My Wife And Two Men In A Hotel

Here is an account of a great threesome experience I had in a hotel. I had been writing to Rajesh through the AFF for a couple of months, with my wife in consultation, and I told him about my wife and how sexy she was! When we finally arranged to meet in a hotel in a Hill Station, he asked us if Amar, a very close and handsome friend of his, with whom he shared all secrets, could come along. We had had agreed and decided to stay in adjacent rooms at a Hotel.

My wife and I arrived first and took our rooms and booked the rooms for the two friends. We took our bath and got ready for the evening with excitement! When the men arrived, I invited them for a couple of minutes to our room before they went and washed up. They introduced themselves to my wife and me and were quite pleased that we could meet them. Rajesh even felt her face lovingly! The two men turned out to be really nice persons. I felt a strange sensation and a tingling excitement that they would be fucking her within an hour or so. However, my wife was relaxed and sat quietly when they had gone to their rooms to change and wash up. My wife was charged up by the way she looked at me and smiled!

When they returned, at about 7 PM, we chatted and relaxed around the fireplace to become more familiar with each other and I brought out some drinks. Rajesh then sat next to my wife on the bed and after a mild resistance, began kissing her in front of us! Amar and I pretended not to notice! My wife felt shy but he would not stop. After a few minutes my wife asked me quietly if Rajesh would take her to their room for a few minutes. I could chat with Amar and have a drink or two before dinner. Rajesh wanted her alone because this was the first time.

I was a little disconcerted and did not like the idea but I had to agree as it was the first time for all of us. They got up with Rajesh holding her hand, quickly disappeared. Amar and I sipped our drinks and talked about nothing in particular while we watched the TV. Both of us were thinking about what they were doing in the other room! I was thinking how he was fucking her and being not able to watch and Amar must have been thinking about me letting someone else fuck my wife and would be letting him fuck her too! They came back after 10 – 11 minutes, Rajesh holding her by the waist and smiling sheepishly. He kissed her again, full on the mouth in front of Amar and me and there was no shyness now on the part of my wife as she got kissed and how she gave in to the kiss! Rajesh kissed my wife deeply before joining us and handing her to Amar.

The lights in the room had been dimmed and Amar took my wife in his arms and kissed her! To my surprise she took his kiss, opening her mouth! He began feeling her up while I poured Rajesh a drink and watched Amar and my wife locked in passion! They broke up the kiss only after more than a minute! We had to go out to dinner as it was getting late.

We went for dinner in a taxi. I was sitting in front with the driver while my wife sat in the back with Rajesh and Amar. As soon we got into the cab, Amar was immediately kissing her! He held her closely while kissing her! The driver probably felt the lady was the wife of Amar! Rajesh only looked while Amar kept kissing her. We drove some distance before we reached the restaurant and had dinner at a cozy room, away from prying eyes. Amar, however, would not leave her alone and played with her under the table and she had to stop him otherwise she could not eat properly! But I could not help noticing the gleam in her eyes and the shiver of her excitement. The waiter knew what was going on but pretended not to notice! He must have thought that the two were close friends or newly married! Rajesh and I sat on one side, talking mundane things, while she and Amar sat on the other side, kissing and fondling! She was like a girl again and one could not believe otherwise! We had dinner and went quickly back to the hotel.

We again sat by the fireside as it was cold but this time Amar sat next to my wife on the bed. I put down the lights low again and soon she was being kissed and fondled by Amar while I watched. She then went to the toilet and after some time returned in only a house coat and a heavy shawl. I loved her for acting so naïve as she sat beside Amar, who put his arms around her! Rajesh and I suggested that she dance with Amar and they both took the floor beside the bed and they were soon hugging each other! He put the shawl around them both holding her tightly and began to dance.

Actually they hardly moved; just holding each other and kissing! Rajesh and I could just make out their kissing and of his opening her housecoat front and fingering her. She moaned softly. The moan put fireworks through me and the blood rushed to my brain. I was shivering with excitement! Rajesh also went up to them and held her from behind and moved them slowly towards the bed. I watched in fascination. They gently pushed her on to the bed where the kissing and fondling went on. It was wonderful to see two pairs of hands moving all over her body and her responding to it.

She had been wearing only a long thin cotton house coat with front buttons and a shawl. But the shawl had been taken away and her house coat opened all the way and she lay totally exposed to the two men and me. Soon her house coat was removed! Amar, whose hands were playing with her pussy, was making her cum and with a loud moan she said: Fuck Me!!!! And she was coming!!!! The blood raced through me making me shiver!

She was now coming and did not care what happened. Amar spread her kegs and quickly prepared to enter her. Rajesh lay by her side and held her hand while Amar penetrated her and began to move on her. I sat on a chair at the foot of the bed and watched intently. Ooohh she cried out and held on to him desperately. Aaahhaarrrg… she cried as Amar began to pound her. She must have found Amar different from Rajesh and more exciting as she could sense he was bigger! She kissed him with her mouth open as he fucked her. She exploded into multiply orgasm as I watched with a fast beating heart! But it must have been the events of the evening which had built her up and she found both men exciting and highly sexy. After Amar, Rajesh again got on to her to come quickly.

After the men had enjoyed her and she had come several times, they went back to their room for a well earned rest and sleep. That night, after the men left, I took her as I could not stand the excitement and the hunger for her, seeing how she had pleased two men! As I entered her I could feel her excitement and wetness for the two men who had fucked her! She came again and again and I as her husband could only come a sloppy third!

The next morning at 8 AM the two men rang and ask if they could come again. My sleepy wife said ‘yes’ and they came over to join her in bed again. I had opened the door to our room while she lay in bed. She welcomed them and soon they were fucking her again. Rajesh gently climbed on to her, spread her legs wide and slid his shaft completely into her soaking wet pussy. His friend lay quietly beside them, lovingly moving his hands through my wife’s hair, kissing her cheeks and whispering sexy encouragement into her ears. When she began to orgasm, she lost track of who was kissing her as both men took turns on her mouth.

Rajesh and my wife fucked thoroughly enjoying each other’s body in front of me. Amar, who was lying by her side, had his hands moving all over her breast. I watched quietly, sitting on a chair and taking video shots now and then. But Amar was all fired up, kissing her, moving his hands over her spread thighs and sometimes even touching their point of union to feel the wetness as Rajesh moved over her body!! Amar was heated up seeing his friend fucking her again and was desperately waiting his turn. Soon Rajesh shot his load and got off my wife and his friend took his place between her open and spread thighs and fucked her for a long time, enjoying the cunt his friend had used just moments ago. He also shot a huge load into her. My wife was fucked two times by each man that morning.

While Amar was fucking her, the room service arrived with morning tea. All three of them lay quietly under the blankets as I went and opened the door. The waiter knew that some woman was being fucked and so smiled brightly as he poured the tea for us and leaving them on the bedside tables, discreetly left after taking the breakfast orders from me. We had quite a late breakfast that morning!!

Later we said our goodbyes with plans for future meetings and went our different ways. We still keep in touch and hope to meet again.I hope you enjoyed reading that.

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