My Sister – Slutty Or Cute – Part 2

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So please jo readers first time pdre h wo phle first part pd len so here it is as she said

She : sachi she start jumping on my stomach with full of joy, thanku bhai abse day and night kiss krungi tension na lo your lips are mine bhai and she bite my lips and hugged me tightly…

After that both of us are tired and we slept in that position she above me under blanket,

Next morning….

I woke up with a sudden shock she is smooching me and when I look at her she is nude damn me to ek dum shocked her beautiful messy hairs specs, her eyes pink cheeks and firm breasts waist and most beautiful ass, she punch me on my head,

She : stop staring at me like that bhai

( saying that she sit on my lap)

Good morning jaldi se breakfast krlo then hum nude rhenge all the time aur sath me bath bhi

Am just smiling madly is it really happening with the world’s most beautiful girl is doing all this with me

She : bring sandwiches and fruit juice, bhai energy ki jrurt pdegi kha lo

Saying that she bite her tongue And we start feeding each other

Then the last sandwich left she said u start eating it from that end am from this end then after sometime eating it literally we are kissing then finishing sandwich lead us to a deep long smooch then she broke the smooch

Bhai what about juice then we drink the juice there some drops left on her lip I licked it and she start blushing but then she said bhai abi is jug me bhi hai juice then she said let’s take a selfie she bring her iphone 6s rose gold and before I came to know what was going to happen she come close to me with the jug half filled of juice and pour it over us and click a selfie,

I shouted what is this ishu see pura bed gila ho gya and my clothes..

Then she come close to me and tore down my tshirt and undress me and makes. Me nude..

She : it’s starting abi to bhut kuch hona baki h then she click few more nude selfies

Me : kyu ab kya hona h

She : shadi kr lnge hum dono and mko baby boy chahiye 2 kid kafi hnge na saying that she bite her tongue again but before that I hold her tongue between mine lips and start sucking it lovingly and pull her over me she start caressing my hairs and she closed her eyes and her cheek becomes pink…

after about kissing an hour we become tired she said bhai kiss me hi itta mja ata h hum dono kuch aur kr bhi ni pate she bite my lips, then she bite on my neck and said your body is all mine

I was looking in her eyes, she start weeping, I asked what happened wiping her tears

She said while sobbing : bhai I love you, kya hum dono always sath ni reh skte please I really love you and she hug me very tightly.. I kissed her forehead and ask her ishu honeymoon p kha challenge,

A bright beautiful smile come on her beautiful lips, and she start blushing love you bhai khi b chl lena ap…

After that we headed towards bathroom it’s a bath tub for one person only but somehow we manage to get into it, then we take bath for more than an hour kissing smooching licking and the best part is ki hum dono ne abhi tk sex nhi Kiya tha we are just lost in each we are enjoying our stupid talks kiss smooch she is more than an angel to me now…

After the bath I start completing my project but I forgot that I had already complete it, then I call my sister but I found her nowhere then I went to kitchen singing some song while moving and cooking lunch for us nude, I just stand there and I look at her how can someone be so cute and childish at this age, and I wanted a girl like her, I went behind her and hug her from behind, she smiled bhai wo ghr m sb khtm ho gya h dinner k liye market se saman Lana pdega, I bite her shoulder but you are my dinner she blushed, my dick was rubbing on her ass crack but we lost in ourselves, I was holding her like her both boobs are in my hands my dick touching her ass crack like we are one we are stick to each other in that position then she turn her face and give a small kiss…

Then I hold her from waist and lift her up in my arms and make sit on slab and I took her upper lip between mine and start sucking her upper lips lovingly, and she cover our faces with her long hairs, I was about to press her boobs then suddenly cooker ki siti bj gye and she start laughing and said oh boy baby ko dudu chahiye and she start running away if you catch me I will give you a surprise… She pressed her boobs and bite her own lip to tease me….

and I start running towards her when I was about to catch her the door bell she smiled and ran towards her room I quickly wore my shorts and tshirt and open the door..

Sorry guys kuch jada e details me h, and those people jine direct sex chahiye please mre sath Asa kuch ni hua tha ki direct sex Kiya ho mne so those guys please stay away and this story is going. To be very long

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