My School Teacher Part – 1

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I’m sharing this experience after a long time, sorry for that.

It was a regular day, surfing the internet and facebook news feeds. Suddenly a profile familiar to me came in the suggestion list. It was my school teacher, she was my dream fantasy when I was in school. It has been six years since I saw her get in contact with her.

I sent a friend request and a message to add on “hi mam, how are you”?

My request was accepted after few hours, she messaged me “yeah I’m fine, sorry I couldn’t remember you. How are you? ”.

I was little upset, obviously, I am that not a student who was popular at school. I was a silent observe of her beauty at that time and pretend that never happened.

After that message I gave an intro about myself, she somehow remembered a character that exists like that, but not fully.

She asked about my careers and all that and conversations led to some common things.

Meanwhile, I started dreaming about her and stalking her profile. She was new to Facebook and does have many things on uploads.After some days, I asked for her number and she gave without any hesitation.

We became good friends and started sharing some personal things.

I came to know that she is a single mother having a son of age 4, her husband died 2years back.

I was worried and I said that I will be there for you as good friends. My lust destroyed and I started liking her

One day I asked “can we meet,” she said, “yeah sure”.

I was so happy to meet her. We meet at a restaurant, about her look ‘oh my god’ she was so beautiful and still the same and haven’t changed a bit in 6 years.

She was wearing a blue saree. Some part of the saree was transparent and I could see her cleavage.

I couldn’t take eyes off her, she smiled and said “hello”. I greeted her with a big smile and a handshake.

Started the conversation with “Hi mam” she stopped and asked to call by her name. I smiled and we having a casual chat and that day ended great.

I was so special for me to have a great time with her.

She felt very comfortable with me and shared many things with. We bonded so tight.

Still, I couldn’t resist seeing and admiring her beauty. She noticed me staring at her, but she didn’t show any restraints.

That night she texted me “had a great time after so long years, thanks for making my life once again wonderful, stay happy”

I was so happy to see that. I called her and we spoke for hours, after that, I got some courage and said: “you looked great today”.

She said “I know” and giggled.I felt so comfortable talking with her, made jokes and had lots of fun.

She was living with her kid and her parents. I said “I want to meet you,” she said “yeah sure, tomorrow my parents leaving to hometown after that we can meet”

I said “okay, then I will come to your home” I was so tensed and waiting for her reply.

She said “yeah okay no problem”I was happy to see that, but my dirty mind thinking it as an opportunity to make a move.

I was so confused, thinking ‘does she also like me’ or ‘she was only being nice to me’

Then decided not to do anything against her will. I reached her home next day and rang the bell.She opened the door. For few seconds I forgot myself and staring at her. Her hair was wet, water drops are on her neck. It was so sexy and arousal to me.

She asked “what, are u coming in or not”.

I smiled and said, “you are beautiful “.She smiled and greeted me in.

She was wearing a black saree with so transparent and a sleeveless blouse.

I couldn’t resist, I can see her perfectly round shaped navel through the saree and the curve of her hips.

She noticed me and said nothing and went to the kitchen.I couldn’t control and want to know what’s on her mind.Her son was sleeping in the bedroom. I went to the kitchen, she was making coffee for me.

I slowly went behind her back and placed my right hand on her shoulder and pressed gently.She turned and gave a grin look and slowly that turned to a naughty smile.

I smiled and hugged her tightly. She responded very well and placed a kiss on my cheek and said: “I love you”.

“love you too” and placed a kiss on her lips and sucked it hard. She started harassing my back. I slowly moved my right hand and placed it on her waist and pressed it gently.She moaned a bit. Then moved my fingers and circled her navel.

Combing her hair with my hand and licked the wet drops on her neck and the shoulders.

She was kissing me madly and rubbing my chest.

I was so turned on.dropped her saree and started pressing her boobs and her cleavage started popping out. It was a sexy sight. She started moaning heavily.

Kissed the cleavage and held her ass and pulled her towards me. My face was placed on her boobs and pressed it hard.

Her nipple got hard and reflected on her blouse. Removed her blouse, ‘om my god’ she was wearing a black bra and half of the boobs was revealed. Lifted her and made to sit on the table nearby. I started rubbing and smooching her legs and thigh parts.

Her moaning was so high, she couldn’t resist, she scratched my back with her nails.

I will continue this story on next part based on the reviews and feedbacks I get.Drop your views and feedbacks on [email protected]Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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