My Sex Teacher My Little Devil

Hi readers this is Ram want to share my experience happened 7 years before with my cousin sister, it was my holiday after my +2& she was completed her class at that time.

We are on a vacation to our uncle home. She’s with her brother who is 3 yrs younger to her and we three with our uncle’s son were enjoying our holidays.

We both elders were very close to each other and use to share so many things while the other two use to go out to play we use to fight play and enjoy a lot and one day while we are playing while catching her and I sensed she was wearing something inner which was new to me and I asked her what that was

She; it was my braI: what it is and for what purpose do you use itShe: you silly don’t you know thatI: really I just hear about it from my friends that ladies wear it but nothing else

She: actually we wear it to support our breast and I touched hers and I asked thisShe politely said these are the private parts of a girl and a boy should not touch themI: hey you are just a kid and talking about all big things

She laughed at me and explained me about her puberty, what happens and I keep on questioning her and we came to the matter of sex and I asked her how do you know all this things and she said that she learned all this things from the elder girls who are her neighbours and he also told me that

She uses to watch porn along with them and from that moment my thoughts gone further wild and decided to see her with bra only with bra. I’m not that much matured in this type of actions and I use to listen all this things from my friends.

And they told that they use to watch movies, days pass on my desire towards her making me hornier, it becomes like even a touch of her making my tool harder, I have seen twice she had noticed that and doesn’t asked me anything even nights I use to do so many silly things.

One day while we were taking dried cloths from the upstairs I purposely took her bra and she tried to take it away from me and we played like that for some time during nights all we kids use to sleep in a room and before going to sleep.

We chit chat a bit and then goes to sleep that day all three are talking and I was thinking about that bra she asked me ‘what happened’ I haven’t replied her and still kept silent those two small ones gone to sleep and she again asked me why are you silent bro

I again asked her about bra and she told that her mother suggested her to wear bra for the stiffness and slipping protection of breasts

Me: are you wearing it now.She: ya

Me: what’s the need during nights and I even don’t wear my under wear during nightShe: it becomes a habit from the last one and half year.Me: (hesitated) can I see it.

She: you have seen it in the morningMe: the one you are wearingShe shyMe: please once show me I want to see you in bra and she was silent and doesn’t told me anything I kept my hand on her waist and caught her shoulder and now she is looking into my eyes.

I tried to open the buttons of the top of her night dress,

She: bro they will seeMe: don’t bother about them they are sleeping.

I opened all the buttons and opened her top she covered her property with her hands and I removed her both hands from her breasts in that blue light with black bra having a flowery design on borders her shining cleavage, belly button her glowing light brown skin.

I thought she is the girl from heaven for me to this night, I have given a deep kiss on her cleavage and she is giving her full energy to take me into her, the smell was great and I am feeling like if this smell was not there in my inhaling air.

I will die while running my hands around found a hook at the back side and thought this might be the lock for those melons, I opened the hook and found it was sliding from her body I removed it and her pink nipples were twinkling in that bed light lighting, took one of those into my mouth.

She moaned very slightly in my ears I sucked both of them for a long time and inserted my hand into her pant for her pussy she asked bro don’t insert hand in my panty and I asked her what it is she told that girls under wear was called like that, from the top.

I was searching for something, to say truly I don’t know what I was searching for finally I found something and stated rubbing it. She inserted her hand in my night pant and got hold of my tool in my and stroking it and I was rubbing her cunt after some time.

A warm liquid was oozed from her pussy and during this she hold me very tight and bitted me pressed and pulled my tool with a great force and tightness and I got ejaculated. She wore her night dress and I cleaned my semen and we slept in each other’s arms that night.

Next day my aunt went to some shopping along with neighbours and those two small ones gone to play she had gone to take bath and I was watching TV, I heard a sound Annaya in a sexy way I turn to that side and it was my little devil in a black bra and panty with small cartoon prints.

I was shocked and sweating and she came near me and given a lip lock, took me into the bath room and removed my shorts. Now she took my more than half erected pennies in her mouth and licking it I was losing my senses and told her that something was happening to me

She increased the speed of licking and I filled her mouth with the loads of sperm, she swallowed all that and again taken my pennies in to her. Now she removed her bra and panty, ahhh what a sight, my hand directly went between her legs she asked me to lick there.

She was standing and opened her legs widely I went down her legs and what a sight brown pussy with pink shining in anxiety I took in my mouth and licking it like hell she was shivering and she is not feeling comfort in standing, I asked her shell we go to bed she said now and I continued licking, some liquid has come.

I don’t know what it was but fully drank it and again started licking She stopped me and told that now I will take you to the extreme pleasure and make me to sit on a small stool there she kept her pussy to my face rubbed it there and came down and hold my fully erected tool and pointing towards her pussy for penetration.

I was exited and one jerk facing towards me she sat on my dick as it was in her she screamed and in that closed bathroom her scream was echoing and I was feared and locked her mouth with mine after a minute looking into my eyes she laughed.

I started moving up and down on my dick and her breasts were moving on my face God feeling like I was in a world which is greater than heaven and after a few minutes we both came to climax by hugging each other with a great pleasure.

We kissed each other while she was getting up I noticed blood on my tool, she told that it was hers as she is a virgin and it’s not going to be any problem and we enjoyed all the rest of our holidays like that, later I asked her that what if she get pregnancy she told me that she was in a safe period.

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