My Real Life Sex Story Incident

Hi friends, this is Raj sharing my real life experience to you all which recently happened on 24 april 2016 which is my lucky day how I fucked my aunt and that leads to threesome with aunt and her married daughter if you like my story then reply to my email [email protected]

I will start from beginning how I got chance for threesome and how I am continuing the sex with them so friend I am from Hyderabad telangana my name is raj and aunt name is Prabhavathi and daughter Priya.

Lets go into story while I am starting let me tell you about my aunt and her daughter aunt sizes wow I die for that its 42,36,40 very hot and daughter sizes 40,32,38 wow giving me a good satisfaction so in deep I am in software job daily my routine life going casual and the aunt family and my family were very close they use to come to my house,we use to go there house its casual and never had a bad view on them and we all go to movies parties restaurants etc. So one day its heavy rain, on that day and uncle went for a job trip for one week and aunt requested me to join with them to sleep as uncle is not present so with my parents permission I went to their home and they offered me dinner and at last we 3 completed the dinner.

I forget to say Priyas husband is in abroad and she got married recently in jan 2016 so she is still here. next when we completed diner its just 8 pm so Priya planned to go for movie so soon I tried in online booking but no use. so Priya and me both went to theatre and tried at final I got three tickets and we both came back to home and get ready for movie. we started to movie on one bike which I am driving in middle priya and back aunt so next we slowly reached the theatre and we went inside and movie started and after movie completed its raining heavily so we thought any way its near to our so we can move slowly and we stared on the way we met with an small accident and got fallen down.

Slowly I lift them up and seen nothing happened but aunt got small leg pain and so we reached home and got freshed and aunt leg pain is more now, so I told I will massage her she refused and I pleased because the pain is much and she is suffering a lot, so at last she told s and I bought zandu balm and priya is in deep sleep at that time and aunt told ok we can move to other room, as priya is sleeping so we moved to other room and I asked where the pain is she told the pain is from ties to knees l.

So I told her to lift the night she wore nighty that is the point I got the first interest on her to fuck her and she is feeling shy to lift the nighty so I told not to worry and slowly I lifted till the ties and I seen that her leg with injury and it became red so I told dont worry I apply the balm and taken the balm on my fingers and applied to ties and knees and she is moving up and down and slowly told her to relax and started massaging and I started from knees to ties , when I reached ties once without intention I touched her private place she seen me I told sorry and continued on ties and knees and asked her how r you feeling now she told better and enough and sleep, I told no let me complete Aunty and asked her shall I massage to your back she is also in pain of back bone.

So I told her to rotate she did it and it’s nighty right she told no it’s ok enough go and sleep and I refused and told dont worry I am doing nothing aunt you are like my mother, by this she got emotional and told tq kanna,so you know any Indians will flat for this kind of words so I asked her to pull nighty up she told kanna stop it I am ok I told again dont feel bad let me complete so finally she accepted and pulled her nighty up, I was in heaven by seeing her back and no words and she is asking are you there what happened will you start massaging or else shall I sleep, so I taken balm in my hands and applied to her back from up to till her ties so I can do massage from top to bottom she told nothing so I started from up to down and when I touched her down it was very smooth and it’s like sponge I tried it in slow way and I moved my hands slowly to up and down while I am touching her place in middle she is closing her eyes, and started to moan with small sounds I totally forget that what I am doing and started to massage speed, so that it can make her relief and I asked her to turn front she didn’t told anything and turned front

Now I can see her shaven pussy and she told stop seeing , and do it I asked what ! again with small smile she told massage me what are you looking at. I told nothing and started massaging her ties till her stomach so touched her pussy lightly and did nothing and my dick was hard and haven’t wore any undies I can’t control myself and I can’t hide my dick, she seen that and she gave me a naughty look she told me that your grown up, and you can make any one satisfy so I thought this is the green signal for me I asked as not understand what she is saying emantunaru aunty ?

She told nothing, and i told her Aunty I will be back in 2mins and went into washroom and masturbated my dick by thinking her and came back she asked me r you done I told s and she smiled naughtily asked me is it completed your massage or anything else you want to do I asked her aunty shall I massage entire body ! That makes you relief, she told your wish so I told her to remove her nighty wow it’s amazing now she is only with her red bra her boobs where trying to jump out such a huge boobs and I asked whether shall I massage her breast without response she removed her bra my dick was not in control and she told to massage everything and massage by standing now I was not able to stand because i was full erect

So slowly I stood up and turned to her and started to massage her neck and slowly I went to her breast, wow it’s so smooth and fair with pink nipples which where erect and aunt again told you grown and its big I smiled and she asked me about my gf I told no I dont have any one, she asked have you did this with anyone ? I told no you are the first one she told your doing good you can open a massage centre I smiled and pressed her boobs hard and playing with them and she slowly started to touch my dick, I have seen her and she asked shall I massage you I told do you know how to massage and she told s and told me to remove my dress soon I did that so she seen my dick & told wow it’s bigger than your uncle I laughed and she started stroking my dick slowly and asked whether I like licking I told nothing she started to keep it in mount, now I got courage and started to press her boobs and asked her to sleep.

I kept my 2 finger into her pussy and she is moaning very hard that we both forget that her daughter is in home and started licking her pussy and she is all wet and she started to lick my dick and after 10 mins I am about to cum I told her she increased her speed and I cummed in her mouth she drank everything and now I slowly started to insert my dick into her pussy it’s wet so went easily inside and I started stroking her pussy slowly the room was full of sounds, and suddenly her daughter came in I was not able to stop and continued and she is scolding us both and I get down and told her your also not in touch with her husband priya come and join with us.

She refused and told she will complain to her dad and my parents, and I slapped her and she was in night shirt and small track and I pulled the shirt hardly and tore. she was not wearing any bra and she is shouting I slapped her again and through her on bed and her mother told her to enjoy no problem nothing will happened and she slowly started enjoying and I removed her track and started to press her boobs and licking her pussy and she soon released her cum and then next later I started to fuck her mom hard and Priya is pressing her mom boobs and licking her boobs, and i am about to cum and told her and I cummed in her pussy and it’s over flowed and came out and I started to press the priya boobs, she is virgin after marriage next in 2 days her husband went back to abroad so she is still virgin and now I got my dick erect.

I slowly started to insert my dick it’s very hard to go inside as it is new hole she started to shout hard, so kept a deep kiss in her mouth and started to fuck her and soon in seconds I started speed fucking and now with pleasure she is moaning and saying words, fuck me ra, fuck me hard, abha em denguthunav ra, baga dengue ra, nuvu chesukovalsindi nanu Pelli, in this way she is moaning and I tried to fuck in doggy style, and even in air style, and many ways

After 20 mins I am about to cum so I removed my dick out and cummed in there both mouths they both drank my cum and next we three slept for a while, & now Priya and me went to bathroom and washed each other and even fucked in bathroom and her mom joined and we enjoyed 3 times in that night, & we are doing whenever we get time, & now priya soon in July moving to her husband, so I gonna miss her but my luck aunt will be there here, so friends this is my story sorry if any mistake if you like my story if you want my help I can do sex with you my energy level is more than 20 mins I can fuck any girls or aunties any one dont feel shy it’s personal and secret between us reply me to my mail [email protected]

Thank you friends for showing interest on my story i will be back with other stories done before by your replies any one can share your personals and I will help out you for your satisfaction [email protected]

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