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Farida (my wife), had got extremely turned on and excited by this gesture of mine. Threesome with 2 complete strangers. She and I did not want to make it too often as it reduces the level of excitement. We used sex toys and watched porn together. Our sex life improved after that incident. While having sex, I would picture her being fucked by those two hunks, and that would cause me to ejaculate loads in her. How bad a husband can I possibly be?

We decided to take a vacation after 2-3 months of the episode. We decide to go to Australia. This place is surely expensive. But we are having a total blast …. Doing everything imaginable … scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping; besides eating our hearts out.

We have spent 4 days at Cairns and we are out of fun activities to do. We have 2 more nights out here, and we decide to take it easy. It is 7 pm, and we are taking a stroll along the streets, and we see this “Gentleman’s club”, or better known as a strip club. I have been to quite a few strip clubs while I lived in the US, and they were a lot of fun. Farida had never seen one and wanted to experience it first hand. We are a little tipsy too, and we decide to head in. The place is filled with al sort of men ogling at strippers dancing on the stage, and other strippers chatting by sitting on their laps …. Luring them to for a private dance.

So the way it works is that you can keep buying yourself drinks, and keep watching the girls who come on stage. If you like them then you can throw some money on stage. If it crosses 20 dollars they shed they go topless, if it crosses a 100 dollars they go full nude… But only while a song lasts, which is barely 4 minutes. The girls come and talk to you. If you like them, then you can pay an extra 100 dollars and get a private dance in an enclosed public room (it is private, enclosed, but other private dance people will also be present in there). The girls give you a private full nude dance for 15 minutes. You cannot touch them, but they can touch you.

Farida was the only lady out there who was in there as a client, and not a stripper. For regulars, it was easy to spot. Although she was looking hot, with 4-inch heels, and a tight orange tube dress; she was different from the way strippers presented themselves. Their heels were higher. Their skin shinier. And of course, all of them were white, with heavy make-up.

After having had a few drinks, and seen close to 10 girls dance on the stage, and spoken to another 5 who came to us; we decided to get a private lap dance. Farida seemed to like one in particular. We saw her dancing on stage. She had an amazing pair of tits. They were double the size of Farida’s and with huge areolas, and all natural. 36DDs for sure. She was also very flexible. Her name was Crystal. Her stage name of course.

Crystal: Hi there. Where are you guys from?Me: IndiaCrystal: That’s nice. Enjoying Australia. I see you are with your wife?Me: Good guess. I would never come here with my sister.She laughs out load. Looks at Farida.Crystal: Your husband is a funny guy. I bet he is adventurous too. Do you want to give your husband a private dance, and watch?Farida: NopeMe: On the contrary, I want my wife to get a private dance, and watch. I would like if you taught her a few tricks.Crystal: Oh my. Sure. 100 dollars for a private dance. But if you want to watch you have to pay 50 more.

We shook on it, and she took us to another corner. There was separate floor space here. It was empty. Apparently, nobody, that night was taking a private dance. There were around 6 open booths like areas. Couches everywhere, with a pole at each booth. She made us seat on one such booth. The place was empty. She said it has been on the down low all day today. We are the first and most likely will be the only ones. All the other girls are jealous of her because she got one to get a private dance. Rather got 1 and a half. A bouncer allows us inside and takes a token amount from Crystal.

Anyways. I am watching sitting beside my wife, and Crystal starts performing. She sits on Farida’s lap and moves her head close to her neck.Crystal: You smell nice.Farida: Thanks. You are so soft.I get an instant erection. But can’t do anything about it. She continues and gets rid of her her top and her skirt. Now she is wearing only her red shiny bra, and a g-string. She is rubbing herself on Farida and removes her bra while her back is faced towards her. She then lies on the floor and spreads her leg. Then she brings her leg together, and swiftly removes her G-string. She is completely naked. Farida is not allowed to touch her. But Crystal takes her hands and allows her to squeeze her nipples and breasts. This is quite an amazing night so far. Farida then moves her hand towards her pussy lips and touches them slightly. She doesn’t move it away.

It’s been around 7 minutes already. Obviously, Crystal does not mind it. Both are enjoying being watched. Both are giggling at me and enjoying watching me watching them. They whisper something in each other’s ears. Crystal goes to meet the bouncer and is back in 1 minute. She nods her head to Farida and starts again. No idea what that was all about.

After a minute I see Crystal pulling down Farida’s tube top, and there my wife is topless. Crystal is squeezing her breasts. And then she goes down, looks at me, and puts her nipple in her mouth and starts sucking her nipples. (Now I know what was the conversation with the bouncer about. A client is going to get naked, and she had to tell the bouncer. The bouncer warned her that if somebody comes in, he can’t stop)

Farida knew I wouldn’t mind … so she continued. I was a bit worried, that what if more men walked in with strippers. Crystal was reassuring that it is a slow night. Very unlikely.

She continued undressing Farida. She was completely naked now. They both are hugging and kissing each other. Farida is licking her nipples, and then they are hugging. Then they both come to me and I can feel Crystal’s breasts and my wife’s breasts on either cheek.

Then the unexpected happened. A couple of guys walked in with a stripper. A moment of awkwardness.

Crystal: Don’t worry. Those guys think you are just a stripper. They have no idea who you are.

We didn’t care about a few seconds. Those 2 guys were staring my wife and Crystal from a distance. Their stripper was yet to start shedding clothes. They were staring more at Farida. I think because she looked exotic (brown skin to all the white skin they are used to ). Farida saw that and gave them a show from a distance. She would rub her hips while sitting backward on my lap. Rub her breasts while looking at their eyes. She was enjoying being watched. I was enjoying her teasing the guys.

After a while, the other stripper, Jill, walked to us. She told Crystal, that they wanted a lap dance from Farida. Jill didn’t tell them that she was a client or else it would spoil the reputation of the club of illicit activities taking place inside the club. If clients are allowed to be naked, then the guys should be allowed to do so as well. They were willing to pay 250 dollars for it. (that covered my lap dance and left me to change).

I agreed if Farida was okay with it. She was looking for excitement. She kissed me on the lips and went across. I saw her take 250 dollars. She looked professional. She was a good dancer, so she started copying moves of Crystal. I am left with Crystal and Jill.

I am not interested in these two beautiful naked goddesses in front of me. I am worried about Farida. I see her on their laps, rubbing on their laps. She is allowing them to kiss her nipples (which is not permitted). The guys tip her more money. She is holding their neck and head. One is sucking her left breast, and the other her right breast.

After five minutes, she comes to us.

Crystal, Jill: You go girl. Seems like you are having a blast.Farida: Hahahaha… This is sort of fun. Are we allowed to fuck in here?Jill: Nope.Crystal: We can take permission. If Mr bouncer cordons of the area for 20 minutes. We will have to pay him 100 bucks though.Farida: I guess that won’t be a problem. They have offered me a 1000 dollars to fuck them both. (says while looking at me)Me: You are such a slut!!!She laughs.Farida: Want to watch me get fucked ……. Again!!!!?????

Crystal takes the permission. She gives a 100 dollars to the bouncer. We give another 200 dollars to the two girls. They didn’t mind sitting out there and watching my wife getting fucked.

Farida walks to the men. The 2 guys stand up, and she gets on her knees. She unzips the two guys. They are white, and muscular…. And well hung. She is facing us while she holds the 2 cocks in her hands. I think those are biggest cocks she must have had. She takes her tongue out and starts licking the shaft of one guy while stroking the other. Then she takes it in her mouth and starts sucking it for about 30 seconds. Then moves on to the next and starts sucking him too. She is alternating like a pro.

Crystal: She seems like she has done this beforeJill: I might start fingering myself, just watching thisMe: Yep … she is good.

The guy removes a condom and puts it on. One guy sits on the sofa, while Farida walks to her and starts sucking him off. The guy who wore the condom, gets down on his knees, behind my wife, and inserts his huge cock. Farida stops sucking for a few seconds. She feels the intense pleasure of a huge cock ramming her and bites her lips. She is kissing the other cock, with her luscious lips.

That cock is drenched in her saliva. She wants more. She is super wet. The other guy cums in 3 minutes. One down one to go. She decides to sit on top of him. She badly wants to ride him. His cock looked way too delicious to her. They way she was sucking him made me realize she wanted him really hard before she sat on him and fuck her hard.

Guy 2: I am a sorry babe. I don’t have a condom. And I don’t like one too. So I’ll have to cum just like that.Farida: That is sad. I am really turned on.Guy 2: Well, if you want to fuck without a condom, I am the game.

Farida doesn’t utter a word. She is already holding his cock and sucking him while this conversation happened. She stands up, sits on his lap while holding his cock, and guides it inside her…. And moans loudly. I could hear it in spite of the loud music.

She starts riding him while we three and the other dude watches. The guy is sucking her nipples and breasts, while she is riding his cock. Now he carries her and puts her on the sofa, and gets on top of her, and starts stroking her. Long strokes. She is plowing her nails on his back, wanting for more. Her body is spasming. She is shivering. I think she just came.

He grunts….. and I think he came too. He takes his dick out.They wear their clothes. And walk away. She walks towards us. Naked of course.

She looks at me, I look at her. Crystal, Jill and I look down at her. And we can see thick white loads dripping from inside her pussy lips on her thighs, and down her legs. She can feel it. She has no shame. She loves it. She wears her dress, and we all step out —- with more than 500 dollars in our wallets, which we splurged the next day.

Who cares about the money. We just wanted the experience. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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