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Hello ISS reader, I am Addy from new Delhi and my age is 18, I am good looking guy with 5’8″ height having athletic body studying +2 second year in one of the finest college in new Delhi. I am here to narrate you what happen between me and my younger sister . It all started before a month ago. I came from my college to my room and found that my sister was back from his boarding school. she usually quarrel with me but it was just opposite that night after dinner she came to my room sit in my comp I got scared as my history is full of porn site . to my relief my mom call him for some talk about her school she left.

Next night she sat on my computer & surf the net .It was odd as she has a laptop with dongle & surfing at my computer . This continue for a few days . The day come when my mom & my sis gone to a mall . I search my sister’s internet history & i found some lesbian site & porn site. I found some porn video in her computer.

I think this was just because of her adolescent. I never touch any one diary but I open her diary start reading it it was written that she want she wanted to fuck someone & she was not virgin & have done lesbian sex twice with her room mates . I was virgin , after watching porn video i also prayed god to give me someone for sex . Here rise the filling of sex with my sister . i never thought of sex with sister . My sister name is anjali & is an angel she got a fire look & she is damn beautiful. I want seduce her for sex.

First I thought of blackmailing her but is my younger sister so I consider this as plan-B. The plan A was to give him some sleeping pills and fuck her . I brought the sleeping pills and contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy. That night I mixed the pills in milk of mom , dad & anjali. i also brought some energy drink so that I can fuck her four or five times . I went to her room at 12:00 She is wearing a skirt & a T-shirt first I check weather she is in her period or not . To my bad luck She is wearing a pad .

I thought I brought the contraceptive pill not to worry . first i opened her T-shirt she is wearing a pink bra . I just open her bra & gave her a lip kiss there is no movement It was conformed that she was sleeping then i started pressing his soft breast but all of a sudden she woke up . I was scared like a seen a ghost . If she tell my parents about this then what will happen . I thought of plan-B .

ANJALI -What the hell you are doing with me.

ME – I am sorry I cant control my feeling of sex about you .

ANJALI – It doesnt mean that you force me for sex . wait I will complaint to mom

ME – What about the porn sites , the porn video in your laptop & the keen interest of sex-lesbian sex written in your diary.

ANJALI – you checked my diary.

ME – Ok listen you have interest in sex & I also wanted it so choose your further action

ANJALI – I will not compliment but I am in my periods so don’t cum in my pussy

ME – don’t worry sis I have brought contraceptive pills so chill. But I mixed some sleeping pills what about them.

ANJALI – i saw you in the chemist store & asked what have you brought & i also know that you want to fuck me.

It was a green signal for me .She started removing my pants, i haven’t wear any underwear so my dick just dashed on her sweet lips she started giving me blowjobs . I was on the seventh heaven I cummed in a ladies mouth for the first time, like a good girl she drunk the cum, Its my turn give him pleasure I slowly remove her skirt inside was a black panty with white spot she was looking so hot I thought of marrying her.

My dick was hard again I opened her panty & a pleasant smell gone to my lungs, i started with small kisses slowly I inserted my fingers it was tight i brought some oil from kitchen as lubricants it was her first time sex with a male,her juicy boobs attracted my mouth I opened her bra & started sucking them.

She is stroking my dick with her and which make me horny I laid her in the bed & slowly inserted my dick in her pussy it was a little bit tight for my dick but i managed it with the oil my 5.7 inch tool was all in her pussy. I started giving her hard jerk 7 with my dick some blood came out which make me more horny I was out of my control and started giving hard strokes then she suggested doggy position suddenly after 5 min or so i noticed her asshole i asked her weather her asshole is virgin her answer was positive i asked her can fuck her asshole her answer was completely no after my ‘please’ she accepted my demand.

Her asshole was tight & oil couldn’t make it loose i put some shampoo in her ass inserted my dick she was screaming with pain but I am not in a mood to stop it I cum in her ass. we are wet with sweet so both of us gone to a single bathroom and have 5 time more that night. I mixed sleeping pills in milk of mom and dad for every night. so that no one can disturb us . And believe me friends I have just fucked anjali before writing this story. please send me your remarks on [email protected]

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