My Sex-Starved Aunt Anamika Becomes My Slave

Hey people! I am writing this account that happened with me. I am Shiv (name changed obviously), I’m 22, 5’11” high, a little on the plump side. My tool is 6.5” long and thick (very thick. combine four fingers of one hand. YES THAT THICK). I am very horny and can have sex for hours at a time. I would love feedback on this story. My email id is: [email protected]. Also, any MILFS and aunties in the Mumbai area can send me an email and we can get together and have a good time. I am really into older women. (I have a girlfriend who wants a threesome, if you are into that, send an email, and we can get it going). Your identity, respect, image and safety is as important as mine, so, utmost care will be taken, needless to say. I will share all of my information first, and you can share yours whenever you feel comfortable.

I will dive right into my story. This happened when I had been to Kolkata to visit my uncle and aunt. This is a true story. The names of the people involved have been changed to protect me, just in case they read this when they are aroused. This incident happened about 4 years back and I have wanted to describe it ever since. We had been for a vacation to my uncle’s place to Kolkata. They have a Saree shop there, and uncle has to travel a lot due to his business. Aunt, with their daughter lives in a far suburb of Kolkata.

This is a story about how my aunt seduced me and became my sex-slave.A little description about the aunt, her name is ‘Anamika’, she is Bengali, not very educated, a chocolate colored skin from head to toe and everywhere else. Big juicy lips, huge breasts, (34D) and an ass to die for. She worked at home all day, making her body very toned and attractive. She always wore a Kolkata cotton saree to embellish her physical beauty even more. Apart from her body, she is not very attractive, her facial features are okay at best (But I believe in the beauty in within, lucky for her.)

I planned a family vacation in Sikkim and we planned to stop by the uncle’s place in Kolkata, just to meet these distant relatives. I was not super excited about it, as I wanted to get in on the booze and gambling dens in Gangtok. We went to our uncle’s place which was an hour away from the airport. We were greeted by Lattika (uncle’s daughter) who showed me around the house and I met Aunt Anamika (From now on referred as Aunty), exchanged pleasantries and then descended into the guest-room for some shut eye. I was informed that my father got a call from his ministry and had to leave for Delhi. We decided to stay a couple of days with aunty, as uncle was also leaving for some tour, and she was more than happy to host us.In the afternoon, when my mother was napping, I decided to explore the house and have a chat with aunty. I was not planning to put my moves on her as I hadn’t noticed anything yet.

She greeted me with a warm smile and we started talking. She asked me about my education, hobbies and stuff like that. Then we moved on to the topic of girlfriends and relationships. I had a girlfriend, but I didn’t confess, being too personal. She was married young, and was about 23 at that time, so I could relate. We got along very well. She asked me what I liked in food. Then she exclaimed, “You know Shiv, the way to a man’s pants is through the food he likes.” and winked at me. I was very taken aback at her bold statement, but let it slide. For dinner, she made all my favorites which I relished and enjoyed a lot. After dinner, she requested my mother to have the guestroom to herself, as they had one more guestroom where they were happy to let me stay. As my mother agreed, aunty had all my things shifted there. At night, we all were watching a movie when everyone else was tired and went to bed. I was holding strong and decided to watch another one. Aunty joined me and we cozied up on the couch. I was sleepy half-way through the movie and decided to turn in. I locked the door and decided to masturbate to some porn and then sleep.

In the morning, aunty knocked on the door to wake me up. As the door was locked, I didn’t bother to get dressed and slept naked the whole night. Aunty somehow opened the door and came in. I was covered so she didn’t realize that I was naked underneath the blankets, but she saw my morning wood. She woke me up gently, and smiled at the tent in blankets. I was very embarrassed, and tried to hide it. She smiled at me, and closed the door and told me, “Isme sharmaane wali kya baat hai.! Tumhari umar me aisa hota rehta hai. Normal hai ye. Chhupaao mat use.” Just as I stopped hiding my boner and relaxed, she decided to tease me by running her hand over my legs from under the blanket. She was bold enough to run her hand further up my leg, when she realized she had touched my huge throbbing cock.

She pulled her hand back instantly, with her eyes wide open with surprise, mine, wide open with shock. She whispered in my ear, “Shaitaan, hum ise baad me solve karenge. Abhi tum kapde pehen lo aur breakfast karne aao”. I awkwardly got dressed and had breakfast at the collective table. My mother wanted to go sightseeing which I refused to accompany her for. So she left after breakfast. I was alone with aunty as Lattika had to go to the college. I finished my bath just to find that my clothes are not on my bed. So, I called aunty asking for my clothes. She yelled from the kitchen that she had ironed folded them in her bedroom. I went to the bedroom where aunty was already hiding behind the door, ready with a plan.

She closed the door behind me. I was standing in front of her in a towel, upper half of my hairy body, wet. She came close and whispered, “Shiv, Jaldi se kapde pehno aur fir meri madat karo ghar k kaamon me.”. She was standing right there, and I knew she had ulterior motives. While I stood there frozen, not able to figure out what was happening, she quickly said, “Ab badi sharam aarahi hai. Jaldi karo, mujhe bhi badalne kahin kapde”. To which, I exclaimed, “Are aap dekh rahe ho, toh kaise badloon aap k saamne?”, She very quickly replied, “Accha koi baat nahi, sath me hi badal lete hain”, turned around and slowly started taking off her blue colored saree. I was still frozen, and mesmerized at the treasure that was hiding behind that plain cotton saree. Looks can be so deceiving I thought.

I was so caught up watching her undress that i forgot about everything else, like my throbbing boner under the towel, the fact that she was my aunt, or what was happening. Halfway, she was gracefully out of her clothes in her inners, she turned around and laughed, “Arey? Kapde pehenne bola tha tumhe.! Mujhe kapde utaarte hue dekhne nahi.!” I was speechless at the sight of a black bra, perfect for her magnificent jewels which was backless with laces running at the back. The panty was also black which covered her ass enough not to spoil the suspense. She advanced towards me, caught hold of the towel and pulled at it, making me completely naked, with a giant well-endowed throbbing dick ready for showcase.

She grabbed my dick and pulled me towards her, just to whisper in my ear, “Shiv, Tumhaare mamaji bahar rehte hain aur unhe mere zarooraton ki koi parwaah nahi hai. Aaj jab subeh tumhare lund ko hath lagaya, tabhi use andar lene ka man kar raha tha. Agar Lattika ne bulaya nahi hota, toh tabhi tumse chud jaati mai. Lekin ab tumhe sab dikha hi chuki hoon, please aur thoda dekh lo. Mai tumhara bohot acchese khayaal rakhungi.”, I was taken aback, in a dilemma, not enough blood in my brain to think, as some other organ had dibs on the blood supply. I wanted to fuck her, but I was unsure of the consequences. She detected my hesitation and said, “Tum aur hafta bhar ho yahaan pe. Tumhari mom ko hum delhi bhej denge. Mai tumhaari bohot khaatir karungi. Ekdum pati ki tarah rakhungi tumhe. I will be your slave. Jab chaho tab mujhe chod lena, din, raat, subeh, shaam, sab kar lena mere sath. Mai sab kuch karungi. Kisi friend ko bhi bula lena, usse bhi chud jaaungi tumhaare liye”. Saying this, she went on her knees, and swallowed my whole cock in one go.

She gagged hard, but went at it again. The devil inside me was awakening. I held her head and pushed it hard on my cock, she gagged again. I said, “Ye kyaa aunty, aap k toh mu me bhi nahi jaa raha hai poora.” She tried harder and this time, swallowed my entire cock. “Sorry beta, aadat nahi hai na. Please mujhe maaf karna. Mai poora lungi. Aisi hi baithi rahungi. Tum jab chaho tab aana aur pant khol k mere andar daal dena. Mai kabhi mana nahi karungi. Humesha tumara ye bada sa lund mu me lene k liye tayar rahungi. Tum kaho toh mu me leke saare kaam kiya karungi. Buss mujhe ek hafta roz chodo” After hearing this, I was so aroused that I came hard in her mouth. “Mera cum aap ko khana padega. Thookoge nahi aap usko. Chalega? ” I exclaimed, still losing half my breathe. She nodded and licked all the cum from my dick as well as her lips and ate it like she worshipped me.

I was still not done taking advantage of her situation. This was just a beginning of a weeklong saga, which will be released in the upcoming days. Please share your feedback, tell me about things that you want to read, and also, unsatisfied aunties, don’t wait till you become Anamika. Email me asap.! This is a genuine request.! my email id is [email protected], I hope you like this story. Chaao.!

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