My Wife And Tailor – Part 6

You read in last part that while Aashu fucked with her favourite man tailor with cock of 4 inch , her husband Kamal dared and succeeded in fucking Bina, youngest daughter of master in presence of other two. Aashu created a scene and succeeded in making father fuck daughter in presence of them but even after fucking a young girl, own daughter master said that Aashu is best.

After fixing appointment of next Tuesday night both returned home in early morning. While Aashu slept nude Kamal fucked maid Paro in morning. During orgy of Diwali night , all of four males were not able to fuck all ladies so second part of orgy was rescheduled to be held on this saturday night. Aashu has called Paro and both cooked items for the party. They arranged wines also. Paro wanted to stay for help but Aashu made her go back home. Other three pairs came at around 10 night together. They all hugged and kissed each female. Though others wanted to start straightway fuck but Aashu insisted them to have dinner first.

She complained that last time also items remained unfinished. They all agreed on condition that all four female will become nude. Now there was no shame between them. They had seen each one nude , fondled and kissed everyone. That night Aashu was fucked by two Vinod & Anand, Jaya had only Kamal, Rekha was fucked by Anand & Pawan and Maya only by Vinod. Let us recall pairs ,

Kamal & Aashu,

Vinod & Rekha,

Pawan & Jaya,

Anand & Maya.

Out of above Jaya was mad for Kamal whereas other three males wanted to fuck Aashu. Aanand had declared that Rekha is better than Aashu and during the week after last orgy on Sunday night, Anand & Rekha has enjoyed twice in Rekha’s house. Similarly Rekha’s husband had Maya twice during the week.

But Pawan was desperate to fuck Aashu. He lifted Aashu despite other’s objection and put her on bed made for orgy in living room. Aashu also resisted but Pawan moved his head on cunt and began chewing clit. Aashu grabbed his hairs and jerked hip. Now all knew that Aashu is also ready.

Suddenly Vinod pulled Jaya to him and pushed her beside Aashu. Unlike Pawan he first undressed and began kissing and caressing that school girl like lady. Other two lady looked at Kamal. Though he liked slim trim lady Rekha over other lady Maya . He thought that if he choose Rekha then Maya will have to fuck with husband only which she may not like.

So he pulled hand of Maya and told her to undress him. Maya’s husband Anand undressed and pulled Rekha to him. They already had fucked in that afternoon but Anand became happy that others did not opt for Rekha. He has started falling in love with friend’s wife. He also pushed Rekha , but on other side of Aashu and like Vinod began kissing and caressing his loving lady. He while kissing whispered to her,

“Rekha, would you be mother of my child…I love you very much…”

Rekha’s eyes brightened and she nodded. She took him in strong embraces .

“I love you too….come fill me…..”

Among four couples Anand was first to penetrate. Aashu was moaning loudly under Pawan’s oral action. Though Pawan was better than husband in oral pleasure but not like master tailor.

“ Pawan, fuck this bitch….”

And she pulled his head over. He moved over her and he penetrated with hard jolt…..

“Harami, itna jor se nahi, teri randi maa kaa nahi Aashu ka bur hai….pyaar she chod matherchod. “

All others smiled on hearing Aashu and Vinod also penetrated Jaya….unlike Aashu Jaya told her partner to fuck her hard and fast……

“Fuck me hard, I want hard and fast fuck….fuck me you dog….”

Three couples have already started fucking but Maya was still busy in blowjob. Kamal understood the difference between novice women like his wife and Paro who wants their own satisfaction whereas this lady was giving him pleasure. Though on previous night he has fucked Jaya longest and last night fucked that young girl three time but pleasure now he was getting was incomparable. All other three ladies were moaning under pumping by their respective partners but here kamal was moaning. He has grabbed ladies hair tightly but still Maya was licking, sucking cock. She was moving tongue all along length of cock, it’s periphery, she sucked balls, on thigh joints and made Kamal ecstatic.

“Darling it is very good, let me fuck you now…”

He said and lady pulled mouth out. She laid on bed where she was and Kamal positioned herself.

“Darling, in next round I will eat you….”

Telling this he penetrated and Pawan filled cunt of Aashu.

“Uff Aashu dear, you are really best, ufff I never enjoyed so much….”

Pawan said and Aashu responded by tightening her legs and hands on him.

“I liked you very much ….I enjoyed it. “

Both hugged, kissed and separated. They sat up and watched other. Soon Jaya pushed Vinod away and got up silently. Undoubtedly this pair did not enjoy each other. They watched others. Anand and Rekha were fucking like mad. Speed was fast, thumping was powerful. Rekha was jerking hips and caressing partners… Both grunted and loosened.

“Ufff Anand you are a darling, real he man…..”

Anand responded,

“Rekha darling you are best….”

He looked at Rekha’s husband and proposed,

“ Vinod , exchange your wife with mine…..”

His wife Maya who was getting pumped by Kamal heard and smiled

“You keep Rekha and I will stay with Kamal & Aashu. “

But Jaya did not like this. She retorted back,

“ Maya Didi, if you want you can have Kamal once a while but he is my man….his body and cock is mine….I will stay with him. “

Kamal heard but smilingly kept on banging Maya. Seeing their fuck not Aashu but Jaya got restless.

“What Kamal, how much you will fuck this bitch…leave her now, Maya Didi is tired….”

And Maya replied smilingly …..

“Kutia , why you are getting restless for Kamal, first get pumped by Anand and Pawan and then only you can have Kamal again…..”

She jerked hip high and caressed man fucking her,

“Keep fucking as you are doing..I like soft and long fuck…”

But after few minutes speed of pumping increased, Maya began to moan loudly, her body tightened and both climaxed together…

“ uffff Kamal, Jaya is right, you are best…” Maya said while hugging him tightly.

“ and you are a woman who can satisfy any one…I liked you…” Kamal responded.

Vinod came near and kissed Maya.

“ yes Kamal, you are right. “

Thereafter they had dinner, drink and chatted. There was no restriction. Everyone was fondling , kissing and caressing everyone. Then Maya confessed that after last orgy she had Vinod twice . She said that beside Vinod she also had to fuck with two more person as business deal for father in law.“ father in law also fucks you ?” Someone enquired.

“ No, not yet but he very often watched me getting fucked by his clients. I think he is impo. “

Maya replied and asked others about their fun during the week.

Aashu lied that as she had period she did not fuck even with Kamal. Jaya also said that like Aashu she also got period since last tuesday and could not fuck with anyone. She confessed that she wanted to come to Kamal for fuck. Fourth lady Rekha replied that she had fun with Anand twice.

Among male, Jaya’s husband said that he did not fuck anyone. Anand said that beside wife Maya he fucked Rekha twice. Vinod also said that beside wife he fucked Maya twice. Kamal said that he did not fuck wife but he has been fucking his house maid daily and last night he had a young virgin girl while he visited a friend’s house in city. Except Aashu who had marathon sex with tailor and ass fucking by husband all spoke truth.

“ lucky girl ! “ Jaya commented sadly .

It was after 12 midnight when Jaya took her bag and went to bathroom. She returned back soon and straightway sat on lap of Kamal with her legs on sides and both hand across his neck. Kamal also held her tightly and their mid / chest portion pressed each other. All saw that Jaya kissed him tightly but no one else saw that she pushed one capsule from her mouth to his mouth. She pressed capsule deep in her mouth with tongue and kept it pressed. Kamal had to swallow it. Then after couple of minute she withdraw lips and whispered in his ears,

“ Pawan has also taken one now you can pump all as much you want…”

No one heard but senior most lady among four, Maya pressed thighs of Aashu and commented,

“ Aashu, better you find a new man, this bitch Jaya is going to take your place on the bed. “

And Aashu replied boldly,

“ I know, that’s why I already found a man, no one can satisfy a woman like him. “

She certainly was referring to tailor and she wanted confirmation from husband,

‘ is not it Kamal ? “

But Kamal expressed ignorance and said that how he can say he has not seen her getting fucked by any such man. But Maya who has taken maximum cocks among four ladies seated in room wanted to have such satisfaction. She requested Aashu to call her man and let her enjoy with him.

“ Aashu dear, let me also have such satisfaction . I am ready to fuck with your man for free. “

Aashu nodded and said that she will inform her soon. Vinod was eager to fuck Aashu again so he got up and pulled up Aashu from chair.

“ but let us first enjoy with ladies present here. Now it is my turn with Aashu. But Maya objected telling that Aashu is remained to be fucked by husband and then only second round start.

Rekha was remained to be fucked by Kamal and own husband,

Jaya was remained to be fucked by Anand and her husband,

Maya was remained to be fucked by Pawan and husband ,

Aashu was remained to be fucked by husband only.

So after some discussion it was decided that first wife and husband would fuck and thereafter whoever wants to fuck any one would fuck.

Maya made all four female to stand in a line. Let us see their characteristics,

Maya – aged about 26-27, used to fuck before marriage of 5’3” tall, healthy,weighing about 62 kgs, statistics of 36 inch breast x 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips, fair to very fair, round face and having long thick hairs. So far she was fucked with atleast 50 men.

Rekha – aged about 25 yrs, 5’5” tall, slim & trim, having fig of 34 x 24 x 34 inch , fair to very fair, bobbed cut hair, oval face and sharp features. So far she was fucked by 3 men only including 2 men of the group. Kamal is yet to fuck her.

Jaya – aged about 24, 5’4” tall, thin structure weighing 48-49 kgs, fair, having stats of 32 x 22 x 32 inch. Beside husband and men of this group she is fucking only with one man, that is boss of her husband, who is fucking her almost once every week. He pays her a lot both in cash and kind. She looks like a school girl.

Aashu – very beautiful, aged 24 years, well proportionate figures of 34 inch x 24 inch X 34 inch, long & well shaped thighs, dense long hairs, fair to very fair having perfect weight of 55 kgs on her 5’5” tall structure. Other than husband and three men of this group she has fucked only with tailor and likely to be fucked by servant Bhuvan soon.

Among men, Kamal was off course most handsome both face & figure wise. Vinod and Pawan were of medium structure but Anand was little healthier than others. He was weighing 73 kgs whereas all others were kgs of weight 65-66 .

“ no oral action between wife & husband. Just penetration. “

Maya again instructed. It was hardly 20 mins since Jaya had pushed capsule in mouth of Kamal but it was over one hour since Jaya’s husband has taken one. His cock was tightest of all but Kamal’s cock was longest and thickest.

All four penetrated their wife almost at same time. 10-12 mins of fucking got over and Aanand was to discharge first. He pulled out cock. Though Vinod has not discharged he pulled out from cunt of his wife Rekha and jumped over Maya. He began pumping her. Pawan was under full effect of capsule and he was pumping wife Jaya mercilessly….Aashu and Kamal were fucking normally then Aashu whispered,

“ don’t waste time on me, go and fuck other, see Rekha is free. “

Kamal pumped wife strongly for few minutes then he pulled out and straightway jumped on Rekha. Kamal had not yet fucked Rekha. She tightened him under arms and legs. Otherside, effect of capsule has started to come. He felt that cock has developed more tightness.

He positioned and penetrated with powerful stroke as much he could…..

“ ufffff….slow dear…….I am not going away…..fuck me as long you want……”

Here Kamal started pumping Rekha and her husband Vinod jumped over Aashu and straightway penetrated. She also tightened him in his arms and legs and whispered,

“ Vinod, I was waiting for you, take me as much you want….fuck me whole night…..I love you….”

Vinod did not believe his ears.

“ ohhh Aashu darling since I saw you 8-9 months back I am mad for you but you never gave me lift..”

“ you also never indicated that you love me, like you…I also liked you since I saw you first in that office party….”

Aashu excited him telling that she also love him. She thought that it will excite him much and he will discharge fast. But it has effect otherwise. He began pumping slowly but firmly. He kept kissing, caressing and squeezing.

Jaya knew that his husband has taken viagra he now will not discharge soon so after about 20 minutes of pumping she pushed him away whispering that she knows that he has taken viagra. She told him to use his stamina on others.

At that time Anand filled his wife Maya and she pushed him away. Pawan looked around , saw one petticoat and he wiped inside and outer surface of cunt of Maya. He wanted to penetrate her but Maya told him to give oral pleasure first. Pawan told lady to turn in doggy pose. She did and then holding tight big hips of lady Pawan began licking cunt and asshole area of the lady. Pawan saw that asshole was loose and got easily opened up. He enquired whether she get ass fucked also.

“ rani, gaand bhee marwata ho….?

Lady consented and said that only if some one pays her a hefty price . She said that lastly she had ass fucked last about a month back by a college boy, son of a big industrialist who has given her a diamond studded necklace set for full night fun with her. Boy was virgin and she did everything he desired. She got ass fucked, swallowed cum , danced nude for him , everything.

Pawan pushed two fingers in asshole and desired to fuck in ass. But Maya put condition.“ not in front of other ladies, come to my house and 20000/- and enjoy me the way you want. Except in this orgy I never fucked with anyone for free.

Pawan did not reply and after about 10 minutes of oral he penetrated in cunt and soon after room got filled with moan of Maya. Not otherwise but because of this moan of lady Vinod got very much excited and could not control and he filled cunt of Aashu.

“Ohhh Vinod , you are very good…….”

She hugged him tightly, kissed passionately and then pushed him away. She saw her husband Kamal pumping Rekha and Pawan pumping Maya. Other Two males were seated with limped cock and Jaya was looking at Aashu. She recalled last night’s lesbian action with daughter of tailor. It was only one way. She had enjoyed and thought of repeating same with this girlish Jaya.

Aashu got up and walked to Jaya. Both winked at each other. Jaya expressed sadness,

“ kya karun yaar wo Kutia Rekha , Kamal ko chhor hee nahi rahi hai…..”

And Aashu smiled. Before Jaya could understand anything Aashu laid over Jaya in 69 pose. She parted thighs of Jaya and took tiny cunt in her mouth…

“ bitch, haramjaadi, what you are doing…I am not a lesbian….”

But Aashu did not let Jaya speak more. She pressed her cunt on mouth of Jaya and Jaya had no option than to hold thighs of Aashu tightly. She could not push heavy thighs away and cunt remained pressed on her lips.

Aashu used techniques by which tailor, Kamal and today Pawan has given oral action. She was chewing cunt lips, pulling clit, pushing tongue inside and moving all around. Simultaneously she finger fucked fast and Jaya could not control much. She began chewing cunt lips and clit. As time passed she also began to do what Aashu was doing. Not only this, she went one step further. While chewing cunt lips, clit she pushed one middle finger in asshole of Aashu. Last night itself Kamal has ass fucked her so finger moved easily and she began finger fucking….their speed and sound of sucking and licking increased and other two pairs engaged in fucking got disturbed. Seeing lesbian action, which she never did or seen before she got very much excited and climaxed. Not only climaxed under heavy and fast thumping by Kamal she had first orgasm, she never felt so satisfied , so light in mind and body.

“ Kamal, you have made me your randi, I am your slave…ohh raja you brought me for free. “

They have fucked for about 40 minutes. Kamal silently first thanked Jaya for giving that viagra capsule and then kissed Rekha passionately.

“ I love You Rekha, you are always welcome, Aashu will never object. “

He said and got off from body of Rekha. All looked at him. His cock was still tight and throbbing. He walked to lesbian pair. Without disengaging them he turned them upside down. Now Jaya was on top of Aashu. Kamal positioned himself over Jaya, pressed cock on cunt still being sucked by Aashu and gave hardest possible push. Jaya wanted to scream with joy but Aashu kept her mouth pressed on cunt.

Jaya’s husband Pawan was pumping most fucked lady Maya relentlessly. She was enjoying it very much. She wondered that with such a nice fucking husband why Jaya is mad for Kamal. But she herself started liking Kamal after their first fuck.

Other slim trim lady Rekha recovered her breath after fuck with Kamal. She also wondered that after even satisfying her so much how Kamal is still banging Jaya so hard & fast. Like Jaya and Maya she also developed weakness for Kamal. She looked around. Jaya’s mouth was between thighs of Ashu’s and Kamal was pumping Jaya over mouth of wife Ashu. She had few experience of lesbian in her college days but she could not develop liking for it. Pawan was over Maya and both were enjoying. She felt sad for husband Vinod who was seated with other man Anand. Rekha saw that both are looking tired only after two round. Rekha jerked hip, raised both legs high and parted it wide. She addressed to them & invited them to have fun with her and get them self ready for another round with choice of their girl.

“Tum dono lawda dheela kar kyo baithe ho…aao..dono ko tight kar deti Hun…”

Both came immediately to her. She took hold of their limped cocks in each hand and told Anand to play with her cunt the way he want.

“ Anand, mere bur se khelo mai Vinod ka lawda chusti Hun…”

Anand wanted that only. He liked Rekha much more than Aashu and wanted her more & more. He sat between her thighs and kissed cunt many time. Rekha jerked hip and She pulled cock of husband in mouth and began blowing and fondling. Maya had taught husband everything, oral also. He started giving oral pleasure to Rekha and in turn she kept giving blow job to husband. 10-12 minutes passed and both’s cock regained tightness. Anand looked in eyes of Rekha as if seeking permission. She permitted by nodding and Anand penetrated Rekha second time that night.

It was first time in that orgy that a lady was getting double pleasure by husband & one other man. Vinod saw that his friend has started banging his wife . He pulled out cock from mouth of wife and kissed her. He smilingly commented that her cunt has started liking cock of Anand. Rekha smilingly nodded and Anand again said that Rekha is best.

Rekha looked around and saw that Ashu’s cunt is still free and being fondled by Jaya’s oral action. She told husband to pull Ashu away from clutch of Jaya and fuck her hard till she beg him to stop.

“ raja, dekh wo randi Ashu kee bur khali hai, ussey chod chod kar maar daal… Jaa pel kutia ko “

She took other man Anand in her hands and told him to kill her by fucking hard…

“ aur Anand tu mujhe chod-chod kar maar daal, meri bur ko tera lawda bahut pasand a Gaya hai..”

She jerked hip up and again raised both legs high up. Husband heard wife appreciating cock of his friend. He patted both wife and friend and in return wife kissed throbbing cock of husband and smilingly pushed him away.

“ jaao Aashu ko jum kar chodo aur ussey apna randi banao “

She focussed on man fucking her and jerked hips and told him to keep fucking her like this every day and night.

“ uff Anand, Ashu kisee kee randi baney yaa NA baney mai to teri randi bun gaee hun…aaj maza aa raha hai. “

Vinod walked to Ashu and seeing his throbbing cock she herself pulled away from Jaya and pulled him on her. She said that as Jaya has already made her very wet she dont need any stimulation. She want just hard pumping. She laid on beside Jaya getting fucked by Kamal but she did not change direction. Her head remain towards legs of Jaya who was getting fucked from behind by Kamal. Vinod straightway penetrated and saw that cock of Kamal is still so tight.

Kamal first fucked wife Aashu, then Rekha and now he was pumping Jaya , a school girl type lady. Seeing intimacy between Jaya and Kamal , Aashu thought and decided to get this girl Jaya fucked by her master, tailor master having 4” cock. Aashu began enjoying pumping by Vinod.

Most fucked lady Maya was getting pumped by Pawan husband of Jaya. She enjoyed pumping by hard cock . About another 10 minutes passed. Maya climaxed and loosened but her partner was still very tight and hard. Maya understood that Pawan has taken some energy pill. She caressed man and asked him whether he still wants to fuck in asshole.

“ Pawan, sach kahti Hun, aaj bahut dino ke baad itni masti aaee, bahut maza diya tumne, ab bhee gaand maarna chahta ho.?”

Man continued pumping and nodded.

“ rani teri iss choot ne bahut maza diya, mujhe maalum hai Teri gaand bhee bahut masti degi…”

Lady smilingly nodded and told him to come to her house with money she said earlier and enjoy her both side. Then she told him that if he is keen to have pleasure of ass fucking , he can ass fuck her husband Anand who is now fucking Rekha.

“ raja, tujhe jum bhee meri gaand mey lawda pelna hai, pura paisa lekar mere ghar a jaana, ko bologe sab maza dungi, leking agar abhi gaand kaa maza chahiye to apne dost Anand kee gaand maaro, bahut bada gaandu hai, wo Rekha ko chod raha hai, tu uske gaand mey lawda pel, khush Ho jaayega…..”

Pawan initially objected, but after insistance of Maya, Pawan pulled out cock and walked to fucking couple Rekha and Anand. First he sat near face of Rekha and caressed her lips and cheeks. Rekha smiled and held cock wet with cunt juice of Maya. She turned face towards cock and began licking top portion of cock. Anand was pumping but Pawan bend and while caressing body he began sucking both breast and nipples one after another. After doing so for few minutes he stood up very close to face of Anand.

Anand looked hungrily at throbbing cock, he closed pumping , Pawan held cock by its root and pointed it towards Anand. Anand raised one hand from body of Rekha and held cock. He pulled it and all saw that in a minute or so, entire cock of Pawan was inside mouth of Anand. Holding cock in mouth man again increased pumping of lady whom he was fucking. It looks like cock is fucking in mouth. Pawan waited for 3-4 minutes and suddenly he pulled cock out and came behind him. Man knew what is coming.

He stopped pumping of cunt and pushed ass forward to Pawan. He bend on Anand, pushed his shoulder down on Rekha and positioned cock tip on hole, ass hole. He gave a hard push and in one push more than half length of thick and throbbing cock went inside ass hole. Anand held shoulder of Rekha tightly and Pawan pushed hands from side of Anand and grabbed boobs of Rekha. Pawan gave few more hard push and both Rekha and Anand under Pawan moaned loudly.

Attention of all others diverted towards this moan. But neither Vinod stopped fucking Aashu nor Kamal released Jaya out of his grip. Maya was free, she watched fucking of her husband by his friend from a distance. Now Rekha was not having weight of only 65 kgs over her but now she was holding around 130 kgs and was feeling impact of such load. Instead of trying to come out of such heavy load, that slim trim lady enjoyed it more.

She concluded that pleasure of fucking by heavier man is more than getting fucked by a man of normal weight. She thought of enjoying with such a heavier man but till then she was not friendly with any such man. She did not complain of double load over her instead she raised her both legs and placed it on shoulders of Anand who was enjoying tight cock of friend in his ass. It was first time that he was getting fucked in ass by any of his colleague friend and that also in presence of others. He had enjoyed more than 50 cocks in ass but he never got pleasure like he was getting now.

This scene excited everyone. Vinod discharged first in cunt of Aashu, she hugged him tightly and thanked him for nice fuck. She invited him home but not alone. She told him to bring Rekha along with him.

“Raja, apni randi ko lekar aana aur mujhe jumkar chodna….”

Vinod nodded and kissed her passionately.

Kamal did not get loose but Jaya got tired,exhausted and had orgasm as well. She hugged Kamal tightly and said that he is much better than anyone she fucked with so far. She said that Kamal is better than boss Bose sir.

“Raja, tere boss Bose Saab every week mujhe chodte hai, lawda mota hai, lamba ha, tight bhee rahta hai, lekin ko maza tumne diya waisa maza kabhi nahi mila. “

She requested him to pull away and promised that after some time she will only take him again.They got separated.

Anand had already filled Rekha’s cunt but he was still over him as Pawan was pumping in her ass continuously. But after few minutes Pawan ejaculated, he pulled out cock, turned Anand to face him and showing everyone he pushed that cock in mouth of man whom he has pumped in ass. Rekha remained as she was under Anand. Everyone saw in amazement and with disgust. Anand not only drained all cum, he swallowed it all ready. Seeing this Rekha pushed him away and stood up. She scolded Anand for his gayness and swallowing cum and she warned him against touching her ever again.

“Gaandu, matherchod agar phir kabhi mujhe haath lagaya to lawda kaat kar tere gaand mey gusher dungi…..gaandu, tujhe mai apne ghar ke logo she, naukary se gaand marwaungi. “

She looked at others and announced that she is not against such orgies in future also but only with condition that this gaandu ( Anand) will not touch her ever.

No one replied or countered her. She took hand of Aashu and went inside room. Except Kamal no one wanted any more fuck. Kamal did not like gay act but he himself wanted to ass fuck all four ladies, particularly his own wife and Rekha but Jaya did not leave him.

Other two couples left at around 4 in the morning. Jaya took Kamal to one room whereas other room was occupied by Aashu and Pawan. This pair just slept holding each other whereas Jaya again fucked with Kamal.

Before Paro came, Kamal had changed Jaya with Ashu . Paro smiled to see Jaya & Pawan nude in one room and Aashu sleeping nude alone in other room. Though initially Paro objected but finally laid beside Aashu for morning fuck with master of house Kamal.

While enjoying pumping Paro said that her husband is mad to fuck Aashu. She said that he has not touched her since Diwali.

“Raja, maalkin ne Bhuvan ko itna pagal kar diya hai kee Diwali raat se usne mujhe haath bhee nahi lagaya, ussey ab iss randi Aashu kaa bur aur chuchi chahiye….”

And master of house told maid to send Bhuvan after she goes home. She said that he will ensure that Bhuvan fucks Aashu today itself that also in his presence.

“Jaa Bhuvan ko bhej dean, aaj apne saamne iss kutia ko Bhuvan se chudwaunga….phir baad mey tere saamne bhee….”

Whether Bhuvan succeeded in fucking Aashu…… ?

Wait for next part…….

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