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Hi all…I am Anoop….I am from Kerala and i am 22 year old now.. I am a bisexual guy and this is the story about my first (and the best) gay experience…..At first, let me tell you about myself…I am 5’6″,around 70 kgs and have a dark complexion and my lower body is kind of like that of a girl’s…My friends used to call me “sanghavi” (a hot south Indian actress)because of my shapely thighs ,deep navel and huge bubble buttocks..

This happened when i was studying for plus two..I was 18 years old then..I was very much interested in watching b grade movies as a youngster(even now,i have that habit)..So one day ,my friend asked me to come for a bgrade movie and i agreed.He told me that he would meet me there at the theatre.

But once i reached there,i got a call from him saying that he had to go to the hospital because his relative was in there.I told him that it was ok and thought i cud watch the movie alone..I dunno why but i was a little excited about the idea…I had no idea that lots of wild things were about to happen to me and i went 2 that theatre and bought a ticket.Once i entered the theatre,i saw that it was a very cheap one..There were only benches and plastic chairs inside and i could see that the theatre was almost empty.I was having the balcony seat and i went and sat there..

I was the only one inside the balcony and some people were down in the first class and second class.I thought that it was good because if the movie became exciting,i would be able 2 masturbate with nobody watching..But when the film was about to start one guy came in..He was around 40 years old ,tall,dark and strong..He was looking like a villain from the Tamil movies..He looked at the balcony seats saw that it was empty and then looked at me as i was the only person in there..I was embarrassed at being seen there but i managed to give a smile..

He came inside and sat next to me..I was cursing my bad luck since i was planning on enjoying myself..He started making some small talks by asking my name and where i was staying.I replied to his queries by providing fake answers..I told him my name was sunil and a fake address..He told me that this was a very sexy film and started using vulgar language ..I was really embarrassed and really scared and told him ok…The movie started and i must say,just like he told,it was very hot..My dick was getting hard and i was finding it very difficult to keep my hands off my dick..But after sometime,i felt his hand on my thighs.I looked on his face..

He was sitting like he was watching the movie and i was too scared to oppose him..So i started watching the movie again.Then i felt his hand move..I was wearing a very tight jeans..So i could feel his hand clearly and he was slowly massaging my thighs.

Since this was the first time a guy was touching me like this,i was scared stiff and didnt say anything..His hands reached my crotch area and he increased the force of rubbing..He continued rubbing there some time and he knew that i was excited,because he turned at me and smiled once his hands reached the bulging part of my dick…I didnt return the smile because i was plain scared and sat like i was watching the movie..He took his hands a little up and massaged my stomach..

Then he inserted his finger inside my deep navel and i let out a small moan…He started smiling and whispered in my ear that he liked me the moment he saw me,and told me to sit still,because he was going to pleasure me..I didnt know what he was going to do..But i agreed.He started unbuckling my jeans and unzipped it..He told me to stand up and remove the jeans..I told him please not to..Because people might see..

He told me that no one was watching and asked me to stand up again..I did like what he asked..He stood up and sat in my seat and started removing my jeans from the back.He told me that i have a sexy ass..I didnt say anything to him and was shivering with fear and excitement…Once he removed my jeans he let out a small whistle and slapped my ass slowly.I cringed and asked him please not to do that.He smiled and told me that this all was part of pleasure and removed my underwear.Now i was standing there completely nude from waist below…He was enjoying this and asked me 2 turn towards him..He looked at my dick and smiled at me saying that it was cute..

He cupped my balls and i bit my lips.He moved his face towards my crotch and i kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut in the fear that i might scream..He inserted his tongue inside my deep navel and started licking inside..If i hadnt shut my mouth i would have been screaming like a girl…He looked up and enjoyed the expression at my face and without saying anything took my whole cock in his mouth…I should say that i was kind of in heaven…Nobody had licked my cock before..And the feeling of his warm tongue and the insides of his mouth on my cock made me let out a small scream..He smiled at me with my cock in his mouth and inserted his tongue in to the gap at my cock head…I gasped and smiled shyly at him..Then he started unbuttoning my shirt while my cock was in his mouth..

Then he stood up and removed my shirt..There i was in the middle of a public theatre,completely nude,and instead of feeling shyness i was feeling kind of slutty..He held my hand and took me to the back of the seats where there was some vacant space.He asked me to kneel on all fours and thrust my ass backwards..At that time i was so horny that i would have obeyed anything he told me..

I thought that he was going to fuck my ass..But he had other ideas..He watched me standing on all fours like a dog and smiled and then he slapped my ass hard….It pained but i felt so slutty..Then he put his face so close to my asshole and started licking my ass crack…I was moaning with pleasure and then he inserted his tongue inside my ass and started rotating it….Words are not enough to explain that pleasure..I closed my eyes and really started moaning loud..And had no care about anyone else in the world..

Then i felt a light on my face and i was so terrified..There standing was the theatre security while i was kneeling like a dog completely nude and a strangers tongue inside my ass…I thought he was going to beat me or scold me..But he looked at us for sum time and smiled at the other guy and told him that “sasi,this time u have caught a sexy one”…I was so embarrassed and stood up trying to cover myself..But the security gu(his name was prabhu) stopped me and started squeezing my chest,and ass..

He slapped my ass slowly and told me to go with him and sasi..I asked him where..He smiled and told me that he will show me..I was completely nude and so scared that i asked him if i could go with him after i dress myself..He slapped my ass once more and told me that there was no need for it because nobody would be outside..He held my hand and took me out of the theatre..Sasi followed us with my dress in his hands.I was scared that somebody will be outside..But luckily no one was outside..

They took me to the backside of theatre where there was a single room three of us got inside and both sasi and prabhu smiled at me and told me that i was the sexiest boy they have ever seen..I smiled at them shyly then both of them got nude and sasi sat in front of me and started licking my cock..While i was enjoying it,prabhu told me that he loved virgin ass and spread my ass cheeks and put his tongue inside and started tongue fucking me..I really was moaning and screaming like a whore then prabhu stopped licking my asshole and inserted a finger inside my tight asshole..It didnt even pain because he already lubricated there with saliva..

Prabhu then told me to kneel and slowly inserted his cock inside my ass..Luckily it wasnt that big and i felt the wonderful sensation of a cock inside my ass,mean while sasi had stopped sucking ans stood before me and pushed his cock into my mouth..It felt wonderful..His cock tasted of sweat and was kind of salty..But his manly smell was intoxicating.I started sucking it eagerly, i could hear them laughing and telling each other that i was one hell of a slut for sucking a cock when another cock was inside my asshole..

They were around 45-50 years old but they were fucking me like they were 20..They fucked me for quite some time while interchanging their position so that i cud have a taste of my own ass…And after that both of them stood in front of me and kneeled and asked me to lick their asses..It was my first time,but i enjoyed licking both of their assholes,it felt so dirty and hot..

After that both of them stood before me and asked me to shag them off..I obeyed them and masturbated both of them..While prabhu was about to cum sasi opened my mouth for taking his whole cum in my mouth and prabhu did the same for sasi…There i was sitting before them nude and having both of their cums inside my mouth ..Both f them laughed at me and spat in my mouth and asked me to swallow it all..I was so in the mood that i swallowed both their cums and their spit..It was the first time ,but it felt wonderful..

I thought that they were going to let me off without even having a chance to cum…But both of them kissed me and prabhu started sucking my dick and sasi my ass…They didnt let go off my body tell i came…And i got to saw both of them sharing my cum..After that they told me to stay there for the full night ..I agreed and called my home saying that i would be staying at my friends home..They bathed me and sucked me off once more in the shower and made me lie with them for the full night nude and fucked me 3-4 times that night..That was an unforgettable experience..

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