Naughty Things With My Neighbor School Girl

Hi ISS readers, I am Siju here again, hitting you with my next real incident. Hope you don’t need me to introduce myself again. First of all let me thank all those who comment my last story, specially to those aunties who are keep in touch with me.

This story is about me and my neighbor Vidhya . We are of same age and when this incident happens we were of age 18.she is having a awesome figure of 34, 28,36 and 5.5″. After my 10th due to financial problems we sold our house and moved to a rental house which is closer to Vidhya’a House. The room I got was in parallel to her room and there was a small public passage between both our houses. She was studying in a girls school and didn’t get much chance to mingle with boys. May be that is the reason why she got attracted to me fast.

On the second day in our new house I saw my beauty queen sitting at her varanda in a white T-shirt and Black Skirt. She seems like gloomy and sad. I decided to take a chance and test my luck. I went near the fence and try to communicate in a friendly manner. But the first sight made my jaws hit down and my eyes got bulged. She was so sexy in tight low cut T-shirt.

Since she was wearing a short skirt and sitting carelessly I was able to see her inner thighs, which is milk white in color and chubby which made me hard and tent. I could just say only “hi” and was in dream world. After 2 min I got a call from my mom, I went inside and inquired, she said she saw me talking to vidhya, and warned me not to give chance to others to say anything since we are new to this place and all. She continued some more Bla – Bla and all.

Days passed away and we used do eye locks many time through window and while meeting outside. Later own I understand that she is developing some interest on me and trying to attract me with some naughty things. She can see me from her room through my room window and I too can see her , it was a habit that we used to peep each other whenever we get time, she used to bend and show me her curves. some time she used to change her dress without locking her window so that I can see her naughty deeds. Time passed away and we joined +1 and again she joined in some girls only school, and my self in a residential school staying in hostel.

When my parents understand that I am so poor in maths the arranged me tuition in our nearby center during Saturday and Sunday when I am being to home. I was so happy to go their , because vidhya was also having tuition at the same center. It was a home and we students are made to sit in their one room arranged with a round table , our teacher was also a lady of age 24 with a 7 months old kid, she was also a sex bomb to whom I’ve an encounter which I will tell you in my next story. She used to wear a nighty while taking class . knowingly or unknowingly she used to keep her hooks unattended and open reveling her cleavages to us.

One day when classes where going and teacher was wearing a maxi and neck was open, I can see her little of bra and I was looking at it without letting others know it. But vidhya found my eyes moving and hitting the same. She just kicked my legs and give me a sharp look with anger. But I could not control and my eyes went automatically to the same position. But again vidhya kicked me and showed her protest. So I decided to write that “I can’t control and it happens unknowingly, and sorry” . on seeing this she opened her shirts one button and write back to me that you need not look at teacher’s curve but I can look her.

Next day in class she comes in a skirt and top. This time I purposefully put my pen down and tried to look inside her skirt. But I cannot see anything so I decided to do something naughty. I pointed my legs between her legs and penetrated through her skirt, all this were happening under the study table so no one can see our naughty games.

Days passed and next weekend came and I am back at my home , I understood that my ex girlfriend was studying with vidhya now. So I decided to give her a birthday card with vidhya’s help and card has been handed over to her. But some of our neighbor saw the same and misunderstand that it as a love letter and created many problems between our families.

Again next time during a power cut time my torch light’s beam accidentally passes through her room. And in return I got a light beam from her torch. And this beam become a sward for us and we played war with the same , again some of our neighbor noted this and created problems . our tuition got stopped and all our communications were bared.

Both of our mothers fought each other and later I heard that vidhya has blamed all on me and washed her hands out of this. Now I am the only person who created problems in all others eyes.

Years passed and later on when I am doing my PG I met her at EKM and understand that she is working at EKM with some IT company. But somehow I managed to get in touch with her. We started going for outing and all to tourist place and malls in my friend’s bike. In weekends I used to pick her from hostel and drop her at our home town.

Usually this happens at night and we enjoyed many naughty thing in our trip. We used to stop at some dark place and used to do lip-lock and I used to hold her breast whenever possible, I found that her sensitive area is her stomach, when I touch her on stomach she moans loudly and stood like statue expecting me to explore her more.

Once we took a house boat from kumarakam and enjoyed a day in it. We took lot of photos, and enjoyed a lot of sex. Later we enjoyed sex at internet café and even at her house.

You can contact me in my email id [email protected] . Girls and aunties from Trivandrum and EKM can contact me for secret relation . those who want to know the details os our sex in houseboat and internet-cafe in details pls mail me .

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