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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, my name is avin, 30 happily married, average built ,fair and a decent enough tool to satisfy woman. I stay in bangalore, I read a lot of stories in iss, some are fantasy, but I really am interested in only real stories. A guy with lots of fantasies, but you know, they just remain your fantasies. And one day a silver lining strikes and your fantasy becomes true. Let me introduce the lady, she is around my age, married with 2 kids, wheatish complexion but very pretty and to die for body. Let me start the story.

There was a house construction going on in my street just about opposite to my house. I go to work on the morning and come back in the evening because of which I never got to see the owners and the house was completed within a short period of time. One day a lazy summer evening after returning from work I was watching tv with other family members busy with their daily chorus.

Since it was summer I was wearing shorts (short one) and a lose shirt. When the door bell rang, I saw a pretty lady with her husband smiling near the door. My parents welcomed them and they actually had come to invite us to the ceremony. I was pleased looking at her but didn’t really have any intentions on her. While leaving she looked at me and my legs (shorts) and gave me a wicked smile. That smile gave me jitters and sleepless nights, I knew she had something in her mind for me. However the day came I met her and her husband, the ceremony was done and nothing fishy happened.

Some days passed and one evening I washed my vehicle and let it dry outside before parking it in the garage and had a shower and came back near my vehicle. But then I was amazed to see this lady was standing in the house balcony and gave me the same wicked smile again. I dont know what happened to me, felt like hypnotized and I just walked to her house in the first floor and started a general conversation with her.

After going inside, she said she will close the door as there are mosquitoes outside and I said yes. We were sitting opposite to each other and suddenly out of the blue she took her middle finger put it inside her mouth and started sucking it. I knew what was coming but still asked her what happened to which she replied, she felt a tickle on her crouch the day she saw me and today she wanted me. Apparently she had come to pick some stuff but after seeing me washing the vehicle, she had decided, she wants to have me.

I just stood up and gave her a peck and she pounced on me and started to bite my lips and in a second we were on to each other. She was wearing a white tight pant and a sexy pink top and pink lip gloss to go with the dress. I just lifted the top and was surprised to see her firm boobs, even after 2 kids.

This made me mad and I started to suck and bite them good. Then slowly I kissed her belly and doing so removed her pants. And wow she had wonderful legs, smooth silky skin and in shape, I licked and sucked her legs all the way to her love hole and removed her panty with my mouth. Another shock, her pussy was surprisingly fair for her complexion, neatly shaved. There was not even a single hair on her body, thats my type of lady. I couldn’t control looking at it and started eating it. I licked it for sometime (I love to lick pussy) and inserted my finger and started stroking, I sensed she had cum at least twice.

Then she got up and asked me if I need to be sucked for which I said only if she likes to ( I like to get sucked but I never, ever will force a lady if they dont want to) and she just lied down and spread her legs and told me ‘am all yours’. I slowly moved my dick around her pussy and slowly inserted into her, she gave a loud moan. Btw I didnt use condom cause I am safe and she was safe and I am good at cum outside method. Well I fucked her for a while in missionary and then she climbed on me and started riding.

After few seconds she increased her pace, wow her animal instincts were out and she was riding, screaming, that was an amazing sight to see as her bouncy boobs was rolling. Then again I came upon her, fucked for some more time and cummed on her belly. She just rubbed them around and licked her fingers and my cock dry.

She said her husband doesn’t lick her pussy and always fucks and sleeps. Never does anything adventurous and always fucks in the dark. We lied down for a while and she got to dress up, but saw the bite marks on her boobs and she became horny again. She didnt say anything, just turned back and started sucking my cock, wow what a heavenly feeling, she had no experience in sucking but the animal in her knew what to do. I too pulled her and did a 69, inserted a finger in pussy and ass and gave a slow rimming and she was in heaven.

Then I fucked her doggy style which was her first time and she loved it. This time I fucked her hard and she had screaming orgasms and I too came really hard. We again lied down for some time and I dressed and went home, she took her stuff and left. I am waiting for her to completely move to this house for another adventurous session.

Well that was my story and since this is the first time I am writing here, kindly pardon me for the mistakes. Hopefully you have liked it and please do feedback me, I have few more stories about me before I got married which I would like to share. My mail id is [email protected]. Before saying bye I would like to say – sex needs no compulsion, no commitment but only satisfaction for your partner and you. Do it when you get a chance, life is all about giving and getting pleasure, I am up for it, are you?. Thank you!

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