My Second Experience With Anjali In A Daring Location

Hi this is Rohan again, earlier I had shared with all of you, my first sex prank which turned into a memorable orgy. That incident had happened during our college tour. Today I am going to share another incident which happened to me a few weeks back. Before I start, I must confess that all these incidents that I write of are totally true to my knowledge. Though I had not used the real names of the persons involved(to reserve some anonymity). If you have not noticed, I must point out to you that till now I have submitted only one story, this is the second one, because not every day a guy seems to get ‘lucky’ ( I’m sure you know what I mean).

After the previous incident during the college tour, I had developed a special bond with my classmate Anjali. The bond was not that we were in absolute love, but we enjoyed each others’ company even more, we both were physically attracted, and I had the ‘OBAGA’ or ‘Official Boobs and Ass Groping/Grabbing Allowance’ for Anjali. It was beyond my wildest imagination, that a small-town guy like me would have a ‘friends with benefits’ type of girl in my life. That too, a girl like Anjali! She was fair, about 5’6″, black straight hair, brown eyes, not exactly very slim, but quite attractive with her well formed boobs and nice buttocks. So I used my ‘OBAGA’ very well, never lost a chance. It was unbelievable.

It happened a few weeks back when our exams were just around the corner. The college was closed due to study leave. On a certain Monday, students of our department were called to receive their admit cards for exams. It was a happy day for all of us, since it was chance for all friends to meet once in the middle of those stressful days of preparing for the exams. I was happy that I could meet Anjali after a long time. I had to use the ‘OBAGA’ well, making up for the long time I hadn’t been with her.

The pressure of examination had also restrained me from ‘relieving’ myself for a long time. I decided to text Anjali about this, so I texted her that morning, ‘wonder what?….cant wait to meet u, come 20-30mins early,come prepared.. ;)…love u..’. She replied positively. I was excited. I showered for a longer while that day, put on some extra cologne. And after careful thought, deciding against wearing any underwear, put on my jeans and t-shirt. I had to push things, may be it was a last time I could use my ‘allowances’ on her in college.

I set out and reached college 30 mins earlier. Our department was at the third floor of the building, along with three other departments. As the college was closed due to study leave, the department rooms were also empty, I headed straight for an empty room. I texted her, ‘waiting at hall 8…come fast’. I knew I had to wait, girls take time to get ready, and beautiful girls take more time to get ready.

The room was a regular classroom with benches, a few old fans and tube light-less-tube light-frames. So it was rather dark than outside. My groping allowance had been used most times and most successfully in this room quite a number of times. In fact this room was a den for lovers. It happened once that Anjali and I had walk straight into this room once only to see a guy grabbing and kissing his girlfriend all over.She was being very late. I had been sitting in the room alone for 15 minutes now.

Suddenly my phoned beeped. It was Anjali who had texted. ‘Come at terrace staircase landing at Wing-B’.

“Wow!” I thought. She was thinking way ahead of me! She had selected a good spot. I was sure that she was too looking forward to be boned it seemed.

I sprinted.

There she was, waiting at the base of the stairs. She was in a short well fitted orange kurti and white leggings.

“Damn she looks beautiful. Always trying to make me fall in love!”- I thought.

She started to climb the stairs leading to the terrace. I followed discreetly.

The landing of the stairs just in front of the terrace door was an absolute secluded place. No soul had ever come here for days, or even months. It was a small space, but large enough for both of us. Standing here I was doubted whether anybody could ever see us here. That was a good thing.

‘Hi! Sorry I’m late, I had to take a detour to avoid Shalini and Anamika.”, she late sheepishly.

‘Hmm….’, I said.

‘Please yaar, we’re meeting after so many days.’, she hushed in a low voice, ‘see, how do I look? This kurti is baandhni….beautiful naa?’ , she was smiling at my eyes.

I couldn’t act anymore. ‘its you who is more beautiful’, I said.

‘Oww….so you mean you don’t like this kurti on me haa?? U naughty boy!’ she winked and smiled. She came closer to me.

‘I had been missing you so badly Anju.’

‘Yeah. Me too.’ she said, putting her arms around my neck. I grabbed her waist. She seemed to have put on a little flab in these few days. It was absolutely sexy. I never liked very slim girls.

I thought of mentioning it, but later thought otherwise, in this situation, it is never wise to compliment a girl on her body fat! It could mean disaster. I drew my face towards her. She responded and brought hers to mine. Out lips met. She was wearing a strawberry flavored lip-gloss, I loved it. Soft, moist, lips laced with a sweet strawberry smell, it drove my senses out of me.

I grabbed her hard. Her body pressed against me. She embraced me back, and kissed me with greater enthusiasm. Her tongue came out to meet mine, it was soft and wet. I was pulling my hands up on her back, felt her thin bra straps coming from both sides and meeting in the center. My hands followed the straps onto the cups that were holding her fairly large 33 sized breasts.

One of her breasts were now in my hands. The bra made it feel firm and hard. I pressed it gently. She gasped. But went back to kiss me harder.I slid my other hand beneath her kurti. Sliding it right up to the hook of her bra. I unclipped it promptly.

I slid my other hand beneath her bra cup. It was a bit difficult, the bra was sticking to her sweaty boobs. I felt a warm soft round boobs within my palms. I followed its round contour and started rolling my palms over it. She was gasping with her head tilted backwards, eyes closed. I bent and kissed her chin onto her throat, then down onto her chest and barely visible cleavage. The kurti was making the job difficult.

She pulled the kurti up to her throat exposing her breasts, which was now barely covered by the unhooked bra. I pulled up the bra cup exposing one of them completely. It was soft, fair, not perfectly round (that’s what made it perfect and natural), massive. Her nipples were brownish. I started kissing the breast, while pressing the other one with the hand. I started licking from the base of the breast, into her cleavage, then diverging onto her nipples. I felt the nipples become hard within my mouth. I sucked on it.

She gasped harder and pressed my head into her breasts.

Meanwhile, I exposed her other boob, and was working my hand onto her buttocks. Apart from her waist, she had also put on fat on her buttocks, which had now become even rounder. Too hot!

I sucked on her other breast and pressed her butts hard with my hand. The tight leggings she wore followed every curve of her legs right up to her ass. In the front, the leggings were so well fitted that it formed a sort of camel-toe, indistinctly outlining her vagina.

I could feel my manhood grow in size. It was still flaccid, but it was achieving length. I wanted to take every advantage.

I stood up and kissed her lips again and turned her back towards me. I grabbed her breasts from behind and started to massage them. She tilted her head back in ecstasy and kissed me. slowly I slided my right hand down through her breasts…..soft stomach….navel….below the navel….started to untie the knot of her leggings. I slid my hand further down.. I felt her soft cotton panties. I slid my hand into it. There was her slit, waiting many days for my fingers to invade. She had already started to wet herself slightly.

I started rubbing it further. Anjali contracted with pleasure, a loud gasp escaped her mouth. She bent slightly forwards with ecstasy. It was enough for me. I slid my left hand behind her into her buttocks. It was soft; I felt goose bumps on her buttocks. Otherwise they were very soft, separated by a long ass crack. I promptly slid my middle finger into her ass crack, and started to go further down until I hit her butthole. I slightly inserted my finger into it, moist, warm and soft. In fact both her holes were so. Except that her pussy was now exuding huge amount of gel-like fluid. I gave a good fingering for a while.

She was turning red in her ears and nose…..her eyes closed tightly and mouth slightly open now.I took both my hands out, and turned her towards me. She took the cue and straightway grabbed my crotch. At once she jumped.. “Wow! U didn’t wear anything inside. Ha?”

“It’s for you to discover”, I said her smiling.

She went down. I never thought she would do it without much asking.

I lifted my t-shirt, and revealed my hairy torso.

“Getting manlier by day I see. Last time there wasn’t this much hair”, she winked at me. she seemed to like hairy men.

“But I do shave regularly… face….and my ….you will see. I’m sure you will love it smooth..”, I winked her back.

She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped it slowly and playfully. She loved teasing me. I could feel my rod starting to harden. She unzipped me, and carefully took out my man-rod and my scrotum as if they were a precious delicate jewel of hers. Well they are precious to me though. I am a fair 3 inches long flaccid and 6 and a half inch long at full erection, all this accompanied with two fairly large cum nuts hanging so low that it gave an impression of being very very large.

She looked into my eyes once and kissed my dick slightly multiple times. She was teasing the hell out of me. I wanted to get erect inside her mouth, but this way it was difficult for me to control my erection. My dick was now still flaccid somehow at around 5 inches length.

“Oh please…please….”, I groaned.

She seemed to comply, and finally took my dangling love machine into her mouth and locked her lips tight around it. I felt her tongue rotating around the head of my penis. I could not restrain myself any longer and let go control. I felt blood rushing into the penis tissue making it stiff and grow to its fullest. I caught hold of the staircase railing tightly. She held the base of my dick with her right hand and grabbed my cum nuts with her left hand. They had become heavy, big and full of man juices as I had not been able to ‘unload’ since last few weeks of study leave. She slow massaged my testicle bag and continued to suck my penis hungrily.

She was unable to take the whole shaft into her mouth because she had a vomiting tendency if something went deep in her throat. So I did not pressurize. She compensated by taking my penis out of her mouth into her hand and then licked down the whole shaft right up to the cumbag. She attempted to take both of my testicles into her mouth at a time-

-“Take it easy honey.”, I said, she smiled, kissed my testicles and put one of it inside her mouth, sucking voraciously as if trying to get the cum out it directly. I was over the cloud with ecstasy. It felt like a chill down my spine. For the first time I forced my penis into her mouth. She sucked it again and again, rhythmically pushing her head in and out.

It was time.

I pulled her up and kissed her. Then I peeked from the staircase and made sure that no one was coming. The gate in the distant passage and the hallway were empty, not a sign of a soul. It was kind of safe.

Slowly I lowered her leggings and helped them out of her heels. She took off her kurti, and bra. She stood there only in her blue cotton panties. It was a sight! Her brown hair tied into a bun, fair skin, perfect curvatures, and two large breasts with brownish and erect nipples, she looked an absolute goddess. I took off my t-shirt and jeans, standing there completely naked, erect. Never had I thought myself like this in my college! It was fun altogether.

I grabbed her buttocks with both my hands and kissed her. My dick was poking around her lower abdomen. She grabbed it in her hands and started to stroke it slowly. I slid my hands into her panties and tried pull it down. She obstructed and went back a few steps, smiling wryly. She turned her back towards me and playfully pulled down her panties bending forward provocatively.

As she bent, it exposed her round large ass, ass crack, a small brownish butt-hole deep within and then a sight which guys generally love….a slit, dark pinkish, the rose-petals-like of her vagina appearance confirmed her loss of virginity. I grabbed her from behind after she had taken her panties off. She bent forwards and leaned slightly over the railing of the staircase. It was perfect. I fingered her pussy for juices and then slowly inserted my penis into her vagina.

Soft. Warm. Gel-like.

I could barely explain what it feels like. Maybe one word –


I leaned over her back and kiss her neck. She whispered, “Andar cum mat karna please”. I nodded.

Slowly and rhythmically I started thrusting her. She had put flab on her ass; it was lovely to see them vibrate with the rhythms of each thrust. She was now breathing heavily through her mouth, i grabbed her hanging breasts and squeezed them and kept thrusting faster. She was restless, moaning in a low tone and moving her neck side to side. I put my right hand on her ass crack and navigated into her asshole. I took some saliva from my mouth and applied it on her asshole. Slowly I inserted my finger into the hole.

She turned her head towards me and pleaded, “Please Rohan wahaan nahi, it hurts like hell, yaad hai last time you and that Rajeev! Oh god! Nooooo…mmmmmmm”, before she could speak a word more, I locked her lips into mine by bending over; simultaneously I did a few more things. First, I grabbed first tight by the waist, second, I inserted my finger deeper into her anus, and my penis into her vagina. She struggled for a while, and then subsided; she seemed to enjoy it now.

“Aaaaahhh, faster baby, fuck me hard my love!, ooooohh oohhh…” she salivated profusely as she spoke these words, she kept planting the wettest kisses on my lips. I thrusted her continuously until I could feel myself reaching the peak.

“I’m about to cum baby.”, I said as I pulled out my penis hurriedly. It was throbbing, smeared with her love juices, some of her love juices dripping from my scrotum, running down my thighs. She promptly kneeled before me and grabbed my dick. She sucked it again and tried very much to make my pleasure maximum. Then she stood up by my side and took me penis in her hand and started to stroke it gently.

“Mere upar abhi cum nahi karna darling ,mushkil ho jaega, washroom dur hai yahaa se. let me masturbate u okay?”, she asked lovingly. I nodded somehow.

She stroked my penis rhythmically now, getting vigorous with each stroke. She even took some more of her juices and smeared on my dick and continued stroking, I grabbed her ass and squeezed hard…. I was about to cum. A few more strokes and I bursted. Thick shots of cum flew across the stairs, some of my cum dripped into her hand. She licked it off. I don’t know whether any other girl would’ve done it or not. She kneeled again and kept sucking off the remnant cum in my penis, until it became flaccid again. She stood before me and embraced me, I hugged her tight-

“I am falling in love with you.”- I whispered into her ear and kissed it.

“I guess it’s the same thing happening with me too.”- she replied. And then kissed me passionately, I kissed her back. There we stood kissing each other, stark naked, both of us, for a long time. I wondered if the time could freeze at that moment. But it didn’t, it went on, and will go on, bringing more experiences for me to go through and share with all of you.

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