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Dear ISS readers!!!! This is VK from Mumbai. I have written many life time experience as few episodes by the name of Abroad encounter with Anamika!! And have got much good feedback and now back with another episode in my life when working in Nepal!! Any hot aunties and unsatisfied souls can write to me [email protected]

Now coming to my next episode in Nepal, let’s call this Nepal beauty as Anamika again as I don’t want to disclose the name of my beauty. Basically, she was my trainee in my firm while I was working in Nepal, and one day there was a what’s app message from a new number and I too started responding. This was when my wife used to stay with me there so was not able to chat when I reach home. Was just chatting when I used to be at work. Slowly we started chatting more like likes and dislikes etc., slowly the topic drifted to love and she proposed me one day. I made her understand that she’s just a trainee and young and I am 35 years that is 10 years elder to her. But she was not in a mood to understand but was in love with me. Friends, I am not that handsome, I am dark, athletically built, bald, but people tell I am handsome, but I don’t think so. and my size if the dick is 7″.. a descent size.

Let’s come to the topic, I have been to chatting with her and started to chat more personally.. as I told many times that I don’t suit you as she is white as milk and I am black, but she was mad. One day while texting we decided to have a kiss to each other. She challenged me how will I in the work as people are around. I took that as a challenge and asked her to come to a place inside the firm where no one sees us.

She too came and just for a minute I hugged her and kissed her lips…wow what a hot kiss it was. Her lips were so soft as butter. We were very happy and continued like this whenever we had time and chance. One day when I walked along my section I asked her to come to store area and she too came. It was dark except for some light .. I hugged her tight and started kissing her hard and started rubbing my hard cock on her pussy area above her pants and pressed her boobs.. sorry forgot to tell her figure, it’s 32, 28 and 34, was an awesome figure. I just hugged her and started to kiss her lips and she started moaning and all these while standing. I started to press her boobs and my hand was on her ass and started rubbing my hard cock and she started to stroke it on my pant.. after dry fuck while standing she was on a peak of orgasm and started cumming and my hand was on her pant and can feel her cum on her pants and her hand due to stroke I too ejaculated. After we got satisfied each other we silently came out in different doors and went back to our places. Started like this and one day she asked me wether she can come to my room, and was telling wants to spend an entire day with me, but I warned her as she was a virgin and that might effect her marriage in future but she did not listen at all.

So we planned one day and was a Sunday and it’s actually very difficult to come to my room as there might be many security roaming and cameras all over the place. But still we planned accordingly and without anyone’s knowledge she came to my room.. and as soon as she entered I pulled her and started kissing her as though I was starving for a meat (but actually that’s the case as I don’t have a happy married or sex life as myself and my wife does not go along and that leads for either man or women to search for another partner to satisfy each other)

I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck and she was telling wait, let me change or make herself free. but I was clear telling that I will not leave her and I myself started removing her top. Wow, what a site of her cleavage and her boobs partly visible and I started to hold those and started kneading.

She was moaning mmmmhmmmmmmhhhhhhhsssssshhshmmAnd started to hold my head with her hands backward and I started to kiss and lick her neck. ahWhat a smell… I can still smell her.. and my hands on her boobs and slowly my man inside started to wake up and slowly started to rub her Cute and small ( basically I am an ass lover) ass… she was, in turn, rubbing her ass and was feeling my hard on.

And slowly I started to remove her pants and made her slide on the lounge in my room and in sitting position I started to kiss her lips, kiss her neck and lick .. lifted her hands on top of the head and smelled her arm pits which was smooth and waxed.. wow what a smell that was and slowly started to lick her arm pits.. she was not able to control her moans and I made her twist hahahhahahahahahhahaaasssshshhshshshshshplslslssssssshshshshHer moaning started to raise more. I slowly went down her naval and gone down and removed her pants and there saw same design pants as her bra…. removed her pants fully and started to lick her thighs and started to suck her entire thighs.. she was not able to control and started to press my head and again pushed my head but I held her tight and started to suck her more.

And then travelled to inner thighs slowly spreading and reached her hidden treasure inside her pants and placed my mouth on the panty .. was able to sense her soft pussy over her panty.. and now slowly pushed her pants and wow there was a cleanly shaven pussy.. and started smelling it first.. , my Nepal dream coming true as I used to dream of tasting one Nepali pussy but gods grace had a chance of a virgin pussy.. thought in my mind that how lucky that I am going to break the virginity of a Nepali pussy.. nothing much u can ask for

My mouth touched her pussy..what a taste ouchhchchchhchcchhhahahahahahhahahahWas the moan I can hear….. and she started to press my head tight on her pussy … and I started to slowly taste the treasure and can feel her wetness. Dint even imagine that she would be so wet… and took my tongue out and started to lick her wetness… slowly pushed open her pussy with my tongue….

HhhhhhaaahahahahahahahhahahahaaasshshshshshhshshshshmmmmmWas her moan and I held her tight and my mouth tight and my tongue still I forgot myself and was licking like necter…

Suddenly I turned her around and slid her panty and there was my favourite part … a cute white ass… straight away dived on her ass and started to kiss her ass cheeks.. and slowly opened her ass cheeks and was a tiny ass hole… just took my tongue outside and started to taste that ass hols with my tip of tongue… she held my head and was trying to push my head but that was superficial as she wants me to lick her more,,,… I ousted her hand hold it tightly and started to lick her ass hole and without any gap,.. and started to lick her pussy from behind till ass and back to pussy and made the entire area wet…. that scene was Devine and the taste was to die for

And slowly turned her back and came back to neck and started to kiss and lick… and took her hand and placed it on my cock which was hard like steel.. and slowly held her and took her 69 my favourite position.. and she knows what to do and she started removing my track and my brief and there sprang my 7″ dick in front of her face. In the mean time, I started to spread her pussy more and her ass hole too as I positioned her on my mouth and her legs on either side and she started to stroke my hard black cock. She slowly started to lick and I was able to feel her hot mouth tasting my cock.. and slowly she pushed my cock inside her mouth and started to suck and a nice blow job.. and I was licking her ass and pussy and ant the same time was ticking her mouth with my hard cock

Then after some time of licking, sucking, tongue fucking and blow job made her down and slowly started to position my hard dick at the entrance of her wet pussy.. tried pushing it in but was not able to enter as she was a virgin. I slowly asked her in ears “are you sure shall I” she replied “mmmmm please “… “don’t worry..please I want you”… and that’s it one single slow push and very slowly I pushed my cock inside her pussy… there was the Hemen and was about to break and started to kiss her lips with love and started to break open… and slowly again in and out and finally one strong push… her eyes was in tears … yes I have broken her virginity… thanking god how lucky was I.. slowly started too and fro motion and the pain became pleasure.. and started to fuck her on the lounge only… slowly and steady…


She held my ass tight and was inserting my cock deep still deep and was moaning fast hard….. more ….. yes…… fully…. and I was fucking her slow and steady but deep for her to enjoy more… finally she came thrice and each and every time she came I controlled myself and after 20 minutes of intense ride me too ejaculated and filled her pussy with my hot lava..that must have been a good volume and she held my cock tight with her pussy till I squeezed every drop into her and we let’s there exhausted.. and my head on her breast and she was rubbing my head with her fingers.. and still my cock inside her pussy … limp and soft.. slowly removed it “blop” was the sound that came when my cock came out of her wet pussy and lied on her side.

Readers this is how I break the virginity of a Nepal beauty … actually, it’s true that Nepal girls are the most beautiful and more hot.. and the most scented flowers.

Please send me your feedback to [email protected].. and also a humble request for unsatisfied women… you can trust me.. have a great week ahead and sexy weekend with more sex. cheers!!

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