My Time With My Aunt – Part 1

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This story is about the time I spent with my father’s brother’s wife, or in simpler words, my aunt. My uncle and aunt lives with my grandparents. They are farmers. They don’t have any children because my aunt is sterile.

My aunt, she got married at the same time as my birth. She is a very friendly person. We used to talk to each other as if we were buddies.

This happened to me 5 years back, during my 12th standard vacation. My grandmother was very ill at that time. She had been admitted to a hospital and both my uncle and grandfather was along with her. So, I was asked to go to my grandparent’s place and stay there as long as they come back.

So, I went to my grandparents place. Upon reaching there, I had a bath and I and my aunt had lunch together. Afterwards, I watched some TV and she was busy with the household works. When she was going to sleep, she told me to sleep with her as she was afraid of sleeping alone. I replied that I am watching TV, and will come and sleep there later.

About half an hour later, I went to sleep. I put on the light and saw her. Oh my god!! She was damn hot. My dick instantly became hard. I controlled myself, switched off the light and lied down beside her. I couldn’t get any sleep. All my sexual hormones were about to burst out. The last time I slept beside any women was with suja aunty, naked after we had sex. I really wanted to have sex but I haven’t even thought about my aunt in such a way. At last, I decided to touch her as she was in sleep and wouldn’t know if anything happened.

So, I started moving close to her. She was facing away from me. I slid my hand under her and started touching her boobs. It felt a bit hard because of her bra and dress. She was wearing a frock and a top. I started pressing her boobs. My dick started getting harder. I started rubbing it against her back. I slid my hand inside her dress and bra.

Now, I was touching her naked boobs. I started to pinch her nipples slowly. It was amazing. It made me more and more crazy. I slowly moved my other hand down and started lifting her frock. My hand reached her panty. I slid my hand inside her panty and touched her ass. It was so soft. I pulled down her panty and started grasping her ass. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was grasping it again and again.

Slowly, I removed my pants and started rubbing my dick against her ass. I moved my other hand to the front side, and started fingering her pussy. I don’t know whether I made much noise or did the bed make it, but she was about to woke up. It was like that condition which occurs between sleep, when we became conscious for a brief seconds of time. I lay still. One of my hand was inside her dress and bra, touching her boobs. The other one was in her pussy fingering her vagina. And my dick was rubbing against her nude ass. I was afraid. I didn’t want her to find out this. I lay still and soon fall asleep.

Next day, when I woke up, I was lying there alone at the bed with my dick popped out. I quickly put it inside and did my morning routines. While returning back from the bathroom, I saw my aunt. She was smiling at me. I faked a smile and went away. In the day time, I noticed that she was trying to seduce me. She was dropping things and bending down to pick it in front of me revealing her boobs. And the most interesting fact was that she wasn’t wearing any bra. Soon, she started cleaning the house floor with broom and my eyes got a treat of her sexy cleavage. Her boobs were swaying from side to side. I didn’t know what to do but I tried to control myself.

At around 8pm, the land phone rang. I took the call. It was my uncle. I gave the phone to aunt and was standing close by. My aunt asked him about grandmother’s condition. To hear his reply better, I went close to my aunt.

Soon I was standing right behind her with my head on the opposite side of her head and the receiver between our heads. To have a stable stand, I swung my hand around her neck. We were very close, and my dick started getting harder. I couldn’t control myself and I started rubbing my dick against her ass. She was stunned. I continued rubbing my dick against her ass. Soon, the phone call ended. She went away without saying anything to me, without even noticing me. I was sure that she wasn’t angry about what I did nor embarrassed, and in fact she didn’t even mind what I did. I thought that maybe she would have sex with me if I insisted. I started following her.

She went to the bathroom, and she didn’t close the bathroom doors. I entered the bathroom. I touched her shoulder and she turned over. I took her head in one hand, and ran my finger over her lips with the other hand. Slowly, I moved towards her and kissed her upper lip. I again kissed her and started sucking her upper lips. Soon, we were kissing. We were sucking each other’s tongues. I don’t know why I did that but I turned on the shower. We were standing right under it, and we were all wet. She stopped kissing and asked me why I opened the shower.

She went to her room to change. I followed her. Upon reaching her room, she quickly removed her top and frock. My aunt was standing in front of me wearing just a bra and a panty. She removed her bra, and threw it downwards towards me. I picked it up from the floor and gave it a quick sniff. Suddenly, she bent over and removed her panty. A big gigantic ass popped out. Her ass was huge. It was like the ass of women we see in porn under the BBW category.

I was standing there perplexed. I didn’t know what to do. I quickly rushed towards her and squeezed her from behind. I started pressing her boobs. I moved her hair and started kissing her neck. I was still wet. She quickly turned around and asked me to remove those wet dress. I quickly removed it. She saw my hard dick. I moved towards her and started kissing her. She kissed me back. She touched my dick with one hand and started stroking it. Her round boobs were pressing against my chest. Slowly, she started moving downwards. She was kissing my body all the way down. She reached my dick and started sucking my balls. I asked her to suck my cock. She took my huge cock in her hand and started sucking it. She was good. I liked the way she took my cock deep down her throat. She continued sucking till I had an orgasm.

Then I made her stand up. I started to suck her round big boobs. I bite her nipples. She was moaning out. I started to press her pussy and soon I put a finger into it. She moaned and I put two more fingers in. I fingered her for a few more minutes. I moved my mouth towards her pussy. It was hairy. I put my mouth in and started to suck her. I sucked her clits for about 5 minutes.

I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. I started thrusting slowly. She started to moan. I caught both her thighs, slowly increased my speed and started thrusting deep into her vagina. She was moaning loud. We both cummed at the same time. I fell onto her. I lied there, on top of her for some time.

It was time for dinner. I asked her to take a shower with me. We both went in and started to kiss each other passionately. She started to give me a hand job. I turned on the shower and started to press her boobs. I applied soap on her boobs. I went down and applied soap thoroughly on her pussy. I made her turn around and applied soap on her ass. I put my pointing finger inside her asshole. She jumped out of shock.

I took water and cleaned her ass. I widened up her ass and started licking her asshole. She was extra turned on and my dick was still hard. I put my mouth in her pussy. I pressed her against the wall and started to suck her. She got an orgasm and ejaculated it over my face. She burst out laughing. I was on my knees. She bent downwards. She started rubbing off the juices with her boobs. She then licked my entire face with her tongue. We hugged.

Again, I turned on the shower. She looked at me, gave me a naughty smile and started kissing me.

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