My Squirting Big Boobed Maid

Hello people! My name’s andy and today I am going to narrate the story of how I fucked my maid. I am 18 years old, built is athletic because I play basketball at school and my height is 1.8mThe maids name is nasem and has amazingly big boobs. Her age is around 32-35 years and has two kids. She also has a huge ass but I love her boobs. To get a good grip on the story I recommend reading my previous stories.

Now coming to the story, while I was studying, nasem entered my room and started cleaning. I honestly didn’t pay any heed to her as I was deeply engrossed in my economics textbook even though we didn’t have sex for weeks. While she came near my chair she tried removing my pajama and started sucking my dick. I was turned on immediately but I realized that I don’t have time for this so I saidMe :- nasem pls abhi ruk jao 1 exam bacha hai then we’ll have fun.Nasem :- mere boobs ne tumhare lund ko bahut miss kiya hai pls fuck me.

Me :- bs 1 exam bacha hai then I promise I’ll fuck you hard. Even I miss your boobs.

Hearing this she became unhappy as I she didn’t get to fuck anyone for weeks. When she was about to leave the room I asked her to come near me and then I squirted all of my cum in her mouth as I was already horny and she drank every bit of it like a thirsty animal.

Finally after two days my exams were over and I was free. I told my mom that I wanted to spend the next few days at my friend’s house and also needed some money while nasem told her husband that there is a marriage and she would be leaving for two days to help the family make arrangements. I booked a suitable four star hotel room and asked nasem to be there.

As soon as I entered the hotel room nasem was already lying naked on the bed, on seeing me she said

Nasem = “mai chahti hu ki aaj tum meri chut mai cum karo.Me = “kyaaa lekin agar tum…….”

Nasem = “nahi nahi meiney birth control pills li hai”Hearing this I was extremely excited and rushed towards her on the bed and started kissing her passionately. Meanwhile she was removing my pants and stroking my dick. I was getting really aroused and wanted her to suck my dick but she crushed my face into her boobs and told me that her boobs missed me. I immediately started biting, squeezing and sucking her voluptuous boobs, while she continued stroking my dick.

I told her to lie down straight on the bed and started titty fucking her because I missed her big boobs for a very long time. I continued fucking her boobs and cummed on her boobs after some time.Nasem = “mai chahti thi ki tum meri chut mein cum karo”Me = “mere lund ne tumhare boobs ko bahut miss kiya tha. Koi baat nahi abhi tumhari chut mein cum kar deta hu”Saying this I immediately started licking her wet pussy and after two minutes she squirted.

Nasem = “pls tumhara lund meri chut mein daaalo pls pls”I was really turned on by this and I immediately inserted my dick in her pussy and she gave a huge moan. I’m afraid the hotel staff might have heard her.

Nasem = “pls aaaaah aur zooor se aaah aaaah pls meiney tumhare lund ko bahut time se miss kiya hai pls aauur zooor see aaah”She suddenly squirted a big one on my dick and I drank every drop of it.

Nasem = “pls tumhaaara lund waapas ander daaalo pls aaaaah”I increased my pace and started fucking her like a wild animal. As I was fucking her; her boobs were bouncing off, I immediately grabbed her boobs and started slapping them. She seemed to be enjoying that.Nasem = “aaah pls mere ander cum kaaro pls aaah”And as I was about to cum I had the most intense orgasm ever as I had never cummed inside someone and she squirted as soon as I finished cumming inside her. My cum was dripping on her pussy and she took every drop of it and drank it. I laid beside her exhausted and after 5 minutes nasem started sucking my dick again and seeing this I regained all of my energy. While she was sucking my dick I started licking her pussy (in 69 position).

While I was licking her pussy I could smell my cum inside her pussy and then started sucking and rubbing her pussy vigorously and again she squirted but this time on my face. I drank every drop of that pussy juice.

After licking her pussy I inserted my finger in her ass meanwhile she was still sucking my dick. She gave squeak moan and then I told her that I was going to fuck her in the ass. She saidNasem = “pls thoda aaram se last time bahut zada dard hua tha.”She immediately stopped sucking my dick and inserted my dick in her tight little ass with full speed.

Nasem = “aaah pls thoda deere bahut dard ho raha hai”I was in no mood of stopping and started fucking her tight ass like a wild animal at full speed, meanwhile she was in real pain and screaming. Then I remembered that she has sensitive boobs so as I was fucking her in the ass I started rubbing her boobs and she was enjoying it. After two minutes I cummed inside her ass as it was too tight. We laid there exhausted with my dick still in her ass and me sucking her boobs.

The next day I was woken up when nasem started sucking my dick and this was the most amazing way anyone has used to wake me up. I immediately pulled her closer threw her on the bed and had amazing sex with her the next day too. We continued fucking each other the whole day and then checked out from the hotel later that night. When I reached home I was completely exhausted and immediately came and laid down on my bed. My sister(tina) called my name and as soon as I got up from the bed I saw that she was standing topless in front of me and asked meTina = “ why don’t you fuck me anymore”

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