My Relationship With Fatima Aunty

Hello iss readers thanks for the wonderful feedback you have given me for my previous stories I am reading stories from iss since 2008. So I have decided to write my own story of my relationship with my aunty. So I’m back with a new story.. Kindly bare me. My old email id got deleted.


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My name is suhaan sheikh age 25 from pune. As in my previous story, I told you about incest relationship with my mom and my cousin sister asma. I will come back to story now. This story is about me and my aunty I.E my dad’s younger sister. My grandfather has 3 children’s my dad and two sisters one elder farida and one younger fatima.


This story is of my younger aunty fatima she is fair age 40 but looks like 28 and has a perfect figure 34 32 36. She is a real hot lady with a very curvaceous figure. She lives in outskirts of pune works as a principal in a school. Her husband is a rich man with around 300 acres of land. She has only a son who is studying mbbs in the usa.

Whenever she use to visit pune. Every time she takes me for shopping as she don’t have any relatives apart from my family. Many a times I took her for shopping on my bike as there is too much traffic in pune she chooses bike rather than her suv.


I have a yamaha fz bike as u guys might be knowing the back seat of fz is too short. Her boobs touches my back every time whenever I apply brakes. I have been turned on by her many a times. Whenever I got the chance, a couple of times while shopping, in kitchen, sometimes while moving around at home. I would slip my hands on her ass feel her. Its my routine activity when is visits our house. Aunty also never missed a chance to seduce me by touching her boobs and body parts. Many a times she hugged me for no reason. I too enjoyed touching her body. The moment I see her I get a huge hard on. And she must’ve noticed it easily since its quite a huge dick 6.5 inches. She frequently visits pune almost every weekend without her husband. Once I went with her for shopping she purchased some inner wears we came back she was about to change check her inner-wear she purchased. Before she went to change those new pair of lingerie I had installed a video camera. She first took off her kameez and bra later she wear a new bra and then her salwar to try her new panty. This was the first time I saw my aunty nude. I saw her huge boobs in a white bra and her beautiful pussy. Once she had a function in pune she changed her dress and wear a sari that time I had installed a video camera and saw the entire clip. Her body is so hot.


Lets come to the story this incident happened when I visited her. As her husband was traveling to dubai for 10 days to meet his friends. My aunty is working as a principal in a high school. My aunty called my mom and told her about husbands tour and asked her to send me to accompany her as she would be alone there. She said only for 2 days after that she had her diwali vacations she will come to pune. My mom told me about my aunty and I happily said yes to stay with her for 2 days. I left my house at 5 pm as there was too much traffic I reached her home at 7 pm till then her husband had left. She smiled and welcomed me. I entered in her hall. She took me upstairs for fresh up. I got fresh up. My aunt came with 2 cup of tea and sat beside me. As we were having tea, I starting staring at her in a different way, thinking about her as a lover. She was wearing a pink colour nighty and white colour bra was visible. I could faintly see the nipples poking out through the nighty.


She had a white lace panty on which were clearly visible when she was sitting. We started talking and she was asking about my work. But my mind was not in the mood to talk. I mumbled something as answers. Every time my eyes would glance at her boobs to catch a glimpse of her nipples. This did not go unnoticed by my aunt. As she finished her tea, after sometime she bent down to pick the empty cups to wash them. So when she bend down I had a nice view of her boobs my dick was hard. She looked at me and passed a smile at me and went to the kitchen for cooking for dinner. While walking back I could see her big butts. It was around 9.30 pm I was watching tv she called me for dinner. By 10 pm we had our dinner while having dinner I was starring at her boobs. As I finished my dinner and went back to room.


I was around 11:00 pm she came to the room to sleep. When she entered bedroom I was changing my clothes and was in my inner wear. I intentionally went in front of her and noticed her looking at my bare body and my hard erect dick in my inner. She said nothing but I understood that she wanted to have sex. After changing, l told her I will sleep in her son room. She said you can sleep here. She will be alone in her room. So I said ok. We slept on the same bed. It was around 12 am bua was sleeping next to me at one corner of the bed. I was still awake and then I saw my aunty sleeping with her ass facing towards me, I was fully aroused as I thought she is giving me an invitation to fuck her.


After few minutes I slowly moved towards her and kept my hand on her ass she didn’t say anything few more minutes later I slide my hand over her stomach and slowly I grabbed her from behind and came extremely close to her. I revealed my cock and touched her ass over nighty and was slowly pushing it she didn’t say anything. I looked at her and she was pretending to be sleeping. I hold her tightly and bought her extremely close to me her complete body was touching mine. I kissed her neck again and again to get a hint of her intentions. She gave a shy smile with closed eyes. I kissed her lips and suddenly she opened her eyes and pretended to be doing all this in sleep she left me and turned away from me. I could see her smile when she was turning I understood that this is her signal to proceed . Now we both knew that we wanted each other. Bua also was beginning to feel impatient. All I had to do was get her hornier. Her nighty was having a zip at the back I slowly pulled her zip and started kissing her back she didn’t say anything I took out the entire zip kissing her on the back and opened her nighty.


As I was unhooking her bra she turned towards me and planted a kiss on my lips I hold her tightly and pulled her as close to me as I could and kissing I took off her complete nighty now she was just in her panty her sweet melons touching my bare chest and my dick on her pussy. It was heaven for me the lady I had always dream of fucking. Today was my chance to fuck her. I came over her and started kissing her lips, neck and boobs. I licked her boobs and started sucking them. I kissed her stomach mean while I took out her panty. Her pussy was dripping wet and my hand was near her vagina and started fingering it. She moaned “aaahhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh yyyaaaahhhhh mmmmmmmmmm ooohhhh.


After kissing for a long time I removed my pant and inner wear too. She was shocked by seeing my 6.5 inches thick penis and gave me a tight hug. She responded to my action soon. We were hugging each other rolling all over the bed, kissing each other. I was nude before my bua. It was time to fuck my bua my penis became as hard as steel. I lay her down on bed in missionary position as she opened her legs, her pussy lips split open and I could see the dark pink inner lips and I placed my hard dick on her cunt slowly I started to enter my dick in her pussy I guided the head of my dick, and slowly slid it in to her pussy. It was warm, moist, soft. I slowly began pumping and feeling the walls of her pussy. I buried my dick all the way to my balls in her hot cunt. I gradually started moving my dick in and out. She was moaning uuuuufffff aaaahh aaaaaahh uuuuufffff aaaahh aaaaaahh uuuuufffff aaaahh aaaaaahh. I continued thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy . I started fucking her with my full strength and stamina. She was hugging me so tightly and moaning aaaaauuuu uuu yeeesss aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhuuuuuuuu oooohhhhh ooohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhh ooooh ooooohhhh ooooooohhhh


Aunty was on seventh sky with pleasure enjoying my hard dick inside her pussy . She was enjoying my fuck with pleasure now I pumped her for 25-30minutes with full speed. I fucked her for few more minutes and I was about to cum and said her that I am going to cum. She said I am operated you cum inside me. She was completely relaxed as I fucked her. After that I just slept with her with my cock inside her pussy for some time and regained all my power and started fucking her again. This time we changed our position she came on top of me and took my dick and placed on the opening of her pussy and pushed herself down my entire dick was in her pussy now. Her juice were leaking out. So I also lifted my hip up and down to make it rhythmic and she closed her eyes and I grabbed her boobs, she was enjoying the ride. So she enjoyed getting fucked and after fucking for 20-30 minutes I said that I was about to cum she started riding faster and faster and my cum busted in her pussy. As we were exhausted now we stopped around 3 am slept but both of us were naked.


Next morning we woke up late after a beautiful fucking session last night. Bua got ready by 11 am.We left home and dropped her to school and reached home. Bua was free by 3.30 pm that day from her school. She called me to pick up her from school. Aunty was looking really gorgeous in her green saree worn below the deep navel. She gave me a seductive smile. We reached home and I followed her to the bedroom and we sat on the bed. I kissed her neck while playing with her boobs with still our clothes on. Then I kissed her juicy red lips to which she quickly responded by opening her mouth. The same time while my hands were pinching her nipples, bua started to fondle my erect cock. I broke the kiss and told her to remove her sari while I got rid of my clothes and threw them down the bed. I was now in my boxers and her bra and panty were only clothes on her gorgeous figure. She was really looking sex goddess in it. I laid her on the bed and pulled her bra and strap down her panty. Her boobs were now completely free and I could see her nipple was hard pointing outwards. I took the nipple in my mouth. I gently bit it and bua started moaning in pleasure aaaahhhh aahhhhh uuuuhhhhhhh mmmm. I kept sucking her hard while my hand touched her pussy. It was really wet now. Then I started sucking another boob gently stroking her pussy with my finger.


She fully parted her legs wide and allowed my dick to enter her pussy. I rubbed her pussy with my dick. I placed up my dick on her pussy and started to pound her pussy slowly. I watched her boobs jiggling with each thrust. This time I was thrusting really hard the whole bed was moving. I got faster holding her really tight and pounded her pussy even harder for 20 minutes with one last thrust, I unloaded a big amount of cum in her pussy and collapsed on the bed beside her. I kissed her and cleaned cum on my cock and her pussy with her panty. We stayed in each other’s arms for some time and slept time. In those 2 days, we have 8 fucking sessions. Still, today whenever we get a chance we will have a good sex.


Thanks for reading my story.


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