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Ravi could not accept the fact that he has gay sex with his own nephew and his virgin ass was broken into by Naveen! The days that followed was bad for both Ravi and Naveen as Ravi was embarrassed and very pissed, and Naveen was freaking out if his uncle might cause him trouble. After Naveen’s repeated pleadings, Ravi came down and made a deal with Naveen that they both never ever think or talk about their sexual encounter, as though such a thing never happened! Deal was made and they both quickly moved on with their work, though Naveen could not erase the exciting moments he had with Ravi!

Two more days were left before Ravi’s family return from their trip. Ravi and Naveen were at Naveen’s elder cousin Yugen’s house for a major plumbing work. Yugen is Ravi’s eldest brother’s son. Yugen was 24 and just got married that year. He works in the oil and gas industry and was away off-shore. Yugen’s young wife Thuba (23 yrs old) lives in the house alone with her maid. Thuba is quite a hot girl and Naveen had known her since school as she was his senior. He always had an eye on her since then until she got married to his cousin.

That morning when Ravi and Naveen went to the house to start their repair work, Naveen noticed that the usually friendly Thuba was not her usual self and was ignoring Ravi with a long face. Naveen couldn’t figure out what was going on and got started with helping Ravi to repair the pipes in the bedroom in the master bathroom. Halfway through Ravi gave Naveen certain instructions on what needs to be done to the pipes and said he will go down to check the pipes in the kitchen and backyard. Naveen nodded and continued his work as per his uncle’s instruction.

However, some funny noise from downstairs disrupted him and Naveen was curious about what that noise might be. Familiar voices talking or rather arguing something very softly, but couldn’t escape Naveen’s sharp ears. Naveen quietly walked out of the room and went near the staircase to see what was going on downstairs. From where he was, he could see Ravi and Thuba standing near the kitchen and arguing something very seriously. They both looked pissed and angry, and Ravi was holding and shaking Thuba’s shoulder and hand every now and then much to Thuba’s annoyance. Naveen tried to listen to what they were arguing about.

What Naveen discovered at that point gave him a cold chill! Ravi was cursing Thuba for bugging his life with her demands for money for her lavish lifestyle, and Thuba immediately cursed Ravi back that he is a horny pervert who fucks around every women, including the wife of his own nephew with guilt and shame! Ravi got annoyed and his hands grabbed hold of Thuba’s neck and he said to her that she is a fucking whore who opens her leg for any men’s cock! And that is why he doesn’t feel guilty fucking the shit out of her, besides he said he doesn’t fuck her for free. Thuba struggled to let go of herself from Ravi and almost screamed before Ravi shut her mouth with his hands. They both looked up at the staircase and Naveen managed to hide himself. He was in a shock and didn’t know what to do at that point of time. He slowly retreated back to the room and into the bathroom and was staring blankly at the pipes, thinking about what he just saw and heard.

Little while later he heard someone coming up so he quickly took the tools to get back to work. Ravi walked in and Naveen was pretending to be busy. Ravi spoke in his usual angry and strict tone and told Naveen to finish up the work in the bathroom within the next one hour. Naveen asked if Ravi is done fixing the other parts of the house, and Ravi responded that we will continue that another day as he doesn’t have the materials needed. And Ravi told him that he is going out to the town to run some errands and will be back in the next one hour, and repeated his instruction to Naveen to complete the work by then. Naveen obliged, though thousands of questions was running in his mind. Ravi was looking very angry and pissed, but Naveen was actually turned on with that though he didn’t dare say or do anything until his uncle left.

Naveen waited for Ravi to drive off before heading out of the bathroom. By that time Thuba was already up and was entering her room. She looked pissed too. Their eyes met and it was an awkward moment because neither had anything to say to each other. Naveen broke the silence and asked if everything was ok with her. She didn’t answer but turned away and asked Naveen if he was done with his work. Naveen said it will take him about an hour or less to finish it and he will get back to work immediately. Naveen needed to escape her as his thought were going back to the scandal Ravi and she has been having. Naveen tried to get back to his work but his mind was so disturbed. To make things worse, Thuba walked into the bathroom to see what he was doing. She asked him about the work and what the problems were with the pipes. Naveen explained but he was very nervous because his eyes were checking out Thuba!

Thuba saw that and asked him why is he being so nervous suddenly. Naveen blurted out what he saw and heard downstairs. And asked her how can she fuck her husband’s uncle? Thuba looked startled but very quickly tried justifying herself. She blamed Ravi for it, that he took advantage of Yugen’s absence and her emotional problems to befriend her and finally got her on the bed like he does with all other women! At this point Naveen said yes he knows what a pervert Ravi is, and that he is full of sex scandals, especially married women!

Thuba was shocked that Naveen knew that much details about Ravi, and was told by Naveen about the fucking session Ravi had with his neighbour’s wife at the garage few nights ago. Thuba kept cursing Ravi and said he is a fucking horny bastard. Naveen tried to calm her down as she was getting agitated. But she kept saying that she wants to teach him a lesson. Naveen tried all his best to calm her, and had to put his hands over her shoulder to bring her into control. Naveen was worried she might push him off but she let him hold her firm and was slowly coming down. Naveen felt a jolt in himself with a hard on in his jeans, with the bulge! He told her to ignore that fucker Ravi and live her life because she is young and beautiful and doesn’t have to worry about anything. Naveen told her how so many guys out there had always had an eye on her, since she was in school. He admitted that he too had checked her out so many times but never dared to go further because she was dating his cousin.

Thuba by now was already in Naveen’s arms and asked him if he still have an eye on her? Naveen was lost for words, and asked what she means? She smiled, and turned to face Naveen. Their eyes met again, and this time their faces got closer and their lips started to stick together in romance. There was no turning back, Naveen unexpectedly were served the hot body of Thuba. They both had a long romance while stripping each other in the bathroom, and things went further with Thuba blowing Naveen’s cock, and Naveen later doing a 69 with her and played her pussy till she was screaming in joy! They fucked in the bathroom, than went to the bed and continued fucking. Thuba was cursing Ravi, and Naveen liked it and he joined her to curse Ravi. They both went wild that Naveen didn’t realise that time was passing. He asked if they can go down and have sex on the kitchen top. She liked the idea and she was carried by Naveen while his cock was still in her pussy. On the kitchen top, Thuba was banged hard by Naveen that she was screaming in pleasure.

Naveen was close to cumming and pulled out his cock from her pussy and climbed on her face to shoot his load into her mouth. He shot quite a lot and she took it all in her mouth, licking till the last drop of the cum. They kissed in satisfaction and the next thing they know, the house door opened and an annoyed fierce Ravi walked in shouting and cursing at both Naveen and Thuba!

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