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Hi friends of ISS I’m Sateesh 5’9” well built 42years) form Bangalore I wish to share one of my experience with all of you. Well I was working for a Pvt Co and I was the branch manager of the office it was a small sales office of 7 members

We shifted our office to a new location it was actually a 3 bedroom house on the main road we found that very suitable for our kind of businesses also the rent was much less than the commercial office space as soon as we moved in lot of maids came to our office

And asked for a job, as my position was above it was left to the admin guy to select the maid, he selected one and she stated working but after couple of days one lovely maid in her mid 30’s came to us asking for a job when I was alone in the office afternoons

I use to be alone in the office as all others use to go out on sales or service work and I said sorry you are late but she insisted you are the boss why don’t you take me I told her to come again let me see, I was really impressed with her structure really well built neatly dressed did not look like a maid at all,

I asked her name she said Radha , she came again with her friend next day again no one in the office but this time I said I will help you to get a job hear so have a look at the place I said she and her friend looked at the place and said she is very happy to work while showing the rooms

I entered the room through the door along with her we nearly got stuck and brushed her whole body her friend looking at us she gave a naughty smile,Then I understood this two maid are really sexy want more than a job, again told her to come again next day as it was her way

And told her to drop in whenever she feels like she said OK and next day when I was about to go out locking the office she came, I was please to see her alone and was looking lovely with a pink sari and absolutely fresh she cam and stood next to me

I unlocked the door and she followed me called her to my room and told her to sit on the chair she sat as if she is my guest, then I started talking about her looks, I said you don’t look like a maid you should be given a better post for that she said he has not studied much don’t know any other job either.

Kept on asking and about her family she said her hubby was a driver don’t come home and said has a daughter of 18 year old so she has to work, I said you have a lovely personality and I wish you are my wife and I wound have let you work like this she smiled

And said your wife is lucky as your are so handsome , I came and sat next to her chair and said you are my friend Radha I don’t want u to work in my office, I will help you to don’t worry, and you are so good and I also can let you go away saying this

I put my arms on her and pulled her near she only said someone will come for that I said you don’t worry about that having got the green signal pulled her nearer and planted a kiss on her cheeks and went out and locked the main door and she was standing

I came from behind and caught her lovely pair of boobs and started pressing them she was saying umm ahh oh I bit her ear lobes and one of my hand went inside her sari and I pushed down searching for her pussy. I was surprised to feel a clean shaven pussy it was already wet.

I inserted my finger inside and our lips ware locked my left hand was inside her blouse and through the bra I was folding her erect nipples. Now I came facing her sucked her lips and took her hand and placed it on my prick

She was enjoying all my movements not made her to sit on my lap and lifted her sari and sliding down her panties I tried to enter her pussy her juice was flowing and it was a smooth slide just then she made a loud noise ahaaa this made me high.

I too came bit early in my excitement and she just got up and I was silent she just went out after arranging her dress, later I was bit worried I had not used any condoms quickly washed my pennies with soap and pissed couple of times.

She did not turn up next day and I started looking for her, I could find her coming out of a house she came and said she will come in the afternoon but my colleagues ware their so that day I could not meet her, but I got her couple of days later this time

I was rammed her nicely sitting on the chair once facing me and next facing away both of us enjoyed very well best part was her firm boobs of 38” lovely ass and erect nipples she was strong as well, she actually want me in bed so I had a plan

I got one of the room in the office converted to a guest room for with a cot TV fridge also had a attached toilet the key was with me. So whenever Radha use to come we use to use the room she was very good in sucking as well and I use to enjoy her in all positions best was doggy

She said she had sex with her hubby long time back and she is leaving along with her daughter. I used condoms to prevent her getting pregnant. Our sex continued one day she brought her friend she was not good looking and I was not interested in her but fucked Radha in front of her it gave me more pleasure so as for her as it was the first time some was watching us.

I use to give some money she never used to demand after a year or so I had to change my job so I use to come to the same area call her on mobile and take her in a car I fucked her many times in the car once I expressed I wanted to be a sandwich between two women for that she gave me an Idea and said she will invite her friend,

I wanted to see her before, so she brought her friend Anu who was in her mid 20ts fair with good assets She was working as a typist in some office so we all three went in a car and I sucked both their boobs and Radha as usual sucked my prick till I came after that we planned to meet in Radhas house one night

That day I went to Radhas house it was very small but kept neat there was a small room of 5 by 10 ft but was enough for me before Anu came I fucked Radha once and finally Anu came at around 9.30 pm and we had some beers as Anu had told me before while having beers

I was fiddling with this two women’s and we had some food and by that time I was also high and eager to fuck Anu as promised Radha first started sucking my cock and mean while I removed my dress and Radha and Anu’s as well we all three ware fully necked

And Radha took my cock and put on the condom and inserted it in the shaven pussy of Anu and I started ramming Anu and Anu was pressing Radha’s boobs and some times Radha sucked Anu’s boobs as well, I rammed Anu for a long time I did not come

So Radha took out my cock and sucked it for some time and put a new condom took it in her pussy for a while and then put it back in Anu’s still I did not come so Radha went behind me and started sucking my balls and in one hand pushing my cock inside

Anu’s Pussy it was terrific experience with all force I came like an express time and later that night I screw Anu couple of times in all styles and all the time Radha was supporting us.

I got up early paid Radha and Anu well and left before anyone could see me. Later I fucked Radha couple of times later and slowly I lost her touch she had changed her house mobile Now only her memories remain. Please write to me about your comments to [email protected]

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