Neighbor Aunty In Mysore Took My Viginity

Hello ISS readers.. This is my first experience and hence want to share it with all of you.. Please give me feedbacks @ [email protected]

Lets begin, make sure you have got a tissue by your side..

My name is Aayush. I am 19yrs old, 5.8ft tall and have a healthy gym figure.

I live in mys and pursuing BSc @ a well known college. My house was situated a little far from col. One thing hot in my neighborhood was the aunty next door .. She was married to a guy who had a job which required a lot of travelling cause I often noticed him leaving the house for 4 to 5dyz with suitcases at least thrice a month .. She was of whitish complexion, big boobs, curved ass, a little chubby which made her look sexy and was around 5.3 ft tall.Her age was 32 which I got to know later . I never had any feelings for her until one day when I saw her sweeping her front yard bending towards me displaying those heavenly hills cause of her loose buttoned nighty… Omg!!! ..

But I didnt let my feelings overcome me cause I knew it was bizarre…

One day I heard her arguing with her husband about not satisfying her and I found out later that her hubby had erectile probs..

Then I had an idea and was encouraged by the stories of iss to seduce her. One day when she was sweeping the yard I just said hello and asked her generally ‘had lunch?’ she replied with a smile and said yes.. Then she asked about me and as there was no1 @ home I said “No, there is no 1 in the home”. She offered me lunch and I readily accepted cause I wanted to seduce her and she was alone. Perfect timing.

While she was in kitchen, I was staring @ her ass from sofa where I sat..I had already started to undress her in my mind.. Bulge in ma pants.. She turned suddenly and noticed me @ that awkward position.. To my surprise she smiled and said “Naughty boy, you shouldnt do what you are doing right now”. I somewhat took it as a green signal but didn’t go any further.

While eating she started asking questions very openly.. She asked about my studies, friends, gf ….. I didn’t open up much and went back home after saying ty for offering the food.. From that day onwards I made up my mind to fuck the shit out of her.

From next day whenever she came outside I used to smile naughtily @ her, wantedly stared @ her boobs so that she notices .. And guess what she used to reply back with a wink.. I was overjoyed!! After 3 days or so I saw her hubby leaving , I went to her home, and pretended to be very hungry. She knew my intention and let me through..

While she was busy bringing food, I played a porn in her bathroom leaving the door slightly open and started to masturbate. I knew she would come and yes she sneaked up exclaimed wtf!. I acted and told I am sorry with my 6″ dick out and shut the door .. After I came out she asked me what the hell was I doing. Without any hesitation I said ” I am trying to seduce you and want to satisfy you cause I know your hubby doesn’t. Please let me do it. Please ”

She confessed that even she had feelings for me and her hubby has probs. Then @ that moment I kissed her lip to lip without any moment to spare. She reacted and caressed my hair. I pressed her boob through the gown and it was just wow moment.. Her saliva in mine and mine in hers I could feel her tongue deep in mine.. And I also smooched her hardcore causing sounds all over the house..

Without wasting time she removed my shirt and pant and also I removed her gown so harshly that it tore a little. I was so desperate.!! Her nipples were brown and hard @ the moment. I started sucking it biting it and she moaned like she hadn’t been touched since ages! And I knew she wasnt.. Hehe.

I pushed her against the wall, pushed my body over hers. I could feel the warmth of her sexy skin. I again smooched her hardcore.. Then she bent over, opened up undergarments and my dick was upright, hard like a rock as it was my 1st time.. She started to suck it without any foreplay like she wanted it so bad.. It was an amazing feeling.. I could hold on long caused of her long strokes. I shouted ” I am going to cum” and came hard, she drank every single drop of it..

I took her to bedroom, opened her leg wide, it smelled somewhat good. Without caring, I started to lick all over her pussy soo wild that she was moaning loud and pushed my head hard towards her pussy. She was moaning ” yea.! A lil up baby.. Give to me. Let’s see what you got.. Aaaaaa .. Yea….” her moans made the animal come out of me.. I sucked her clits.. Pushed my finger into her pussy. Her pussy was flowing with juices.. I finger fucked her hard until she cummed with a huge noise..

We kept smooching and exploring each other until my dick got hard again. She told me to fuck me up in missionary, she sucked my dick put a condom and guided it into the cave.. It was tight. But one hard push it went in and bought a loud moan to her mouth. I increased my pace and her boobs were shaking ridiculously.

She took my name while moaning hard and the sound of me fucking filled the room. It felt great and I felt like a man at last! What a pleasure it gave.. Wow. I fucked her until she came again vigorously.. The whole session went for 3hrs.. We slept naked hugging each other, she was on top of me vowing each other of continuing this again and again. We cleaned ourselves up and I went back home with a whole new feeling.

The end

Any lonely wives . Please email me. Also readers of ISS. Do feel free to give me feedback so that I can give you incest stories and true incidents if it happens in a better fashion.

Thank you

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