Neghbour Aunty Fucked In The Night

Hello everyone, this my first story. This is a narration of real life event happened to me. Let me first introduce myself first, I am a 24-year-old Gujarati guy, I like to work out so I have a well-toned body. I am 5’11” tall and have a medium sized cock, which is 6-inch long. I am currently living in Ahmedabad. The main lady of this story is my neighbour, her name is Rohini. She is 39 years old married with two children, a girl, and a boy.

She has a decent body with wheatish complexion her breast may be of size 34 c she has a slightly bulging tummy and a firm ass. She lives with her husband, father in law, her children, and her jethani (sister in law) and her daughter. I am close with her husband. We all call him uncle and her aunty. This event happened me 5 years ago. Aunty always wears salwar kameez at home and sometimes saree. I was in my second year of college that time. So in my free time, I used to hang out at their place. I was staying with my parents. From my early school days, I had a huge crush on her. I used to check out her cleavage whenever she would bend or check her ass out when no one was looking. I also took some pictures of her and made videos on my phone of her cleavage and ass while she was sweeping, I might have jerked off to her thousands of time.

As I have mentioned, I used to hang around their place a lot. So occasionally they used to ask me to help out with some of their work. Now uncle has to travel a lot for work and mostly in night times, so generally I was the one who used to drop him to the railway station on bike (his vehicle). Now I’ve had too much of it I was tired of just jerking off to her. I needed to fuck her.

One day I decided to try my luck. After dropping uncle off to station I went to return the vehicle. It was around 3:30 am. Everyone was asleep except me and her. I’ve planned everything. While returning the keys to her, I asked her for a glass of water. Now they lived in a 2 bhk house. She with her husband and children slept in the drawing room, her jethani with her daughter slept in a bedroom, and her father in law slept in the other bedroom. I needed to get her alone, and kitchen was the only place empty at that time. So when she went to get water. I followed her quietly in the kitchen. She was wearing a light brown salwar kameez that night.

When I reached at the kitchen she was pouring water, her back was towards me. I quickly and quietly closed the kitchen door. I went towards her grabbed her from the back, closed her mouth with one hand so she won’t be able to make any noise. Due to shock or something initially she didn’t move but then started struggling to get free. I somehow managed to hold her. Then I whispered in her ear that I want to have sex with her. I told her that I was prepared to fuck her with or without her permission, so its best that she stops struggling and enjoy whatever is coming next, I thought that by these I would be able to convince her to give herself to me but she kept on struggling. It was getting harder for me to hold her. I told her that no one will know about this and promise her that she can ask any sexual favours from me she want.

I told her she could ask me to fulfil any sexual fantasies she had that she couldn’t tell her husband. But nothing worked, now I got scared, I never thought I would have to force myself on her. But I had no choice either way I was screwed, she will definitely tell everyone about this, so I thought why not just have little bit of fun. So while holding her mouth with one hand I tighten my grip so she will stay still and won’t be able to make noise, with the other hand I grabbed her breast with the other hand over her clothes. Man they were so soft, I started squeezing them very hard.

After few minutes I lifted her kurta and put my hand under it and grabbed her boob. She was not wearing any bra, her boob was very soft and bit sweaty. She was still struggling in my arms, but I held her mouth tight and explored her body. Even with all this struggle and tension my cock started to become hard. Now I was holding her with her mouth with one hand squeezing her boobs with other and my erect cock was pressed against her ass. This was not the night I had planned but I was enjoying every bit of it. Now I removed her salwar and started feeling her pussy over her panties. She was now trying to keep my hand away from her pussy with both her hands, due to this her head became still now I managed to put my hand inside her panty and started fingering her pussy. After a while my finger became wet her pussy was releasing its juice all over my hand. This meant only one thing that she started to enjoy it. And after a while the struggling also stopped.

She was just standing still while I was finger fucking her. I took a chance and released her, to that she showed no response. I turned her held her face and started kissing her, to which she responded by putting her tongue in my mouth. Now, finally I was able to convince her to let me have her. After kissing for a while, I removed all her clothes and started sucking on to her nipples wildly. I was sucking her left boob and the same time squeezing other. She was holding my head. Now I sat on a chair and made her to sit in my laps and continued sucking her beautiful breast. After sometime I removed my pant, and asked her to suck my cock. Without any hesitation she sat and took my cock in her mouth, she was just sucking the tip of my cock, so I grabbed her hair and forced my dick deep inside her throat. She gagged a bit, but I kept my dick like that for few seconds and then started fucking her throat.

After fucking her mouth for a few minutes, I bend her over against the dining table and inserted my cock in her hairy pussy. It was one of the greatest feeling. Her pussy was already all wet so my cock went easily deep inside her pussy. Then I grabbed her by her waist and started ramming my cock very hard in her pussy. She was moaning a bit and moving her hips matching my rhythm. After a while I grabbed both her boobs from behind and pulled her a little towards myself and started kissing her and continued pounding her. After fucking her like that for about 10 minutes, I pulled out my cock it was all wet and sticky with her cum. I sat on the chair again and asked to suck me off for a while, she sat on her knees and gave me an awesome blowjob for few minutes, this time I didn’t even had to force my cock into her mouth.

Then I told her to ride me. She sat on my lap and guided my cock into her pussy, and started bouncing on my cock, it was the best position so far I kept on sucking her boobs and kissing her all the time. After a while she told me that she is tired. I made her sit on the table and pushed her so that she was lying on it with her feet hanging down. I positioned myself at her crotch, lifted her legs on my shoulder and guided my cock into her pussy and started fucking her. I took almost my whole cock out and rammed it very hard, the kitchen was filled with the noise of thap-thap, I was afraid that someone would wake up, but luckily no one did. I started to suck her boobs and continued to pound her pussy.

After few minutes I was about to cum, I increased my speed and started ramming her pussy very hard, after about 20-25 strokes I came in her pussy. She laid there for a while, with my cum dripping out her pussy. Then she got up and wore her clothes without even cleaning herself. And I too got dressed. Before leaving the kitchen I held her hand and kissed her gently for a while, and left her house at about 4:30 am.

Till date, I am having an affair with her, and with her help, I got to fuck few of her friends too.

Any female between the age of 20 to 45 years and living near Ahmedabad, looking for some no strings attached relation can mail me at [email protected]. Leave your comments on the same id. On the base of the response, I get I will describe how I convinced Rohini for anal and some more experiences with her and others too.

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