned her. She was awesome, with a very nice structure and boobs. Apart from her cute face, she had big thighs and a big back. From then, I used to stare at her whenever I see her. When she looks at me, I used to look into her eyes. Later I found that she is married and having a kid.

She also used to look at my eyes whenever I see her. Our exchange of sights went on and one day when I was parking my bike at the apartments, she was also trying to park her scooty. Suddenly she slipped and was about to fall. I quickly held her scooty and she regained her balance.

Then I helped her to put the main stand for her scooty. She said, thanks and moved. From then, we used to smile at each other. To see her, I often came out of my flat and roam here and there. Then we started talking and we exchanged some of our details.

Then the actual story started. Her hubby was also working as a software engineer. He got a job in London. He has told her that he will go there first, settle down and then will bring her and the child to London. So she and her kid were staying in that flat. Once she invited me for a coffee to her flat.

From then, we became bit closer. We exchanged mobile numbers and she used to call me whenever she is free and message me often. I enjoyed her company so much and I wished to be around her.

Once I was in her flat on an afternoon time. I had taken leave on that day as I was feeling very sleepy. We were talking about many things. She asked me about my girlfriend. I said, “I don’t have a GF and I am still searching for one”. She laughed and said, “You don’t need to find a girlfriend, she will come to you when time comes”.

I asked, “Did you have any boyfriends before marriage?”.

She said, “Yes”.

I was surprised and I asked, “Had any ‘fun’ with him? (double meaning question)”.

She said, “We had lots of fun, and even after marriage. Nut he left to USA a year back and now I miss him”.

I was confused with the word ‘fun’. Then I asked her, “What is the fun”.

She smiled. Then I understood. I started asking many questions about that and she also answered frankly. After some time she went to the kitchen to prepare coffee.

I was in full mood by now with her frank talk, and I had a tent in my pant. I followed her to the kitchen and stood silent for a min looking at her from behind. I was not able to control myself. I kept my face near her neck and breathed heavily. My warm air was fully touching her neck. She turned towards me and touched my chin and told that was a great feeling. I got the courage now and I went to her and gave a warm breath again.

This time she closed her eyes and was enjoying. Without thinking, I gave a kiss at her neck and I kept continuing to kiss at the neck. She brought her hand over my head and held me. Then I moved my hand, held her hip and pushed her closer to me. Till this instance, I was kissing only her neck from both sides.

She pushed me and looked into my eyes. I went close to her to kiss her lips. When I was about to reach her lips, she pulled me towards her and kissed my lips. That was my first lip kiss and I was enjoying that. My hand was roaming all over her body.

After a min, I couldn’t stop myself and so I removed her t-shirt. Her boobs very tightly pressing against her bra. That was a great sight. I kissed her on her cleavage. She was moaning. I bit her nipples over the bra. I was able to see her nipples getting erected under the bra. She asked me to remove my shirt. I removed and hugged her.

She was in bra and night pant. I was just in my jeans and no t-shirt. We hugged each other and walked towards the hall. We sat on the sofa and I started kissing all over her. I removed her night pant and she was wearing nothing inside.

Without thinking much, I started kissing her private area. She grabbed my penis over the pants. I removed the pant and inner and my tool came out jumping.

We shifted to a 69 position and licked each other’s private parts. I couldn’t bear that urge anymore and so I inserted my tool into her wet pussy and started stroking. That was my first time fucking someone and the feeling was so wonderful. My tool is a bit lengthier and I pushed it fully inside her. She started moaning and that moaning drove me crazy. I fucked her hard and deep.

So we wore our clothes, kissed again, and then she left.So after that, I didn’t have any chance again to fuck her because her sister-in-law came to visit her.So she stays busy with her. But I always play with her boobs and ass whenever we get a chance.Her sister-in-law is also hot but much younger than her, maybe she’s 27.

After that, we enjoyed for 2 months. Then she moved to London to stay with her husband. Any aunties or girls looking for secret sex mail to [email protected]

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