My Tantric Massage With Nish

Hey, folks, it took a while to pen down my experience. Busy office schedule, appointments, travel had kept me busy.

A quick intro about me. Nishant (Nish) here from Bangalore. Working in an IT firm. Have been offering massages to females and couples for over 6yrs now. Have traveled across India only for massages and on a couple of occasions have offered massages during my business trips overseas as well. You can check the author page for my other experiences submitted on ISS.

There are many fans and haters for me, which I feel is part and parcel of this life. It’s just about sharing the experiences ensuring the trust and confidentiality are maintained.

Ria got in touch with me for a Tantric Massage and she describes her experience below.

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I was having a hectic week in terms of work as well as with personal life. Being a divorced for about 3yrs, I did have my share of fun with a couple of guys, saying that, I am definitely not a whore as you think. Things happen during the course of the time.

I started surfing the internet and came across a couple of websites, with loads of sexual offerings loaded in them. I was not very surprised to see such ads. I kept surfing further and came across an ad by Nish “Tantric Massage for Females at your doorstep” – this was what I was looking for. He had mentioned his website through which I got his contact details and rang him.

Me: Hey Nish, Ria here from Bangalore. I saw your post regarding Tantric Massage. Could you please give me more details about the massage.Him: Hello Ria. In Tantric Massage you would be treated like a goddess. You would get a full body massage in a sacred way, where you would be totally indulged. Tantric Massage is a very sensual massage, but not sexual, which a female should really try it out.

We discussed further on the massage and I was very comfortable. He is definitely not a stranger who is interested in casual sex, but Nish is a stranger whom I felt, I can trust him ensuring that, things would be kept a secret too. I wanted to try out Tantric Massage, every genuine female would want to try. Since I already had the oil which was needed, I was ok with the charges he quoted. We decided to meet the next day at a pub.

I clean shaved my vagina, took a shower, wore jeans and a top and started to the pub. I was anxious, excited, had butterflies in my stomach while thinking – meeting a stranger for a Tantric Massage, which would be sensual. By the time, I reached the pub, Nish was waiting outside. I got to know that since we were in constant touch about updating about our whereabouts. I was honestly surprised by his looks but realized only later, looks are often deceptive.

Him: Hi Ria. I am Nish.Me: (With that naughty feeling inside, smiled, shook his hand) Hello Nish.

We went to a table to sit down, ordered a pitcher of beer along with some snacks. Both of us became so comfortable with each other by talking about different things, professional life, personal life and others. We decided, we spent ample time at the pub and we can go to my place for the massage. He never anticipated I would take the massage the same day.

Him: I am usually in shorts and a top during the massage, since I do not have either, I have to offer you a massage while I am in my undies. Else I can buy a pair for the same.Me: No problem Nish. You can be in your undies.

Once we reached my place, we set up a mattress, towels in the guest room. I had a portable stove, to heat warm the oil. We carried few aromatic candles on the way and set them up. I was very much eager to start the session. Soft music was being played too.

Him: You can get undressed, cover yourself with the robe and I can help you relax under the shower. Would you be comfortable or would you do it by yourself?Me: Really!!! You will help me relax under the shower. I would love that. It’s good to make myself pampered. Today is the day.

I was in the robe with a bra and silky thongs, near the bathroom. Yeah, I have a huge bathroom. Nish was in his undies and a towel wrapped around him. He was looking cute in that. He removed my robe, put it on the hanger, removed his towel, put it on the hanger, started the shower ensuring water at the right temperature. We were completely drenched under the shower. Nish started massaging my shoulders initially before reaching the temples. I have never ever experienced this. I was feeling so blessed. I tried my best, not to touch him down, he had an erection. Which guy can control, while a woman is naked, under the shower.

A few minutes later, post getting ourselves refreshed and making me feel relaxed, I turned off the shower. Nish helped me to dry my body and his body, in a sexy manner removed my panty, made me wear the robe, guided me to the mattress, where I was about to have the Tantric Massage and asked me to lay down on the stomach. Nish was still in the wet undies.

Him: Ria, as per tantric ritual, it is always recommended, both the massager and the receive should remain nude, to ensure the level of sensuality does not become down.Me: You can remove your undies, Nish.

The soft music, aroma of the candles in the room was wonderful. I already felt soothing and relaxing. He removed my robe and we both were stark naked. I felt the hands on my back, the oil was just perfectly warm for the massage. He worked on my back and made sure, there were no tension knots. The long strokes up and down, up and down on my back made me further relaxed, comfortable, a feeling as I was in heaven. He went down further and started massaging my legs and thighs, steadily I felt further better.

With every stroke of his strong and gentle hand, with adequate pressure, he steadily came down to the foot for reflexology. He pressed his fingers tightly on the pressure points of the sole and did the same with the other foot too. This was the best reflexology which I ever had in my life. It had been a relaxing massage so far.

He rubbed his palms with some more oil and said \”massage would become sensual from now, at any point in time, you feel uncomfortable, let me know\”. His hands were on my thighs and starting moving up and further up, till it reached my butts. I was getting aroused now since his fingers were touching my inner thighs. Thankfully, I had got myself a waxed couple of days back. I had a couple of jerks when his fingers just brushed my vaginal region. I so wanted those fingers to go inside my vagina, but, I controlled. I myself started widening my legs due to his touches.

Nish asked me to turn over. I was enjoying the way the massage was going and was wondering, was it done.

His penis was hard and it was asking me to take care of it. I then realized I am completely naked as well, my nipples had become stiff. Without touching my breasts and the vaginal region, Nish massaged my stomach and hips and the legs. His touches are really soothing.

He positioned himself to massage my breasts. His penis was on my face and I so wanting to suck it. Nish started caressing my breasts and circled the nipple region, pinched them a couple of time. Whenever I jerked, I kissed his penis. The sexual excitement within me was growing fast. I so badly wanted my breasts to be sucked, but nothing as such happened. A few minutes later, Nish got up and widened my legs, positioned himself to massage my yoni. I felt I was already wet inside.

Nish said, “I will start with the yoni massage now, just relax and enjoy. Take deep breaths which would help you to feel controlled. Inhale from the nose, exhale through your mouth”. His hands moved close and finally touched my pussy. Very slowly, using his thumb and finger, he massaged the vaginal lips. I was so feeling good. Steadily, he kept doing this for a while. I didn’t want the finger anymore, I wanted his cock to be inside me. Nish went for some more time by caressing the pussy, using his finger, moving up and down, up and down on my clitoris, I started moaning, I was unable to hold on for any longer. I never had such an arousal before. Steadily he put is fingers inside my pussy and my breaths further increased.

I could see his hard penis, without thinking much, I held that I cupped his balls, I wanted him to be aroused as well. He took out fingers post working on the interior of my pussy and brought it on the clitoris again. While his finger was working on my clitoris, I started masturbating him. In between, I did let out the moans, which were uncontrollable any further. We both together had orgasms.

I could not control any further. I dragged Nish and there we were kissing madly. Our lips were playing with each other, tongues explored. He kissed my ear lobes, bit them, I did the same with him too. I asked him to suck me more. Use his tongue and lick my clitoris. Before that, he sucked my breasts for some time and went down, parted the pussy with his fingers, used his tongue and he was licking my wet clitoris. I held to the mattress, he has been the best licker I have ever experienced. The way he licked, I had yet another orgasm, this was the first time, I had multiple orgasms.

Nish adjusted his position in such a way that, I could easily suck his cock and he could suck my breast. I put my mouth on his cock and started sucking him, while my hand was playing with his balls and he was sucking my breasts. I changed my position, made him lay down, started sucking his cock. He was letting out moans too. He couldn’t hold on any further and oozed his cum right inside my mouth. We both smiled at each other, hugged each other tightly and cuddled.

He later massaged my anal region and the entire night had a good time, where we did have a fuck. The next morning we had a small session again, I paid Nish his charges and he was not ready to accept anything more than that. I liked that genuinity in him.

I will be planning for another session with him soon.

Ladies, do get a session from him. Don’t miss at any cost. Get experienced and share your experience. Females, get in touch with him on [email protected]

Hope you did enjoy while reading.

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