Neighbor Lady Gave Me A Licking Job

Hi all…This is my first ISS stories which happened last month.About myself I am skinny boy with dark brown colour .Coming to the story I was working in a reputed mnc company in chennai ,living in 2 floor in a flat where the heroin of the story also lives with her family at 1 floor. She is in her 35 having a 6year old kid and her name is priya. She has a normal flat body but having a attractive face I used to stare at her whenever I had chance and caught many times I am a hungry person for sex used to stare at any ladies specially ladies above 30s. Her husband is businessman used to go for trip often so she would stay with her mother.

One fine day she came to my house asked for help to buy cake for kid to celebrate kids birthday since her husband is out of station, I immediately went and bought a cake and gave it to her she thanked me for that and invited to celebrate the birthday at 7pm already the time was 6.30 so she asked me to stay and asked to help for decorating the home for celebration. At 7 nearly 20 people came home who all are invited by her ….

We celebrated till 8 and I became part of her family by organizing this birthday party and we exchanged our numbers on that day …. Day by day we became close to each other we chat about cinemas ,gossips about neighbours. One day we chatted like always and next day is her birthday she usually sleep at 10pm I asked her to stay awake till 12 to wish her first and I said I will give company by chatting and I also ordered ice cream cake for her and kept in my fridge to my luck my roomies were went to their respective homes I was alone so I planned to cut her birthdy cake in my house next day ,while gossiping she said that our neighbor aunty is having sex with a young boy.I took this chance to move our relation to different level.. I replied that the boy is very lucky to have sex with aunties.

Priya:so you also like aunties???

Me:ya every men will like aunties specially sexy aunties and attractive aunties like you

Priya : am I looking like old aunty

Me :no no you are beautiful looking aunty

Priya : how you are saying that??

Me: just like that only

Priya :tell me I wont take it seriously

Me: you have beautiful face and and and

Priya :what and , continue continue

Me :you have nice ass and lovely boobs

Priya: so you are watching me in diff way not like friend

Me : no ,first I looked in that way after we became friends I have no bad intention in you

Priya:good boy..Feeling hungry

Me : for what???

Priya: idiot hungry for food only ,not what you are thinking

Me: come to my house no one is there we can cook something and eat and if you agree to come I will show you 1 surprise

Priya: what surprise ?

Me: you come I will show you

Priya : oky then open the door for me I will come in 5 mins

After this msg she came to my home we made noodles while doing our hands touched and accidently touched her ass it was very soft there was no reaction from her. Now the time is 11:50 she asked for the surprise I told wait for 10 mins after 12 I brought the cake and wished her happy birthdy she was very happy for this and she hugged me I was in heaven feeling her boobs .

She cut the cake and gave it to me I gave to her and touched hers lips while feeding ,this made me horny I applied some cake on her face suddenly she got angry and said softly dont waste the cake idiot…… I said shall I eat it.She paused for a moment gave permission I was feeling excited went near her and licked all cakes from her face made circular rotation in her neck she too now turned on I slowly came near to her lips and gave a smooth kiss by licking the cakes she too responded well we kissed passionately for 5 mins in sitting position while doing some cakes dropped near her cunt area above nighty ..

I asked her shall I eat that also she stopped there and said no you should not eat that and told that you should eat this by removing her nighty upto her hips and showing her hairy pussy I immediately went near her cunt area and sucked her vagina .. She was making sound like ahhhh umm hmm..

This made me hornier so I eat her pussy vigorously while doing she hold my head towards her cunt I was buried in her hairy pussy after 10mins of sucking her cunt she reached her climax it was very nice smell and nice taste…. After that we hugged and slept for 10 mins she asked can we go for 2round I nodded my head like a baby this time we went to bed she pushed me to bed and slowly came like. A cat and she sat on fat face placing her cunt in my mouth this was perfect position for licking ..

I loved very much licking the pussy I also inserted finger and mouth simultaneously she making loud sound ahhh her moan was very good and made me keep going she was rotating her cunt around my face and I licked all over her pussy and finger fucked she asked me to lick fast and hard I tried with my full energy then she reached her climax with loud moan after that we hugged and laid down and take rest at 1 am she went home.

We didn’t had any sex ,she hasn’t made me nude we just had nice mouth fucking session of her cunt..She also said that she love this and strongly made a point we should not have sex I too accepted it because I love licking her vagina..Please provide your comments at [email protected] so that I will extend my next story how I licked her friend how they used me as licker for their costly pussies…If any women needs licker contact me I will come and satisfy your needs by only licking..

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