My Wife And Tailor – Part 5

So far you read that Aashu, a beautiful lady and wife of an young engineer Ashok got fascinated by a tailor having cock of only 4 inch. She got fucked with tailor in presence of husband and warned husband that she will leave him if any time he opposes her relationship with tailor. Other hand Kamal succeeded in seducing and fucking their young maid Paro. On the day of Diwali , Kamal saw his wife being fondled by Bhuvan , husband of maid.

Aashu fondled cock of servant also and proposed to husband to invite both maid & husband home for full night fun. But as few friends were already invited during night Aashu dropped proposal. In night three couples arrived and they decided to play strip poker. Aashu was final loser and that night she was fucked by two of the invited males. Kamal kept busy by one invitee lady Jaya. Since everyone could not fuck all four ladies it was decided to continue sex play next night also but Aashu had her period in the night. She informed that to others and requested them to postpone fuck game for other night.

Now read further…..

Like any other day, Paro came in morning and while Aashu remained asleep husband had a nice fuck with maid. While Vinod was leaving for office, husband of maid came and in front of him Bhuvan hugged Aashu tightly. He said that he could not sleep whole night. He kept on thinking about this moment when he will have Aashu in his hands.Husband smiled to hear this but Aashu pushed servant away….

“ Beta, abhi 5 raat aur yahi sapna dekho, ye Sapna pura karne ke liye ab agle somwar ko aana. “

She told him that as she is in period she can’t even touch any man. She told him to keep dreaming about her and come on next monday to fulfill his desire. After having tea Bhuvan left but only after agreeing to send his wife Paro in evening for cooking & cleaning. She has called Paro for fuck with husband.

After sometime she received call back from friend that party will be held on next saturday at her ( Aashu’s ) house. She agreed. She calculated that she will take head bath on Friday and can start fucking from that night itself. She smiled at this thought.

Starting from monday till thursday evening Paro came both time for cooking and every evening before leaving home she gave full sexual satisfaction to Kamal while Aashu remained in drawing room. It came friday. Aashu took full hair bath and changed to new dress. She desperately waited for the evening. In evening again her husband fucked maid in the bedroom.After maid left They had dinner. Then husband saw that Aashu changed to skirt and sleeveless blouse. He had seen wife in this outfit after a long gap. So he pulled her suddenly on his lap. While caressing and squeezing all over body and even under under skirt he kissed her passionately. He observed that she wore skirt without panty and cunt was neatly clean shaved.

“You can have me later on first let us go out….”

Aashu said while remaining in husband’s grip. Husband got surprised to hear wife.

“ Where, it is already pass 10, too late for any movie. “

But wife smiled and pulled herself away.

“Darling, it is late for movie but not for master’s cock for going into this cunt.”

She stood straight and lifted skirt up. She caressed cunt and said that it is hungry for master’s cock.

“Raja, meri ye bur master ke mast Lund aur chudai ke liye bhukhi hai, juldi chalo nahi to shop bund Ho jayega. “

She told husband to hurry otherwise master may go back home. She warned him that if he don’t take her to tailor she will go alone and will never return back.

Kamal has no option. He drove wife to same shop. When they reached there it was pass 11 and door shutter was half closed. Aashu entered first and husband followed her. They pulled shutter fully down. Aashu became sad to see a young , very young beautiful girl in the shop with master. He was wearing only a home made cotton underwear where was girl was wearing punjabi suit. Though Aashu became sad master almost jumped to see her. He took two strides and lifted her high.

“ Uff beti, kitna din Ho gaya, mujhe to laga kee tum apne baap ko bhul gaee…uff beti..tuney mujhe pagal kar diya hai….”

Telling that he missed her badly, she has made him mad he put her on same table on which they had fucked first. He kept kissing, caressing her and in 5-6 minutes both became nude. And soon he penetrated……Aashu hugged him in her arms tightly, raised her both legs high and shouted,

“ ufff. Kaka, aapki beti iss lund aur dhakka ke liye taras gaee thee… aaahhhh ….beti. Ko chodo ….bur faad do …..beti ko apni randi bana lo….”

She kept moaning and uttering filthy words. It was first live chudai for that girl. She was unable to believe what she was watching. She has heard about sex, chudai but never seen and now she became speechless and senseless seeing her father , an aged man fucking a so beautiful lady. That night Kamal had seen his friends fucking Aashu, his wife and others but the speed and thrust with which this master was fucking now was incomparable.Kamal could conclude that Aashu has become mad for chudai with this man only because of speed and powerful thrust.

Girl remained seated and engrossed in watching. Now Kamal gave attention to her. She was young, very fair, long and thick hairs, oval face with big bright eyes. He focussed and observed that breast are smaller than even breast of Paro. Waist was thin and thighs looked slim. He dared and put one hand on her back. She did not bother. He began caressing back, she remained motionless.

“Ahhhh raja, babuji eise hee pelte raho, aaj lawda bahar nahi nikalne dungi…. ufff kya maza AS raha hai …..”

“Haa beti…aaj raat. Bhar pelunga…. tu mere ghar chal…. din…raat..pelta rahunga…. ufff kya mast maal hai, tujhe dekhte hee tere.. baap..kaa lawda…tight…Ho…. jata hai ….”

Girl was watching and hearing. She did not bother when Kamal unbuttoned her top and holding from bottom of clothes, he pulled top out of her body. She just jerked head once and again got engrossed in watching. She did not see that Kamal has lifted bottom of slip and pulled it out off her head.she was topless. Kamal did not touch breast instead he hurriedly undressed himself. He became happy to see that his cock was fully tight and throbbing.

He pulled her one hand and put on his cock and told her to fist it.

“Theek se pakar kar sahlao…”

He helped her to take cock in her fist. Without looking at cock girl kept watching fucking couple. She could see white juice ozzing out of cunt . Girl began fisting but Kamal thought that if he delays then either girl may oppose or if their chudai gets over master may stop him fondling this girl. He rightly guessed that the girl is daughter of the master. Kamal softly pushed girl of hip of clothes , stitched / to be stitched. And for first time girl’s eye met with eyes of Kamal. She enquired about the lady getting fucked.

“ Ye aurat kaun hai, jisse babuji chod rahe hai….”

Kamale replied that she is his wife and she is mad for chudai with master. He said that they have come earlier also chudai like this. Girl did not object , in fact she did not know when Kamal pulled her salwar out and made her nude. He was caressing hairy cunt. Kamal parted hairs and positioned cock . He held her waist very tightly and gave a thrust, powerful as much as he could.

“ ueee maaa, marrrr, gaeee….”

She moaned in pain…her eyes widened, mouth remained opened but none of two fucking ones gave any attention. Now Kamal gave few more thrust and finally entire cock went in. Then he pressed his chest on her small breast and began kissing her cheeks and lips. Simultaneously he caressed her arms and body….after few minutes he looked into her eyes. It looked normal.

“ ab theek hai! “

He enquired whether she is ok….she nodded and then Kamal began giving soft push….but after some time girl began to shake her body and jerk hips. Kamal increased speed and power. Again after few minutes girl tightened him in her arms and moaned,

“ bahut maza aa raha hai….”

He increased speed and power of thrust as much he could but it was less that with what master was fucking Aashu. And girl also observed this.

“ Babuji, bahut speed aur jor jor se dhakka maar rahe hai…”

But Kamal ignored. Otherwise also it being her first chudai, she was satisfied with speed and thrust of Kamal. Both pair continued chudai in their own way …. suddenly first girl and then Aashu began to jerk fast , very fast, both tightened gripped and then loosened ……

“ ufff Babuji,mast kar diya aapne beti ko”. Aashu said.

“ uffff Saab,bahut maza diya aapne …… aap bahut achchhe hai ……” Girl responded.

In another few strokes both began to ejaculate and filled respective cunt. Master has penetrated at 11.20 and Kamal at 11.40 but both ejaculated at same time , exactly at 12.00 mid night.

Master was first to come down and he saw his youngest daughter Bina nude under Kamal. He looked at daughter but before he could say anything daughter clarified that seeing him fucking that beautiful lady she could not control and took Saab inside her.

“ Babuji, aap kee chudai dekhkar mai bahut garam Ho gaee, meri choot bahut pani a gaee aur Maine Saab ko mana nahi kiya….lekin Saab ne mujhe mast kar diya, abhee aur lungi…..”

Aashu heard and smiled. She hanged her both legs on side of table…..and draw attention of master…..

“Aarey Babuji…mujhe abhi aur chahiye…..bur ko garam karo. Aur phir pelo…..raat bhar chudwaungi……”

She invited him to heat her up with oral action. She said that she wants whole night fuck. But master was shocked not because his daughter lost virginity but by seeing Kamal. Since that first night he fucked Aashu, he was thinking that Kamal was impotent and that’s why Aashu is fucking with him. On diwali eve night though Kamal had fucked Aashu in his presence but he had seen that Aashu was not at all happy with chudai with husband. And now not only Kamal took virginity of young girl, she is expressing full satisfaction and wants him more.

But his attention got disturbed when Aashu sat up & pulled his head on cunt. Master began oral magic on cunt of Aashu and girl whispered,

“Saab, aapka lawda babuji ke lawda se lamba aur mota hai, mujhe maza bhee bahut diya phir aapki bibi dusre se kyo chudwati hai…”

She enquired that when his cock is longer and thicker than cock of her father, beside it gave her good pleasure then why Aashu gets fucked with others. Kamal replied that Aashu is a randi and she is not satisfied with one man…she wants new men….

Telling this he turned over her in 69 pose and began giving oral action like master was giving to his wife. Initially girl hesitated but then she also began licking and sucking cock. Girl’s mouth was stuffed so she enjoyed silently but Aashu kept on moaning and talking filthy….

“Ufff…raja…..mast. Karte raho…mujhe pyar karte raho…..mai apne ghar kee sab aurato ko tere Lund ke neeche lanugo, sub tumse chudwa kar bahut khush hogi……meri Saab ek number kee chhinasr,hai,randi hai, ussey juldi laungi, kutia ke pet mey apna bachcha daal dena, saali bahut badi chuddakkar hai, khud chodna, apne dosto, apne beto she chudwana.”ash raja…Babuji..maar daalo. Mujhe….. waah….. kya… mard.. Ho…”

Both girl and Kamal smiled to hear her.

“ Saab, lawda. Taiyar hai, choot bhee gili Ho gaee..phir se pelo….chodo….”

And again for about 20 minutes Kamal pumped girl and she again loosened first. Seeing her loose, Kamal pulled cock out, changed position. She try to resist but Kamal pushed cock in girl’s mouth and fucked in mouth. Finally he began to ejaculate and girl had to drain it through throat in her belly.

“ rani, mard kaa Ras peeogi to hamesh jawan aur mast rahogi ….. sundar bani rahogi …”

Girl desired to piss. Both stood up. Master was still busy in oral. Kamal caressed breast of wife and kissed her. Aashu winked and smiled back. Kamal came out with girl, both nude. They lifted shutter and after ensuring that there are no one around, both came to road and pissed together. They returned back and saw that master has now penetrated Aashu who has turned in doggy pose. Girl commented that both are fucking like dog and bitch.

“ dono kutta, kutia, jaisa chudai kar rahe hai….”

Both remained stood there and watched chudai closely. Master’s eye fell on frontal nudity of daughter. So far he has not fucked any female of family but now he desired to fuck his youngest unmarried daughter who has lost virginty to husband of lady whom he is fucking. He wanted to caress daughter but he resisted. But nudity of young daughter that also so close had a desired effect. He got extremely excited and began ejaculating just after 7-8 minutes of penetration.

After he drained cum he pulled out and stood straight. Daughter saw cock of father at a very close distance. She could have easily touched it. Instead she took Kamal’s cock in her fist and wondered that how any lady would like to fuck with such a short and thin cock…

“ Babuji, kaise koi aurat aapke Chhote aur patle Lund se chudwa sakti hai, mujhe to eisa ( cock like of Kamal) chahiye. “

Father heard, became angry but kept quite. But not Aashu. She retorded,

“Saali, randi …ek baar iss lund se chudwa le ….phir ye saab kya, sab lund ko bhul jayegi. “

Aashu held cock of master and challenged girl to get fucked once by this cock and then she will forget all cocks….she told girl that as she is fucked twice so she should rest a little and then change partner.

“ kutia, 2-2 baar chudwa chuki, ab thoda aaram kar le phir apne baap ke Lund kaa jaadu dekhna..”

Girl looked at father with hope that he will oppose Aashu’s proposal but she saw that father is caressing his cock and looking at her. She turned her head to Kamal and told him to play with her more.

“ Saab, mujhe phir garam karo….meri choot ko ye lawda bahut pasand aaya….”

But Aashu pulled girl and told her that this time she will heat her up. Girl resisted but Aashu pulled her down where girl was fucked by Kamal. Girl resisted but Aashu was much stronger and finally Aashu dipped her head between thighs of girl on hairy cunt. Master looked at Kamal. Kamal sat on knees behind wife, held her hip cheeks tightly and began licking cunt & asshole of wife,.

Master also sat near face of daughter but he did not touch her. He just watched. It was already 1.30 of night. He knew that his wife and other family members would have been waitingfor him but as they knew that he stayed back at shop many night master was not much worried. It was first time that his daughter was in shop till so late. She had come earlier also, she was a good tailor but every time she returned home by 11 but that night she lost her virginity and now going to be fucked by father.

It was first lesbian act for both girl and Aashu who was keen to see father fucking daughter. She used all oral tricks what her husband and master was doing on her. She chewed cunt lips, she ticked clit, pulled it up again and again and every time girl shivered. She tongue fucked girl, she finger fucked . She herself was getting excited by double action, lesbian with girl and oral pleasure by husband… Kamal was not only playing with cunt of wife but he has lubricated ass hole also. He could push two fingers together in ass hole. He continue to make it more slippery with use of his spit and cunt juice….

Another 20-25 minutes passed and girl shouted,

“Pelo, bur mey lawda pelo….” Girl wanted cock in cunt. Aashu raised head and while squuzing breast asked whose cock she wants,

“Kiska lawda chahiye, Saab kaa ? “

And girl replied that her cunt is on fire and she can take any cock….

“Bur mey aag lagi hai, koi bhee lawda, pelo juldi pelo…”

She began jerking but Aashu kept her thighs pressed . She enquired whether she will take cock of dog , horse, donkey….

“Kutta, ghoda, gaadha kiska lawda legi…”

And girl replied that she saw two dogs on road and she is ready to take even their cock….

“ haa, jinka milta hai, uska le aao, kisee se bhee chudwa lungi….lekin juldi laao. “

Aashu looked at master, whose cock, 4” cock was tight and throbbing. Aashu asked whether she will fuck with father…

“Dekh abhi koi dusra lawda nahi hai, sirf tere baap kaa lawda hai, bahut chhota hai, chudwayegi baap se.”

And girl retorded that when she (Aashu) can fuck with that cock of father then why not she. She asked her to tell father to fuck..her..”

“Kutia, tu jub apne baap ke chhote lund she chudwa sakti hai to mai kyo nahi….apne baap ko mujhe chode, thanda Kare….”

Girl finished sentence and master pulled her legs towards him, rode over her and by holding shoulders he penetrated daughter in presence of other two. Aashu noted it was ten minute passed two of night……master gave few hard strokes and girl screamed….

“Beti chod, koi randi nahi, teri beti Hun….aaj pahli baar chudwa rahi Hun….matherchod dheere pel….”

She told him to pump not so hard but Kamal pushed very hard in cunt of wife from behind. He pressed her shoulders and Aashu rested head on hip of clothes. Both men pumped hard and fast. Undoubtedly master was much faster and stronger than Kamal. This chudai continue for about 10 minutes and all along Kamal kept finger fucking ass hole. Aashu was enjoying this double masti and suddenly Kamal pulled out cock and pushed hard in ass hole.

“ no, nahi…Kamal….nahi……it pains, dard..Ho raha hai….”

Her body stiffened as cock entered into virgin ass hole. But Kamal was determined and he kept pushing cock harder into ass hole. Aashu began to sweat, her face lost colour, body stiffened and finally cock entered into ass hole…

“ Kamal, please pull it out, I am not enjoying, ye Ganda kaam hai, gaand she lawda bahar nikalo…mai tumhare saath nahi rahungi……”

She kept pleading to pull cock out but Kamal kept on pumping in ass hole. Time passed and her body began to loose..she started enjoying friction of tight long cock in tight tunnel. Her body began to shake . Master was fucking daughter in his own way. Girl also started enjoying and moaning…

“ Ufff babuji, tumne pahle kyo nahi choda, tere lund mey jaadu hai ….. aaah … pelte raho ….. roj chudwaungi…… apni sahelio ko tumse chudwaungi ….. aahhhhh … bahut …maza ….. as raha hai …..”

Aashu smiled like a victorious, she wanted to husband that not only she , master’s own daughter whom Kamal has fucked twice is enjoying like her with master. She said so to husband.

“Dekha Kamal, tera lawda lamba mota hai to kya, tum master jaisa maza nahi de sakte….dekho ye ladki, jisse you tune 2 baar choda wo bhee 4 inch lawda ke chudai she kitni mast Ho gaee hai….”

And girl’s moan really dampen him. His cock got limped and came out of ass hole of wife. He came near face of girl getting fucked by father. He pushed his semi limped cock in girl’s mouth and both male began squeezing breast of girl. Girl heald root of cock and began giving blowjob like she did before. Master got more excited and increased speed and power of thrust.

Kamal’s cock began to tightened and after some time girl pushed cock out of mouth. Aashu looked at time. It was passed 3 means father has been fucking daughter for an hour. She pushed master away from body of daughter and said that girl will die, he already has pumped her for an hour….

“Pahli chudai mey beti kee jaan le loge…ab baad mey chodna, mujhe chodo….”

She pushed master beside his daughter and swiftly she sat upon lund of master. Her cunt took entire length and Kamal penetrated girl for third time.

It was new experience for master that Aashu was fucking him from top. He began squeezing breast and jerked his hip up. Both wife and husband fucked their partners and this time master discharged first. Aashu laid over him and master said openly that she is much better than his young daughter.

“ Aashu beti, tu meri iss kamsin beti she jyada mast aur maaldaar hai….Bina ke bur mey wo garmi aur ras nahi jo tere bur mey hai….”

And daughter heard father. She got angry. She hugged Kamal tightly in her arms and legs and said that now onward if he ever tries to touch her she will cut his cock.

“Bahanchod, tu randi ko chod, agar kabhi mujhe haath lagaya to lawda kaat dungi…”

And master coolly said that he himself will never fuck her. He said that she is not a good fuck for real man like him..she is good for impotent like Kamal only…..

And that impotent Kamal fucked Bina for another 10-12 minutes before he filled girl’s cunt second time.

Though Aashu want to stay more but Kamal lifted her and took her out . He put her in car . Bina threw clothes of Aashu in car . Before Kamal ignited car Aashu shouted and said that she will again come on tuesday night. At this Bina shouted that she will be present that night. Kamal felt pleased.

Hear Kamal drove nude wife to home and in shop girl pulled father again between her thighs. She requested father to fuck her and train so that she also become a randi like Aashu .

“Babuji, mujhe itna chodo, chudwao aur sikhao kee mai bhee aapki uss kutia randi beti Aashu kee tarah chuddakkar Ho jaaun……”

When father pulled out cock after ejaculating in daughter’s cunt, sunlight has entered into the shop.

Neither Aashu nor Kamal talked about chudai or girl . They drove silently.

They reached home at around 5 and as like other time Aashu slept nude. Kamal waited for maid Paro.

It was saturday morning. Aashu has confirmed for continuation of Orgy party that night in her home .

Details of orgy in next part…….

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