Naked Girls, Sexy Teacher – What A School!

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore. But I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout me at [email protected]

Let me continue from where I stopped last time. Two weeks went by very slowly. I was missing Chloe a lot. After that weird dream, I reached the campus. I could see people walking around. There were only girls everywhere. It makes sense now because it was girls only school last year. So not many boys would know about this.

Hank: Welcome back!Me: Thank you, Hank!

I was eager to meet Chloe. So I hurried towards my dorm room. I was really hyped up about her. I was wondering what if she had a new boyfriend or what if she didn’t want me anymore. I was really worried. I didn’t even ask her number last time as I couldn’t think straight around her.

I reached my room and opened the door without a knock. Wow! What an entry! There a girl in my room. It looked like she just took a shower. She had messy black hair. She was wearing a towel on the bottom. But her top body was completely naked.

She was standing in such a way that I could see her naked back. She was trying to straighten her wet hair with her hand. I could see her left side boob clearly when she touched her hair. She couldn’t see me as she was facing the other side.

Girl: That was fast! Did you ask her?

What’s going on! What is she talking about! And what is she doing in my room! Naked!

Girl: Well?

She thought I was someone else. Suddenly she turned around. Gosh! I saw her naked boobs. She has bigger boobs than Chloe with a size of 34 and she has very small pointy nipples. My eyes were staring at her boobs like a dog!

Girl: So am I. Oh my God!

She was startled seeing me and turned back hiding her boobs. She started shouting.

Girl: Get out of my room you. You creep!Me: Your room? You must be mistaken. This is my room.Girl: No, it’s not! Get out of here!Me: Yes, it is. I left my bags here two weeks ago!

Girl: Leave me alone! Please go away!Me: But.Girl: Please! Now!

Me: I’ll give you a few minutes to get dressed but then I’m coming back!Girl: Out, out!Me: It’s not my fault you’re hanging out naked in MY room!

I went outside the room and shut the door. I was still wondering why was she in my room. I couldn’t understand. I was wondering whether this means I was going to be living with a girl. That can’t be true. I thought it was a mistake.

Me: Hurry up in there!

I’ll give her a few minutes then we need to get to the bottom of this! I was standing outside the room. It was like a corridor filled with the color pink, of course. Uh! She looked good, to be honest. A guy was walking by staring at me. He was the first guy I saw apart from me.

I heard some girl saying “Nice to see you again Jason!” Jason didn’t even look her way. Poor girl likes him, her loss. Suddenly there was a nerdy girl who was coming towards me.

Nerdy Girl: Oh hey there! You must be Anna’s roommate!Me: Hey. Anna? The naked girl inside?Nerdy Girl: Hahaha! Yes, she’s the one!  I’m Rose by the way!Me: Nice to meet you, Rose. I’m Aafi.

Rose: Did she freak out?Me: She did, yes. Big time!Rose: You are new here aren’t you? I haven’t seen you around last year.Me: Yes, I’m new.

Rose: I’m sure you’re going to like it and with a roommate like Anna it’s going to be great!Me: Not if she keeps kicking me out!Rose: Hahaha! You’re funny!

Me: Thank you. Is she always like that?Rose: Like kicking people out? Bad?Me: Yes.Rose: What? No! No way! You just caught her at a bad moment!

Me: Who was the guy that just passed by here?Rose: Oh Jason!Me: Yes, him. Is he a mute or something?Rose: No, no he’s not.

Me: What’s his deal?Rose: I… I don’t know. But he’s so pretty, isn’t he?Me: I couldn’t say.Rose: He never talks to anybody that’s not on his level.

Me: His level? So he doesn’t talk to you either?Rose: I don’t think he even knows I exist. But he saw me just now so that’s a good start!Me: He saw you? Wait I don’t get it.

Rose: I used to be a bit of a nerd last year, but no longer!Me: I see. So you like him?Rose: Every single girl here likes him!

I really hope that’s not the case! Not with Chloe!

Rose: So are you coming to the first class today?Me: I think so, yes.

Anna: You can come in now.Me: About time!

We both went inside.

Rose: So you saw her naked?Me: Well yes.Anna: Can we not talk about it?Rose: That must have been. Awkward.

Me: Look I don’t know what’s going on here but this is my room.Anna: No it’s not!Rose: Actually it is.Anna: What?

Me: See? I told you so!Rose: Anna asked me to go ask who her roommate is. It turns out it’s you Aafi.Anna: This is just great.

Me: Why are you acting like the victim? I’m the victim here. I have to with the girl that hangs posters about fund$$!Anna: I didn’t put that there!

There was a pink teddy bear on the chair that got my attention.

Me: And what about this? There’s a teddy on the chair! I don’t like it at all! Everything was pink before but now it’s just too much!Rose: What’s wrong with Mister Snuggles?

Me: Everything! That’s a very original name.Anna: Hey! What’s your problem? You’re not the boss here!Me: Yes I am.

I noticed that my bag was kept on the upper bunk bed.

Me: And why is my bag up there? I want the bottom bunk!Anna: The bottom bunk is mine! I always fall off!Me: Yeah, me too!Rose: You can both share the bottom bunk.

Anna: That’s never going to happen! I’m not sleeping with him in bed. He’s a guy.Me: Well I’m taking the bottom one.Anna: No you’re not!Me: We’ll see about that.

I then saw a huge poster of a girl in a white bra and panty with white high heels.

Me: And what’s this?Anna: That’s a poster of my favorite movie!Me: Alright. it’s not that bad, it’s sexy so it can stay.

Anna: You’re not changing my room!Me: Actually, it’s my room.Rose: No. It’s the school’s room.

There was a basket full of clothes was lying openly at the end of the room.

Me: Oh and another thing. What’s with this basket of clothes here? I can see a bra in there, some other stuff. Smack in the open.Rose: Didn’t you just see her naked? Why not her bra?Anna: Rose!

She does have a point. Wait. Why am I even complaining? I get to live with a girl. She’s going to clean, take care of the room. Might even see the occasional boob, a nice bend, some panties. I have to change my time here, this is a blessing!

Me: But I’m going to be the bigger man and let it all go, the bottom bunk, the pink stuff. I’m going to be a great roommate.Rose: See? He’s nice! Everything will work out I’m sure!Anna: Uhhhh. I just hope he’s not some sort of creep!

Me: You know I’m standing right over here, don’t you? I can hear everything.Rose: I’m sure he’s not, he seems like a good guy! Are you coming to the first class?

Anna: No, I need to rest. After 8 hours of the train ride, I’m so tired.Rose: Ok! Are you coming, Aafi?Me: I should, yes.

I hope I can find Chloe there! I miss her. We went to the classroom. There were lockers in the corridor.

Rose: This is my locker over here. You’re going to get one for yourself too.Me: What do we need a locker for? There’s only one class.Rose: I don’t know, it must be a school rule or something. I use it mostly to keep certain things safe, away from curious eyes.

Me: Like what things?Rose: If I told you then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?Me: I guess not. I’ll probably hide in it when I want to skip class.

Rose: Hahaha! You won’t fit!Me: I’ll squeeze myself really hard!Rose: Hahaha! You’re funny!

I haven’t seen Chloe anywhere so far.

Rose: Ok, what is it? Are you shy or what?Me: What do you mean?Rose: I see you looking around everywhere, at everyone.Me: I’m not shy. I’m just looking for somebody.

Rose: Who?Me: My girlfriend.Rose: Your girlfriend is here with you?Me: Not exactly. I met this girl a couple of weeks ago when I brought my stuff.

Rose: Really? What’s her name?Me: Chloe.Rose: Wait. Chloe, blonde hai, skinny, hot?Me: Yes, do you know her?

Rome: She’s just my roommate, of course, I know her! You have to tell me all about it! Come on, let’s go inside, have a seat and tell me!Me: Ok. But have you seen her?Rose: Nope, she’s not here yet! Not that I know of. Let’s go, inside!

I turned to get inside the class. As soon as I turned, I bumped a girl who was about to enter the class. I almost took her down!

Girl: Ahhhh!Me: Uhhh! I’m sorry!Girl: What are you doing?!Me: I didn’t see you there, sorry about that!

Girl: I’m sorry.Me: No, no! It’s my fault!Girl: I was going to say.Me: I should look before I start walking, I’ll help you get those!

Girl: What I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted two times, is: I’m sorry, are you blind or just stupid?Me: What?Girl: Do you need me to spell that for you? Write it on something maybe?

Me: There’s no need to.Girl: Hahaha! You thought I was going to apologize for you bumping into me? You’re a special kind of creature.Me: Hey don’t talk to me like that!

Girl: Be a good boy and grab my books, come on, hurry it up!Me: What the…?Rose: You better grab her stuff! You don’t want to be on her bad side, trust me!

I grabbed her stuff and went near her desk.

Me: Look, I’m sorry if we started off on the wrong foot, my name is Aafi. And you are?Girl: I am not seeing the door because you’re blocking my view.Me: So that’s how it’s going to be.Girl: Put my books on the desk and get out of my face. Thank you, bye!

What a bitch.

Me: Yeah, whateverRose: Her name is Abigail, she’s a bully! Stay away from her!Abigail: Oh Rose, you need to work on your whispering. I heard it all.

Me: So you can hear, ok, thank you, bye!Rose: Hahaha! That was nice!Abigail: You’ll pay for this Rose!

I settled on my desk. Where is she? Where is Chloe? Wait, she said last one in and first one out! She must be on her way right now! Oh man, I need to turn it down a notch, all I can think about is her! And my roommate’s breasts. Those were nice breasts.

I snapped back into reality. A hot lady walked into our class. That must be the teacher. She looks angry.

Teacher: Alright, everyone in their seats!

Let me tell you about her. She is a very hot woman. Her black hair is tucked like a bun. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless dress which is just covering her pussy and barely covering her thighs. She has got a huge ass and it was perfectly visible since her dress was too tight.

The dress has a huge diamond-shaped hole on the chest. From the chest to the belly button it was all nude. It was only covering half of the boobs. It was barely covering her nipples. The cleavage and half of her right and left boobs were visible.

Gosh, she was really hot. She’s dressed like she’s going to a dinner party, not to class.

Teacher: Attendance looks spotty like every other first day. Tell your friends not to bother with the usual excuses. I heard them all, the train was late, missed my bus, flat tire and so on. So don’t waste my time with them, everyone gets a free pass on the first day like always.

Teacher: But starting tomorrow that’s over. I already have written letters to the parents of my usual suspects, ready to be sent out. There is only one class people, I’m not asking too much.

She’s steamrolling everyone! Look at her cleavage. I would love to stick my head in between those! Hot girlfriend, hot roommate, slutty milf teacher! This is heaven! I don’t like teachers but this one is tempting. She’s not cute or anything like that but she’s hot.

Will she spank me if I don’t do my homework? Or maybe I should spank her for giving me homework! I was staring at her cleavage shamelessly.

Teacher: Hello? New student?Me: Me?Teacher: Yes, you. Eyes up here, not down there!Abigail: Hahaha!

Rose: Ohhh.Some Girl: Oh my God!Me: What? I didn’t. I wasn’t.Teacher: Save it for another time, what is your name?Me: My name is Aafi.

Teacher: Say hello to the class Aafi.Me: Hello, class?Some Girl: Hello.Abigail: Creep.Rose: Hey Aafi!

Abigail, my new enemy, big time bitch. I am still wondering about Chloe. Alright, she’s not coming. I’m not even going to look for her anymore! I’m going to mind my own business, let her look for me if she wants me!

Teacher: That’s it for today, you’re free to go do your things. But starting tomorrow we’ll do this full time, the entire two hours! New student, stay. I want to have a word.Me: Yes, teacher.

Fuck! She’s going to scold me for staring at her breasts! This is a bad start! Everyone left. The teacher was sitting at her desk. I went to her. Gosh! I was trying hard not to stare at her cleavage.

Me: Hmmm. Yes?Teacher: Let me make myself clear.Me: Ok.

Teacher: You are staying with a girl because there’s no other place available for you. But don’t think that as an invitation. There will be no copulating, non. Got it?Me: Yes, loud and clear!

Teacher: If you need to catch up with the class I’m teaching I can offer private tutorship.Me: I understand.

Teacher: I see you met Rose, you can have the locker next to her if you need it. She’s a good student but she has social issues, maybe you can both help each other. She can help you catch up and you help her by being her friend.

Rose seems like a nice girl, a good friend to have.

Me: That sounds good.Teacher: Now, the most important thing. Everyone here is an adult. So that means that if you get in fights, or do something illegal you will have trouble with the law. So keep that in mind before you go fighting with someone or starting any trouble!

Me: Yes, I got it!Teacher: Good, now go do whatever it is you want to.Me: Yes, teacher.

Teacher: Oh and another thing. I’m a married woman, so look away next time.Me: You got it!Teacher: Go.

Whew! Got away easy this time! Hmmm. What should I do? Maybe I should look for Chole again. I will check her room. Rose was on her bed, lying flat on her stomach. Maybe I should make my presence known, she doesn’t seem to have noticed me.

Me: Hey Rose!Rose: Oh hey!

She got up and now was in a sitting position with her feet up on the bed.

Rose: Still looking for Chloe?Me: I expected her to be here by now.Rose: Me too. Her train must be late, it’s not like her to skip the first day.Me: Don’t you have her number? Can’t you find out?

I don’t want her to think I’m clingy or something.

Me: You know what? Nevermind. Forget I asked you that!Rose: You can’t wait to see her again!Me: I can survive without her, I was just curious.

Rose: Playing hard to get, are you?Me: Not playing, I am hard to get.Rose: Hahaha! Well, I’m sure she’ll be around soon!Me: Sure, whatever.

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