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Hello readers. From the past few months, I started reading sex stories from this portal. I believe this is a good platform to share sex experience with you all rather than keeping inside the heart. Sex becomes an important activity in life. We do sex intentionally and sometimes it’s lust.

I am Madhuri Mehta, 39 years old. I am married with one kid and a working woman. Currently, I am working in a reputed company as a top senior manager and withdrawing more than 40 lakhs in a year. But when it’s come to my sex life I don’t get any pleasure from my hubby.

He hardly does less than a minute. I am always upset with my hubby sex and bi-pass him for my self-satisfaction. I have a secret life. My hubby isn’t aware of my secret life. But I do enjoy with other men around me. I can’t share my sex life with my hubby because of his mindset.

I was pregnant because of my boyfriend not with him. And I can’t share these details with friends and relatives too. So I decided to share my sex experience in multiple episodes.

I have a bra size of 34, waist is 32 and good ass shape. I wear tight costumes to attract the men around me. Without wasting any time I will explain my beautiful sex experience with my boyfriend which was happened in 2007.

I am born in a rich family in Rajkot. Money was not a concern for me as my family members are so rich. I had a luxurious childhood and I got whatever I asked for. I was a single child for my parent so they never denied anything for me.

I grew up in a joint family. I don’t have any privacy at home in my teenage. I wanted to break my virginity. But it was not possible because of the joint family and also I didn’t dare enough to cross the line to break my virginity in Rajkot.

I moved to Pune in 2003 for MBA and my dad bought a flat for me. I was very happy because I got privacy after 22 years in my life. I watched the first porn movie without clothes. I fingered very hard while watching a blue film. I simply love my private life but I wanted to break my virginity too.

During my MBA I accepted a proposal from my batch mate.ut he was not capable to break my virginity. I spend more than 15 months with him but he didn’t fuck me. He tried sex with me in different positions. But he wasn’t able to put his dick inside my pussy.

I had a bad experience with him and decided to move on. I concentrated on my studies as I spend more than 5 lakh on MBA. After completion of the MBA, I got a job in Pune and placed in the USA process. My working hours were from 5 pm to 1:30 am. The company was good but the people weren’t good.

They didn’t have the decency to talk with girls. All the time I was listening ‘madarchod, behenchod, chutiyapa’ and other gaalis from men including my manager. Those type of atmosphere really hates me to do friendship with any of the guys in the office.

After 18 months I changed my process and it changed my fate in my personal life as well as in my sex life. I moved to a new process and my working hours were 2 pm to 10 pm. I was introduced to team members. One of the team members was so young and his name is Chaitu.

He is young and cute. My first meeting was with him like love at first sight for me. My work station was just beside him. I loved to see his beautiful dimples on his cheeks when he smiles. He was very shy to speak with me and hardly he talks a few words in a day.

After one month, I become very close to him. I started loving him because of his innocent and good nature. I started dreaming of him at night and fingered hard thinking of him on the bed. I wanted to try sex with him. But I didn’t want to say to him directly.

I don’t want to lose my character asking sex directly with him. So one day I invited him to dinner at my place. He obliged and came for dinner. I wore a sleeveless top and a small skirt without inners. My intention was clearly to make him hot and support him on the bed if he catches my intention.

But unfortunately, Chaitu didn’t catch my feelings and left my place. But I was impressed with his good humor and innocent. My love and desperation towards him were increasing day by day. I decided to tease him.

The next day in the office I wore a white shirt and black trousers. I opened my first button to show my bra and cleavage to him as he sits beside me. My shirt was not long. So when I bent forward to type from my keyboard, he could see my panty clearly. My plan was working as per my expectations.

I spotted him daily when he saw my panty and my bra. I know he was disturbed by seeing my inners daily. But he was shy to express his feelings with me. So I decided to break his shyness and started a conversation on sex topics with him. I used to ask about my shape, my looks and my costume with him.

This worked and he started talking nonveg with me. It was a Friday and after dinner, we both went for a walk in the office premises. I handed my mobile to him as I didn’t have a pocket in my trousers. He kept my mobile in his pocket. I was teasing him and make him hot with some naughty talks.

I noticed he was walking so close to me. He was touching my fingers and shoulders. And all of a sudden I put my hand in his pocket and picked my mobile. But I intentionally I touched his dick. Chaitu was surprised by my actions and his dick was already hard.

After that, we both left for the office. Since he sits beside me he was watching me and he was not working. After log out, I reached home and had a shower and got ready to sleep. Suddenly I heard beeping sounds. It was Chaitu’s message. I was expecting from him.

He sent an SMS with a compliment. “Madhu you are soft, hot and sexy. Good night.” I was happy with his compliment and replied to him, “You look good with a clean shave, honey. What are you doing now?” He replied, “Can I call you after shaving? Currently, I am doing the shaving.”

I replied, “I want to see your clean shave,” with a smiley sticker. Come online in yahoo messenger. He said ok. I opened my laptop and signed in messenger. I wore a deep cut night suit without bra and panty that ends just below thighs. Here you go all set for a video call through messenger

Me: Hi.

C: Hi.

Me: You look good in a clean shave.

C: (feels shy) Madhu, you are so sexy and hot.

I felt happy and can’t control my blush on my face.

C: You haven’t worn any inners.

M: No.

C: Can I see you in nude, honey?

I didn’t expect this response from him. But I couldn’t control my shyness in front of him. I kept my head down with a smile.

C: Madhu. Please look at me. I want to see you. Talk something

M: (slowly I told him) You look good in the clean shave.

C: You haven’t seen my clean shave yet.

I know what he was talking about. But I wanted to see his dick too. So with a smiling face, I said no and put my head down

C: (with a killer smile) Ok see my clean shave.

I switched off my light. He changed his laptop camera position perfectly to show his dick. He removed his boxer in a flash and I saw his thick 7 inch rod lund. Since I switched off the lights it was dark from my side. When I saw his lund I started fingering and moaning.

C: You want to taste my lund?

Me: Yaa.

C: Teri chut ko kiss karu?

M: Haa karo na.

C: Smelling your chut.

M: Bite it.

C: Kissing your chut. So tasty, honey.

M: Kiss mat karo. Bite it, lick it and chodo.

C: (with a killer smile) Mere lund ko dekho. I am about to cum.

He released thick cum and I couldn’t control my moans. I was moaning heavily.

C: Light on karo, boobs dekhana hai.

I don’t know what happened. I switched on the light and removed my night suit and showed my treasure to him.

C: Wow! Khoobsurat ho. Boobs to awesome hai. Kab chodu?

M: Jaldi chodo, bohut din sa intezar…

Suddenly power was gone and the internet too. I realized I was in the nude in front of him and switched off the mobile. I took a shower and slept for the day.

I will cover the rest of the story in the next episode. Please share your comments at [email protected].

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