My Wife’s Casting Couch – Part II

I hope all of enjoyed reading my earlier episode of how I enjoyed my Sweet wife kavitha after she got fucked by her Boss. I would like to continue what happened after this.

Kavith started having a regular sexual affair with her boss; she would spend every Saturday night fucking her boss in his flat. I used to drop her every Saturday night and pick her up the next day in the evening.

She once went to a conference to Mumbai with her boss for 3 nights and had fucked him every night. This went on till 3 months till once while coming out of her boss’s flat she bumped into one of her close relative.

She managed to say that she had come to meet one of her collage friends. This incident made Kavitha very nervous as if somebody in the relatives comes to know what she is doing it would be shameful for both of us.

I came up with the idea that instead of her going to his flat why not her boss come to our house and she can fuck him on our bed this way it was safe for all of us. Kavith discussed this with her boss the next day and he agreed but he had one condition that both I and our kid should not be at home when he is fucking her.

I agreed to his condition and decided to go with my kid to my friend’s farm house for the weekends and leave the house alone for them to fuck their hearts out. This went on for a month or so then her boss had to go on a business trip to Europe for two weeks, this gave us some time together on weekends and we had some wild sex but I somehow felt that I was not able to satisfy

Her with my small dick compared to the boss’s big black meat but she never compared the both of us as she dint want to hurt my feelings, but she did confess that her boss is a very exciting lover in bed and satisfies her completely in bed and she loves having sex with him.

She also confess to me that the she has enjoyed the past few months with her boss and has fallen in love with him but she still gives me first preference. I was ok with this as long as she is happy.

One fine day her boss came back from his tour and her routine schedule started. One Sunday evening after her boss left our house kavith came to me and asked me if I would be interested in joining them in a threesome hearing this.

I was overjoyed with happiness as I always wanted to see my wife get fucked by another man and willing said yes to her. The following weekend her boss invited us to his flat for the weekend when we reached his flat.

He was only in his white banyan and lungi he welcomed us and asked me to sit down on the sofa and asked kavitha to prepare some snacks and dinner kavitha knew her way round his kitchen as if she was his wife.

He poured me a peg of whiskey and we started drinking and talking about general topics like politics, sports and his European tour slowly the topic changed to sex and he asked me if I was ok with him fucking my wife in front of me.

I told him that I would love to see him fuck my wife kavith and I was waiting for this movement for a long time he immediately shook my hand and called me a sport.

He further told me that these kind of things are very common in the west and husbands like me are called cuckold husbands who cannot satisfy their wife and enjoy seeing other men fuck their wife hearing this and I got very excited and just then kavith finished her works and came and sat next to her boss on the sofa.

He commandeered her to take out his dick and start sucking it and without wasting a minuet kavith obeyed his order and took out is giant black cock from this lungi and started shaking it and within a few seconds it was rock hard.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his size it was about 9 inches in length and about 4inc in diameter it looked like a iron rod, mine was about half his size no wonder I was not able to satisfy my kavitha any more.

Kavitha was shaking his tool vigorously with her hands and then put his black tool into her month and started sucking it and I could see the colour contract of her pink lips and fair face going down on his black shaft.

I was not able to control myself and took out my small tool and started shagging looking at them, he then caught her hair and head and started pushing it down his shaft with all his force kavitha almost took half his dick down her throat it looked like a ultimate blowjob

And it went on for about 20 -25 min and then her boss came in her mouth and she sucked out every single drop of cum from his dick. Her boss asked me to kiss her on her lips which I did at once I could taste his fresh cum in my wife mouth and while kissing her she started shaking my dick.

I came instantly then her boss told me that he had brought some gifts for me from Europe and I was surprised and was excited to know what the gift was, he called us both to the bed room and gave me a card board box and asked me to open it when

I opened it looked like some sex toys there was a small plastic transparent dick shaped cover like toy with a elastic band and had a locking device attached to it and I asked him what it was and he told me that it is a dick lock and is like a chastity belt for men

And all most all cuckold husbands wear it in the west and he told me to also to wear it, so I immediately put the plastic shaped dick cover over by dick and wrapped the elastic band around my balls then her boss got a very small metal lock the ones which we use in locking our travel zip bags

And put this lock on the plastic dick through the elastic band and locked my dick it felt like someone had put a thick rubber band over my dick , it was a little painful for the first few minutes but I got adjusted to it but I was not able to get a complete erection as it used to hurt my dick seeing my suffer kavitha and her boss started laughing at me.

He then ordered me to lie down naked with my back to the bed which I did instantly then he asked kavith to come on top me like a 69 position which she immediately did I then started licking her pussy and she started playing with my locked dick the then suddenly her boss came from behind her

And put his big dick on my fore head which was under kavitha’s pussy and asked me to guided it into my wife pussy and I felt like a mechanic under a car chassis doing my repair work then I opened my wife’s wet pussy with one hand

And then slowly inserted her boss’s dick into her hot love hole with my other hand the feeling was mind blowing as I saw in extreme close up as his dick disappeared into my wife’s wet pussy then his rhythm slowly increase over my face and I started licking their love movements.

I loved the smell of sex which was coming out of my wife’s pussy as I was smooch my wife’s pussy with her boss’s dick in it. He fucked my wife’s pussy right above my face and I kept licking their love action and tasting their pre cum this went for about one hour

And kavith came loudly three times and all her juices flowed into my mouth mixed with her boss’s pre cum, after like one hour or so his rhythm increased rapidly and I could see his dick pump into my wife’s pussy like a engine shaft on full power and then suddenly he stopped

I could see his ball shrink and he came by the liter into my wife’s pussy seeing all this happen just above my face I started sucking my wife’s pussy with her boss’s dick still in her pussy then I could feel his cum flowing into my mouth as he withdrew more and more of his cum.

Started flowing into my mouth it felt like a river of cum flowing into my mouth and all over my face. He finally withdrew completely and let us loose I immediately got up and kissed my wife and I told her I love her very much hearing this he laughed and told us to get back to the same position.

He then fucked kavitha all night with by face under their action, he must have cum about 6 times all night and kavitha came about 8-9 times. The worst part was that I was not even able to masturbate as my dick was locked this became very frustrating.

I begged her boss to let my dick free as he had the key but he strongly denied and told me that he will only unlock my dick once in a month as pissing was not a problem as the plastic dick cover had a small hole in front for pissing even kavitha felt sorry for me

And pleaded with her boss no to do this but he dint listen to her he told us that he is going to be the only person who is going to fuck my wife for the next few months till she becomes pregnant hearing this kavitha was shocked and begged her boss not to do this but he dint listen to a word she said

And told her that she has to give birth to his baby and I should be the namesake father. Kavitha and I saw each other’s face in pain and guilt and accepted his order he then through me out of his bedroom and started fucking my wife. Now I could only hear kavitha’s moaning now.

This went on for a few weeks and kavitha stopped taking her pills I only fucked kavitha once that month when her boss sent the keys home through kavitha and he came the next day and locked my dick back and one day in the morning kavitha started vomiting.

I took her to the maternity hospital and she was tested positive she immediately called her boss and told him the good news in the evening her boss came with a big sweet box and thanked both of us he then took my wife into our bedroom and started fucking her.

He fucked her till her 6th month of pregnancy and after 9 months my wife gave birth to his baby boy the kid was pitch black like his father. Finally kavitha got her promotion now she is the AGM of the company and the boss got transferred to Europe.

Now she is the boss in her office and we have regained our normal life but her boss’s son will always remind us of the past. This is a true story which changed our lives for the better, kindly give your comments.

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