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Prerena-the girl of my dreams. Tall, with long and sexy legs, an attitude to die for and her anger was worth tolerating to just get her to bed one more time. Thats my ex girlfriend. When I was in my b.Tech years we used to have a relationship. She was not from my college, she was doing her b.Com. We met through a common friend and we started chatting through sms. Finally I could not hold it any longer and I proposed to her. She didnt accept it immediately, and kept me hanging. Thats what I liked about her,she used to make guys go crazy about her. Then when I almost gave up hope she accepted.

To tell you people about her, she was an angel. She was 5ft 9inches, an inch taller than me, had long and sexy legs (that was the perfect legs I ever got to look at till now). She was fair and had hair till her shoulders which she always used to wear in a ponytail. Her waist was too sexy, with just the right amount of flesh. Her face was an art, full lips which I liked to suck and kiss all day, eyes were bright and her nose was small but sexy. When we used to kiss I liked the way her small nose rubbed my cheeks. Her neck was perfect, I liked the way she used to breath heavily when I kissed her neck. I liked to bite her cheeks and suck them, that always used to leave a mark on her cheeks.

The breakup:

It was my seventh semester and I was about to get my b.Tech degree in a year’s time and then thought of getting settled in life, getting a job and marrying my sexy prerena. I used to stay in my room with my room-mates and prerena used to stay with her parents. Whenever we got the opportunity we used to meet in my room and have some fun. It was one of those days and she had come over to my place. It was evening around 5 o clock. It was a special day, I could guess from her dress. She was wearing a sexy top which had a short sleeve, and a skirt the length up to her knees. I got a pleasant surprise seeing her.

I asked her how come she was in these clothes? Because she usually used to wear salwar. She said that it was her close friend kamesh’s birthday and she had gone to attend it. At that moment I didn’t take it much seriously. She was standing in the doorway and her lips which had red lipstick on was too sexy for me to think about anything else. I caught hold of her cheeks and brought her closer to my lips and kissed her. She resisted, I thought she didn’t like the way I kissed her on the doorway and so I released her cheeks and told her to come in (all the way thinking that the real fun will begin when she steps in). As expected she came inside, but something was not right. She seemed bothered about something and I asked her what it was. She didn’t seem to make up her mind to tell me. So I made her sit on the sofa and I sat down beside her. After much persuasion, she finally said those words: “We need to talk”.

After college:

I was roaming with my new girlfriend Divya in the streets of Chennai (guys if you want to know about Divya please read my previous stories, but this story is nowhere related to my previous stories). I and Divya had a really great sex life going on, but at the corner of my heart, I still had a feeling for my ex-girlfriend prerena.

After that day I didn’t meet prerena and we broke up. It was almost going to be 3 years now. It was almost sudden, she did not give a good reason why she was dumping me. I tried calling her many times and tried to convince her but she was rigid and finally, she changed her mobile number and denied me the opportunity to even call her. But I still was using the same mobile number just in case she wanted to contact me.

All that said and done, it was a completely different story. Now I was enjoying my life with Divya. Well, thats what I thought but fate had a completely different deal for me. I and Divya went to a mall to see a movie on that particular day. It was a mall which was situated one km from the beach (in Chennai). After seeing the movie we went to a food joint in the same mall. As we sat there flirting with each other I saw a familiar face sitting just opposite to the place where we were sitting. On seeing her my heart beat increased. (ya guys you are right it was prerena sitting there). Sitting with her friends and facing towards our table it was prerena. I could see her sexy lips moving while she was talking to her friends and immediately my throat dried. I was in a dilemma whether to go over and talk to her or not. All the more complicated was that Divya was with me so I decided that I will not take the chance of going over and probably embarrassing myself.

But luck was in my favor, just when prerena was looking here and there to call a waiter she turned towards our table and her sight fell on me. She recognized me. From her face expression, I could guess that she was also having the dilemma whether to come over and talk to me. I didn’t make eye contact and started to concentrate on the menu. She probably saw Divya and thought that it would be better to come over and talk to me and Divya. So she did, and the conversation went this way:

Prerena: Hey Kunal, how are you?Me: fine prerena. How are you? Long time.Prerena: ya its really been a long time.Me: Oh! By the way, this is Divya.Prerena: Hello Divya.Divya: hey prerena. How are you?Prerena: am fine. How about you?Divya: me too.Me: would you like to join us?Prerena: no yaar. My friends are waiting for me over there. Chalo catch you sometime later.Me: ok. See you.Prerena: bye.Divya: bye bye.

I expected divya to ask me who she was and all but she didn’t. I just explained to her myself that she was a friend from the past and we met now after our college days. Divya didn’t react much and we were cool.

The missed call:

I was in my office doing my coding work and then I noticed a call on my mobile from an unknown number. It was more kind of a missed call because before I could pick up the call it got cut. I again started concentrating on my work and didn’t care much about the call. That night before I slept I remembered the missed call and I sent an SMS “Hi. May I know who is this?” I didn’t get a reply and so I slept off. In the morning I woke up around 8 o clock and saw three SMS from the same number. It went like this:

“Hey, kunal. How r u?”“Slept off?”“Ok. See you tomorrow.”

I sent a reply: hey I don’t have ur number saved on my mobile could u tell me who this is?The reply came: haa haa. I dont wanna play the guessing game with u Kunal. We have done that many times. Its me prerena.My heart jumped from its place. I repliedMe: Hi prerena. What a surprise.Prerena: hiii

Me: so u have not deleted my number?Prerena: nope. I never delete my boyfriends numbersMe: hmmm… Cool who else was ur boyfriend?Prerena: there were a lot 🙂

She seemed to be flirting with me and so I casually carried on the chat.

Me: haa haa funny but I guess I was ur favourite.Prerena: hmmm… Maybe…Me: how come u remembered me after so many years?Prerena: just felt like messaging u and torturing ;dMe: hmmm… U sure know how to torture a guy. So tell me how’s life?Prerena: terrible…

Me: why? What happened?Prerena: I am married now 🙁 so no more enjoyment :(Me: what? And who is the lucky guy (I thought she was just kidding with me)Prerena: u remember kamesh?Me: yup.Prerena: ya I am married to him.Me: r u serious?Prerena: hmmm… Ya.Me: so thats why u dumped me?Prerena: I guess so.

Me: so whats ur hero doing? And why r u messaging me now? (I started getting angry)

Prerena: because I am getting divorced and I really need a good friend right now.

Me: hey come on. First u message me, I get happy, then u say u r married, I get angry. Now u r saying u r getting divorced do u want me to feel sorry?

Prerena: come on man kunal… I am really feeling terrible right now.(after much thinking) me: can we meet?

Prerena: where?

Me: city center – saturday.

Prerena: will work for me.

Me: do u want me to pick u up?

Prerena: no no. I will be there.

The revelation:

We met on Saturday in the city center. Although I knew that she was married and was about to get divorced still I was feeling butterflies in my stomach on the thought that I was about to meet prerena. One look at her and I forgot all the anger that I had inside me. I guess I forgave her too. We had a nice chat and finally, I gathered enough courage to ask her out again the following morning. This time to a beach resort. She readily agreed. Guess she wanted to have a good time far away from her worries. It was evening 6 o clock and we left for our homes. I immediately booked a room in a well known beach resort in the ecr for the next day. Next day came and I went to the location which she specified to pick her up at 8 in the morning. I had my pulsar 150 cc bike and I was excited about the ride to the resort. She came to the spot on time and I picked her up and we proceeded towards the resort. My sexy prerena was wearing tight blue jeans and a t-shirt. When she sat behind me she held me tightly and was wearing her bag on her back in which she had her stuff I guess. I realized how much I missed her, her sexy waist, her long legs and 34 size bossoms all were too irresistible. Just her soft touch sent currents through my body.

On reaching the resort we went directly to the beach and settled down on the beach side restaurant and ordered beer for us. She seemed to be in a good mood. I too liked the way we were gelling with each other after such a long time. We chatted and drank the beer and ordered more beer and snacks. After a while prerena wanted to enter into the beach. I held her hand we walked towards the beach like a happy couple. On entering the water she became crazy and started playing and she even pushed me into the water. In turn, I pulled her and she fell and now we were both drenched. Once inside the water I pulled her closer to me and hugged her tightly and tried to kiss her lips but she turned and I planted a sweet kiss on her cheeks – my favorite part. She seemed to get conscious and we broke the hug. She started walking back towards the shore. I jogged behind her and reached her and put my hands around her neck and we started walking back to the restaurant. I got two more beer bottles and we headed towards the room. I was getting excited more and more and finally, when we reached the room I locked the door and hugged her really tight. Prerena seemed to be rigid and was not hugging me back. I asked her what was the problem. Then she revealed to me why she had broke up with me in the past.

Prerena: kunal I didnt come here today to get back to you. I wanted to tell you why I broke up with you. It was like a huge burden to me.Me: ok. Tell me, baby.Prerena: when I was in college I liked you a lot but I didn’t know if I loved you.

Me: hmmm. Ya, that is understandable.Prerena: I was actually undergoing a lot of transformation in my life. Finally, when we had sex I realised it was not what I wanted.Me: ok. I am a bit confused.

Prerena: ok I will get straight to the point. I realized that I liked female company a lot.Me: ???Prerena: I mean I was a lesbian.

Me: hmmm. (really disappointed and a little shocked)

Prerena: then I didnt know what to do. I ended up having an affair with one of my girl friends and I started liking it.But she was not true to me and she had this shemale friend with whom she used to have sex. Then we ended up having a threesome. Then I started liking cocks too. But I didnt like the hairy chest or infact any hairy part of a male. Then finally I wanted to stop all this and get settled in life and thats when kamesh proposed to me and I ended up marrying him. Now things are not working out between us and I am getting a divorce. You see it is all very complicated.

I could see what she meant. It was all a very big shock to me. I didn’t know what to do or how to go ahead. I just remained silent.

Prerena: you know I am telling you all these things because I know you have always been supportive to me.Me: that’s alright but what do you want me to do now?Prerena: I want to begin my life again… With you.

I didnt know what to do and so I remained silent. She slowly came near me and hugged me. I was confused about what she meant by all this. As she was taller than me her cheeks were brushing my cheeks when she was hugging me. She said would you make love to me? I said yes. She said you have to make love to me exactly like how I love it. I agreed to it and we settled down on the bed. She came near to me and kissed me on my lips. I was getting hot, her soft lips on my lips were too awesome. Her tongue was inside my mouth and started fighting with my tongue. It was a pure electric current which I could feel. She started removing my shirt and then my pants. So many thoughts were going on inside my head that I froze there and let her do what she liked. Then she removed her clothes too. Now we were naked in front of each other and my cock started to rise seeing her naked beauty. On seeing it she gave a naughty smile.

I could see her slim waist and firm breast with pointed nipples, excitement was reaching its maximum level in me but still, I didn’t do anything because in this situation I was totally confused what to do. So I just stood there. Prerena told me: you are sweet Kunal. Will you do anything for me? I said yes. She again asked me will you do anything for me? But this time in a firmer tone. I replied yes prerena. That is when all hell broke loose. She pushed me on the bed and I could see her reach for her hand bag. She came near me and said I wanna experiment with you. Wil you allow me to? Saying this she showed what she had in her hands – a dildo

Bang bang:

Thoughts seemed to clear from my head and I realized what I should do now. She was standing by the side of the bed. I could reach her thighs, I caught hold of her thighs and pulled her towards me and she fell on me, her breasts were on my chest now, our naked body rubbing each other and my cock rubbing her navel. She was screaming “Fuck you kunal, what are you doing” I felt that I dont have to explain her anything. I grabbed her waist with my both legs and caught hold of her both hands and turned her around in such a way that I was on top of her now. Once I caught her hands I removed the dildo from her hand and told her “Oh prerena. You are not going to fuck me. Its the other way around.” I was on top of her, her upper part of the body was on the bed and I was almost sitting on top of her stomach. My dick was grown full length because of the excitement. I was holding her both hands with my left hand above her head and the dildo with the other hand. She was screaming with pain due to the uneasy position. I turned my head to look at her lower body and with my right hand I reached her pussy and inserted the whole dildo inside her.

Her screams grew louder. “Fuck you kunal. Fuck you. Get away from me.” I got the dildo out and again inserted it inside. The juices of her pussy were about to burst but before that I had got the dildo inside and out of her pussy for atleast ten to fifteen times. Her beautiful face turned red and her breaths started growing heavier. I knew that she was getting horny now. But I really wanted her to enjoy so much that she loved me fucking her in my own way and not her way. I released her hand from above her head. Immediately she caught hold of the bed railing which was above her head tightly and she seemed to enjoy her pussy being fucked by the dildo. She was moaning now that she had reached her horny levels.

I slowly released her waist. She felt easy now that my weight was not bothering her anymore but her eyes were shut and she was moaning and enjoying the action. Without removing the dildo from her pussy I slowly moved downwards and made my position in such a way that my face was now between her legs and I was ready for some action. I removed the dildo and my expert tongue now started moving all around her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy. Initially, she was moaning but the moment she realized that the dildo was out of her pussy she started yelling on top of her voice. Fuck off Kunal. Do it slowly. But my mind was not listening to her, now it was only listening to my dick. I held her thighs tightly and separated them to have more access to her pussy. While doing this an idea struck me. I held the dildo in her asshole which was visible in this position and tried to insert it. That was when I realized that she didn’t have a virgin ass because she seemed to like it a lot. She never restricted me from entering her ass. I inserted the dildo into her asshole and I kept sucking her pussy clean. Her upper body seemed to twitch due to the excess pleasure I was giving her. I let the dildo go up and down her ass while I was enjoying her sweet pussy. She let her hand on my hair and started to pull my hair.

All the time she was saying “Oh! God! That’s good Kunal! Suck it like that… Tear my ass”. I was getting excited listening to these and I increased the pace of my tongue as well as the dildo. Finally, she came with a big explosion and I cleaned her pussy dry with my mouth and tongue. Prerena came to her senses and she seemed to be angry with me. Although she had her orgasm I didn’t have mine. My cock was still standing in the air raised to its full glory. I expected her to be happy with my performance but instead, I received a tight slap on my cheeks. Prerena who was beneath me now pushed me away from her and she started getting away from the bed. She was saying “You fucker! You don’t know how to treat me. You should have been gentle with me.” I didn’t know what to do to get her laid. She got out of the bed and she went towards the bedroom door. For an instant, I thought she was going to step out of the room naked. But I was wrong. I had kept the beer bottles near the door of the room. Prerena was mumbling something and she bent down to pick up her beer bottle.

That was a real sight. The moment she bent down her ass was visible to me from the back. I immediately got out of the bed and pounced on her ass. She was in the bent position and I was on my knees and her asshole was directly accessible to my mouth. I started to enter into her asshole with my tongue. My cheeks were hurting because of the slap but I still wanted to fuck her, I didn’t care about the insult or the hurt. Prerena didn’t realize it that I had pinned her in that position and she started to moan the moment my tongue entered her asshole. I had started lubricating her ass with my saliva and I enjoyed getting her ass and pussy wet. The moaning kept going “Ah Kunal. That’s nice. Do it slowly. I love it.” she was still bent and my cock was fully erect. I wanted to enter her and as soon as I felt that her ass was well lubricated and wet I stood up and entered her ass with my cock. My cock had a lot of precum on it and so it was not difficult to enter into her ass. I caught her waist and started to go in and out of her ass.

After so many years I didnt enter her pussy but I was happy that I entered her ass. She had a tight asshole and it was extremely enjoyable. As she was still bent I caught hold of her shoulders with one hand and was thrusting my throbbing cock into her ass from behind. She had her hands on the wall to get herself a good support. I could see her strong shoulders going up and down with the number of thrusts that I was giving her. I gave her good thrust almost removing my cock out of her ass and then again thrusting it inside. She seemed to loose her balance and her hands began to loose its strength. She kept her breasts and her cheeks on the wall for support, while I was still thrusting her ass. As her left cheeks were getting support from the wall her right cheeks were accessible. In between my thrusts I gave her kisses on her right cheeks and I tried to give her a lip kiss, but it was difficult. So I removed my cock from her ass and immediately turned her around. I kept my left hand on her pussy and started massaging her pussy while my mouth played with hers. Our tongues met and they started exploring each others and started to fight. I could taste her sweet lip gloss.

I entered my dick into her pussy and started playing with her, while our tongues were still fighting. Her back was getting support from the walls now and she let her legs go around my waist to get a good grip. She was not standing on the ground now she was getting her support from her hands which were around my neck and her legs which were around my waist. I was holding her whole body weight on myself and still was able to give her a good fuck. We both started to pant and sweat because of these various adventurous positions which we were trying out.

Finally panting and sweating with my dick still inside her pussy I carried her from the wall towards the bed and threw her on the bed and I too landed on top of her. Prerena seemed to be totally enjoying what I was doing to her. She was moaning loudly and was enjoying the fuck. It seemed like I was out of control and was about to cum. My cock was in a good amount of pleasure. I didn’t want to waste the chance of cumming in her hole. So I thought the safest way would be to cum inside her ass. If I didn’t enjoy me cumming in her and I might as well have been at home masturbating. I caught hold of her waist and removed my dick from her pussy and in the same position, I entered into her asshole. The dildo which we had forgotten was nearby, I got it and while my dick was still inside her asshole I inserted the dildo into her pussy all the way to the end (a small portion was protruding outside).

Now I caught hold of her hip and started to go in and out of her ass. I removed my cock from her pussy and again insert it into her ass, as I wanted to give her extreme pleasure. She was moaning and she wanted to have more fun. I turned myself and I was on the bed now with my back resting on it and she was on top. Because the dildo was protruding outside her pussy the end of the dildo was now resting on my abdomen region. So the more I was giving her thrusts in her ass the dildo was also doing its duty of giving thrusts to her pussy along with my rhythm. She was having a good time getting her ass, as well as her pussy, pounded.

I now caught hold of her boobs and started massaging it. She was already in heaven now she was not able to control it and literally started jumping on my cock. I was about to cum but I wanted to enjoy some more and so I caught hold of her neck and brought her lips closer to my lips and gave her a smooch which was normal for me but since she had the dildo inside her pussy and this action of mine made the dildo go much more inside her pussy she was having much more pleasure than me. We kissed and broke up and then I twisted her body and again brought myself on top of her. Now it was time to suck her boobs and hard nipples. From the time we started the banging session I had not had the pleasure of sucking her boobs. So now I satisfied myself by sucking both her boobs which were soft and biting her nipples. She seemed to be in much pleasure she was moaning loudly now as if her whole life was gonna end. All this I was doing while the tip of my cock was still inside her asshole. Due to these actions of mine, she started cumming again. I too had lost control and started pounding her ass by holding her shoulders now while the dildo was still inside her.

I didn’t have the time to remove the dildo from her pussy because I was about to reach my climax and I bent down to hold her in my arms and started to go up and down into her ass and I ejaculated inside her asshole and I gave her thrusts till the time my dick started to reduce in size. I collapsed on top of her tired and sweating and our sweat started to get together and started to give a different kind of sweet odour. I liked it a lot and I hugged her tightly and she was also tired and panting and sweating. I removed my dick from her ass and now started to get into the bed near her. I was holding her by her neck with my arms and she was lying down near me and we started to get some rest in that position.

After some time while we were resting in the same position, just hoping to get a positive reply I asked her.

Me: prerena baby. I hope you enjoyed itPrerena (was tired but still she replied): where did you learn all these kunal?

Me: why?Prerena: if we had sex like this before we broke up I would never have left you.Me: is it? So you liked it?Prerena: yup. I loved it.

Me: where did you get the dildo?Prerena: one of my friend from us got it specially for me ;)Me: oh cool and who entered your ass? No way your husband wanted to divorce you.

Prerena: oh I told you about that shemale friend of mine?Me: yupPrerena: she did.

Me: I hope she used a condom.Prerena: ya ya I didnt allow her to enter me without a condom.Me: thats good.Prerena: one request kunal.Me: ya baby what do you want?Prerena: please remove the dildo from my pussy.

I had totally forgotten that I had left the dildo still sticking in her pussy. I made her to lay on her back and went down in between her legs to remove the dildo. I slowly removed the dildo and I heard her soft moan once again. Upon hearing her moaning in her soft voice my cock started to raise again and once again I started to put the dildo inside her pussy this time very slowly and making her shiver during the process. I raised my head to look up at her and our eyes met. I asked her “Are you ready for the second round baby?”

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