My Sex Experience With The Couple In Their Own House

Hi this is rohit here from Bangalore this is my real life sex experience and if any mistake please forgive me. And one thing till now how many stories I written all are real itself so please don’t ask me did it was real or fake.

Those who don’t know about me . My name is rohit I am 26 year old, 5.11 height, weight 65, and average body with the good big dick of 7.8 inch with the good stamina to fuck longer time.

This story is about one cuckold couple, this happened week before (I am still can’t believe that its happened with me in real). This incident happened near to my home, there are staying near to my home .i was staying in 1st cross and that couple was staying in 3rd cross between my home and their home there is no home in-between. So we can see each other home easily. I have one bad habit of coming nude after my bath. And my window always will be open so any one can see me need after bath.

One day after my bath I came out nude and my window was open as always and this couple was near to their window and watching out. And suddenly they saw and shock and they keep on looking me with blinking there eye’s and I saw they and I got little shy and closed my window. like this they saw me nude many times and sometime her wife alone saw. After that I used to that and I showing my body and hard dick do they (like accidentally I am showing they).

One fine day that husband what did is still I can’t able to believe ,that day when I came out of bath nude .they saw me nude and he was start fucking his wife near to window and I can clearly see her wife expression and my dick was getting hard by looking live fucking. And was not getting what I need to do and all. They both are looking me and fucking each other. And I just went near to window and start jerking my dick looking they for that they gave naughty smile to me.

This happened nearly for one month.

One day I was went to market that time I saw that couple and luckily they also saw and smiled to me and I also smiled back to they . And we simply chatted they and we are moving(his wife I with normal figure but she had big ass, any one love to bang that ass). And they called me to their home. And I told them I’ll come other day. And same happening means they are fucking near to window and I am jerking near to window.

One day I meat husband and we are talking about their sex life and he was telling seeing me there sex life was improved and her wife also much interested in sex now a days. And he told me that his dick was small like 4 inch when get hard and he had a dream of watching his wife getting fucked by other guy and now a day she is also enjoying looking me nude so. And he insists me to come their home. And I went to their home she was wearing blue color saree and looking hot in that and her big was treat to watch in that tight saree.(they are 35m and 30 f, her figure is 34-30-40)

She bring me juice to drink while giving she bent and her cleavage I can clearly see it and I got hard looking it. And she settle beside his husband and we start talking normally and suddenly he told to his wife that I told rohit that you like rohit and you want to get fucked by him and she got shy and run away to bedroom and even I got shock listening to it.

And he told she must be waiting for me in the bedroom just go and satisfy her sex drive. Listening to this I got hard and I went to their bedroom. She was sitting on bed and breathing heavily. I went and kept my hand on her shoulder and she was happy.

I just sat beside her and hugged her and she also respond to it(this time husband was sitting in hall).i just kissed on her head after that I kissed on her lips and she also respond very well and we kissed for 10 min continually and that time husband come to bedroom and told hope my wife enjoying your company rohit please satisfy her. And she gave smile to him.

I slowly removed her saree and she is in her blouse and petticoat and I sucked her navel. then I removed her blouse and petticoat. Now she just in her bra and panty and she removed my all clothes and make me full nude and then both got shock by looking my big dick she told I never seen big dick in my life and husband told I am sure you will satisfy my wife. Then I removed her all dress and make her nude.

Then I went near her pussy and put my one finger and I just insert in her pussy and she give slow sound. Then I took my tongue and place near her pussy and slowly lick it (like we suck ice cream at a first time) by that itself she got mad because his husband never lick her pussy so. Then I suck her pussy deep inside and all around area for almost 45 min and she gave juice for 3 times.

After this I told her to suck my dick for that his husband told her to suck with chocolate and she done it for 10 to 15 min. after this I fucked her in all possible ways. That day we done sex almost 3 to 4 times.

And this happened so many months and whenever her husband won’t be in city or getting late from office that time she use to call and one time while we both are fucking his husband enter the home and saw us .it was really amazing feeling to me that time. But he got happy and enjoyed watching his wife getting fucked in font him.

if you like my story than please mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] and write any suggestion to improve my story

This is my story ” My sex experience with the couple in their own house” please read it and give valuable comment on it. Thank you

And please guys don’t ask for their contact number or something.(because I don’t want to spoil my relation with they at any cost and guys don’t ask anything about the couples.

Your’sRohitbull from banaglore

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My sex experience with the couple in their own house

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