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Hi., I’m Reshma age 22. I’m an authentic good looking Tamil girl from south Indian. I was born in a small town and my grown up in Chennai. My parents are still a traditional people and really tough parents to manage.

Okay, let me start my sex story. I completed my BCA in Chennai @20yrs since my parents are strict they wanted me to get married as soon as I finished my studies. though I had crushes and some past stories I can’t stop them from doing this. So when I was 21 I got married to one of my distance relatives.

Everything went fine between us. He (Ashwin my husband) was very supportive to me and spontaneous. I really loved my married life as it was best I can get.. I was a virgin till I get married and I lost it to Ashwin. I’ll say about this in detail in upcoming stories.

Since Ashwin resigned his job and started a business initially running our lives got difficult. So I planned to get a job and I soon got it with one of my college mate (Varun) reference he is also working there and we were good friends from college days.

Varun helped me a lot in initially working environment. Soon we felt comfortable with each other apart from office time I was spending a good time with Ashwin. We had a good sex life and he was active too!

One day everything has changed. It was a weekend, I and Ashwin got a plan for a dinner. Varun took me in his car to my home as it was late already and raining heavily!

I took the seat next to Varun we started from office. Our conversation begins:

Varun: Resh, I think you are comfortable with this work and you are really doing great!

Me: nothing like that Varun. I’m just going with the flow. It’s my situation to work for this low salary.

Varun: don’t worry.. in the upcoming projects you will definitely get huge hikes

Me: I think I won’t continue this job for a long time though I’m comfortable now. I’m supporting my husband now financially responsible for our family

Varun: **gap** resh y you were so hurrying to get married this early.. you could have enjoyed your life a bit as a bachelor!

Me: it is in my fate.. but I’m happy now!

Varun: you have nice talent and good looking n modern girl.. if you have waited you might have got something better than this.. and look Ashwin he is 28 years old

Me: but I don’t find any problem with that.

Varun: But Resh, you know how many of them were back to you during college days.. even I’m one of them!

Me: wat? you never expressed it! I thought we were good friends

Varun: Good friends., but I had crush which I could never explain.

Me: Varun stops kidding me. I never thought it that way

Varun: I’m serious resh.. you were in love with Kavin(My ex) n you know we both are good friends so how can I approach you?? He also said something about you!

Me: Stop talking about him!


Me: but wat did he said about me??

Varun: Almost everything!

Me: Make it clear.

Varun: we are not in the right place to share this.

me: but it’s fine for me. if you mind then don’t need

Varun: I know everything between you both.. he use to share everything with me. except for sex, he said everything!

Me: But nothing really happened between us!

Varun: Resh I knew.. stop blushing!your kisses and hugs are real sounded good.. when he explains it I’ll feel tempted bit angry but that really developed my interest towards you

Me: Ohh

Varun: what you both did in terrace.. cinemas.. your outings everything.

Me: I don’t believe that he did this

Varun: if you don’t believe me. shall I say something worse even

Me: wat’s that??

Varun: I saw some of your private pics too

Me: *shocked*

Varun: you got a mole in your left thigh.. n my favorite is one below Ur right armpit a small scar which matches your nipple color!

Me: Hearing this I don’t know what to say then.. he is correct till now. I asked do you have any pictures of me now??are you threatening me?

Varun: Hey don’t be a kid.. why should I do that??all these things made me lustful for you.. when you asked me for a job I thought it was the right time to use you. I know you are married now but that makes things easier for me.

Me: so?? what you want me to do??

Varun: I’m not threatening you or harming you.. if you can do with Kavin.. n hiding everything to Ashwin why can’t you do that with me??fulfill my lust. I don’t speak about this further!

You are my crush I can’t marry you now. but I can have you.. do that for me. Will I get u anything you want.. deal?

Me: This is not right Varun.Stops the car now.

Varun: stop what?? are you a virgin still?? why are you hesitating a better way to get good. I don’t want to have affair with you.. just for a night then you are free!

Me: I said to stop the car.

Varun: okay.., then I have to threaten you.

me: with what?? you don’t have anything to make me afraid of you

Varun: I ll say everything to Ashwin.

Me: with wet eyes. stop playing with my life. don’t spoil me.

Varun: shut up you bitch..I’m not spoiling you .. you did everything you had fun with Kavinyou had sex with Ashwin.. you hid everything. I’m only using it. You don’t have any options apart from satisfying me.

Me: I’m not ready for these things now.

Varun: don’t hurry. I’ll handle you safely.. trust me!

Me: silence

Varun: come on break the silence.. answer me we are near your house

Me: stop here!

Varun: I won’t.

Me: I’m okay with the deal stop now.

Varun: really!!!! good move. I know you are smart

Me: but plz never say this to Ashwin

Varun: so. give me a confirmation!

me: wat??

Varun pulled me closer we had a smooch. I felt surprised but it was fantastic to feel to smell the cigarette smell from his lips. It lasted for few minutes. His saliva had a mint flavor. It was the good kiss after a long time.

We broke apart and looking through our eyes. I forgot that I’m married. We started sharing lust through eyes.. in this rainy climate.

My nipples are erected and it’s visible for him. He saw that and commented “your tits has got bigger than before.. but perfect!

That made me hot as hell. Then he touched my right boobs. I can’t avoid him but he gently tapped it and said adjust it and go home it’s getting late for you

I adjusted my boobs inside my bra and dhuppata.. opened the door n got down

I bent down again to say bye.. he was looking at my cleavage n blushing. I said wipe your mouth my lipstick is there.. saying this he went.

In next minute he sent a message

see you soon!!!

to be continued….

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