My Wife’s Affair With My Neighbour

Hi all ISS members and sex story readers. I am Jayanth from Bangalore writing this sex story for the first time since I became member of pride ISS club ( This is my true story written without hiding anything from my heart except the real names of us. Please read this story and send your sincere comments to enable me send some more real stories happened in my life.

I am basically an engineer working in some reputed private organisation in Bangalore. I am married to mirmala in 1991 to a bsc graduate lady who is really good looking. And has a very good figure that any man when just looks at her would definitely feel like to have her. Such a figure i have. Even after 21 years of marriage my wife still looks sexy. And tempts my neighbour. Dr. Santhosh a gynoecologist is my neighbour who is working in a govt. Hospital in Bangalore.

He is married and has 2 kids. Both are now studying mbbs in davanagere. In karnataka. He lives with his wife mamatha who is also doctor and works in a govt. Hospital in a nearby village about 45 km from our house. Mamatha usually leaves her home at about 8 am in the morning and returns back in the late night at about 9 or 10 pm due to the distance and geavy duty at the hospital.

Some times she will not return if it is late. Rather she would stay back in her hospital quarter provided to her. Santhosh and mamatha are both are our neighbours and also our family doctors. Santhosh has given me treatment manytimes and mamatha to my wife. That is how we both family are very closer. Sometimes santhosh has given traetment to my wife to her problems connected to her private parts also. That is how my wife and dr. Santhosh have become very close to each other. Initially i had some kind of jealous for my wife as she is very close to santhosh.

Later i took it very easy as i have developed interest in his wife. Slowly i became closer to mamatha. She has once openly told me that she has liking for me and expressed indirectly that she wanted me for her pleasure. I once asked her to be frank with me and what she thinks about me. She then freely said that she wants to have sex with me as i am good looking and have good physique. I usually go outstation for my official work to cities like Chennai, Mumbai Delhi and usually it take me 4 to 5 days to come back. During this period my wife will be alone at home and asks my maid servant to stay in the house during nights. In one of my trips, i was in Chennai doing my official work.

As the work was completed within 3 days instead of 5, i had to return back to Bangalore. This time i have not disclosed to my wife about my early coming back. I wanted to give surprise to my wife and hence i reached my home at about 10 pm in the night. As i usually keep one of my house always with me. I entered the compound opening the gate without making any sound. I then opened the main door of the house silently and managed to remove my shoes and walked to wards my bedroom. It was a surprise to me that i was able to listen voices coming from two people. One is from my wife and the other is from my neighbour dr. Santhos. I was curious to know the conversation going on between them. I simply stood by the door and started listening to their words with very interestingly.

My wife to santhosh : i thank u very much for having come to me in spite of your busy schedule.

Santhosh : dont worry my sweetheart. Today my wife has not come home. She is staying back in her hospital quarter only. I am ready to come anytime whenever u call me to make u happy. I am for u.

My wife : darling, tonight i want u to show real heaven of sex. I want to enjoy as much as possible.

Santhosh : when is your hubby returning home.

My wife : he will b back after 2 days as per his schedule.

Santhosh : then i can fuck u for 2 more days.

My wife : yes dear sure u can have me as your slut and fuck me hard for 2 days. And i want u to remain in my house without going to your work. Is it possible.

Santhosh : Yes, dear i will not go out of your house till your hubby returns. I will stick to u. And show u real heaven. Common let us not waste our precious time. Let me stars licking your pussy.

I was very curious to see how santhosh licks my wife’s pussy. I was able to peep through the door and could see very nicely what is happening inside the room

Santhosh is removing my wif’s saree, then opened the petticoat, removed the blouse. My wife who is becoming a slut to santhosh. Is now only in panty and bra. Santhosh has pulled down her panty and removed her bra in hurry. The boobs of my wife are clearly visible to me. They are glowing like 100 watts bulb in the dim light also. Santhosh has started licking the pussy and is enjoying her pussy juice.

After 5 minutes santhosh changed his pose and both of them made 69 pose. Now my wife is sucking his hard erected, thick and long cock with moaning sound. He is licking her pussy with great satisfaction. My cock already erected and i just thought of telling all these to my darling mamatha (santhosh’s wife) but not called her at this hour. I am rather very much interested to watch for the first time how my wife gets fucked by her boyfriend. After enjoying in this pose for 3 minutes , santhosh came on his slut nirmala and inserted his hard dick in my wife’s pussy.

She has cried for a while as the dick of santhosh is thicker and longer than mine. It is her first debut with him. Santhosh started giving stroke to my wife’s pussy and is fucking hard. My wife is telling him to push his dick as much as possible in her pussy and is enjoying every moment of fuck by santhosh. He has given a very good fuck to my wife and after climaxing they were sleeping happily on the bed.

As i did not want to disturb both of them as they are in heaven. I simply walked outside locking the door and came to my car and drove to village where dr. Mamatha is staying for that night. I told mamatha that i wanted her badly for that night. Mamatha without any thinking or hesitation simply told me to come to the house where she is staying alone. I will narrate the next part of the story next time after receiving sweet comments from the readers. Ok thank u all.

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