New Year’s Eve Party And Fun

Hi all, today I am going to narrate yet another incident which took place recently. As many of you know, I am Ramya 18 years of age and 32 24 32 are my stats and 5feet 6inches in height.

So the story is about what happened on new years eve 31-12-2016. Its a long story so dont sleep off. I woke up in the morning feeling all excited. It was a saturday and I had school until 2pm, so I wanted to finish everything soon and get back and prepare myself for the party. So morning started with yoga class at 6am. I went there wearing my yoga pants and a tee shirt. Like always I was early and yoga sir asked me to start surya namaskar and I started those exercises slowly. Strangely today yoga sir asked me to hold the postures so that he could correct. I was holding each position and sir came around fixing my posture by placing his hand gently on the body. Initially I felt wierd but since I did not react or tell anything he got full confidence and started placing his hands more confidently as we went on. I was feeling high and could not concentrate at all. Lucky for me someone rang the bell and sir went to open the door and things got back to normal. We wrapped up the class in one hour and I came back to home got ready and went to school.

At school, I was very restless by always thinking about the tonight’s party. Party is hosted by my best friend Radhika who also studies with me in the same school.

Radhika looks like a model and way hotter than any of the girls I met in my life. If I am right she must be 34-26-34. She has a boyfriend called Varun and she lives a posh lifestyle. Tonight party is hosted in her farm house which is not far away from the city. Her parents will be partying in the city and will be reaching around 1 am. So we party the night till 1 am at her party and then I stay over at their farm house along with Radhika.

Today being saturday, school finished at 2pm. Radhika and I went out to 1mg mall nearby to buy some makeup kits and some lingerie. We finished our shopping in an hour and I reached home at 3 30pm. I went to my room and immediately stripped to my inners and went to bathroom to start waxing legs as it will take a while. It has been an hour and I haven’t completed even one leg. Bell rang and my servant opened door to karthik who is my childhood friend and he started knocking on my door. I was in two minds to send him out or check why he dropped in at this time. But I felt bad and wrapped a towel around me and opened the door to him.

He was hesitant to come but I let him in. He moved in and asked me about the party time and other details about who all is coming and other things. I answered to him everything patiently and then told him that I was busy waxing and I dont have time for a chit chat. He said sorry and told he would leave. As he got near the door, he turned back and asked me if he could be of any help. I was perplexed for a min and then thought he could really be helpful to remove hair from the places I have been struggling to reach. I thought about it and told him, it may not be something exciting for you. But then he is like you could talk to me while I help out and I dont have much to do anyways. I was finally convinced and closed the door and asked him to come to bathroom. I explained him all the procedure and he seemed smart enough to understand it quickly. I sat on the bench with towel on and asked him to help me wax back of my legs. He was quite quick to start off and both my legs looked clean below my thighs in 45mins. I was so much relieved.

Then I did not want him to help me for the thighs and bums even thou that would have been perfect. So I told him to move to my hands. Both of us were working on my hands at tandem and finished it in super quick time. Luckily my mom did not come yet otherwise she would have got a heartattack looking at this guy in my bathroom. All that is left are thighs, bums and my bikini area. I was nearly tempted to take his help for something but then decided against it as it might ruin our friendship. I thanked him with a hug and peck on his cheeks and asked him to come by at 9pm as radhika will be coming to pick us up. He left and I went back to bathroom and struggled to complete my rest of the waxing work which finally ended by 6 30pm.

I took a nice shower and changed myself into casual house clothes and went down stairs to spend time with mom and dad. Just then mom prepared some samosas and tea. I had a nice time and told them the entire plan and they were fine with the party plan since Radhika and Karthik were coming. But as usual they advised me what to do and what not to do and keep calling them or messaging them to ensure everything is going smooth. Just then Radhika’s mom called on my home phone and my mother spoke to her for 20 mins and they both exchanged their concerns and other plan of actions. But both were happy to have our time and keep things in control. Her mother told her that it will be late and they will drop me in the morning and my mom felt good about the plan. Finally there was peace at home. And it is already 8 pm. I told them I need to go to my room and get ready since Radhika will be coming by 9pm.

I came back to my room and put on the new lingerie which I bought earlier in the day and put on the makeup and I admired myself in the mirror and felt so good touching my bare skin. My legs look so good and shiny. I put on the party dress which I bought some weeks back. It is a white dress which ends just below my bums and cleavage shows just the right amount to make the guys go mad. I put on my white stilettos and I look into the mirror and felt goosebumps all over. This was the first time I dressed to my heart’s content and I am loving myself. I looked into my accessories bag and pulled out everything in white color and tried to jazz it up. I looked like an angel I told myself as I looked again into the mirror. Far from looking slutty and just the right kind of dress I needed to boost my confidence. I was thinking I am sure Radhika would be wearing a killer look in her red see thru dress.

As I was admiring more and more, I could hear my mom yell from downstairs that karthik came over and waiting down. I told her that I ll come in 5, 10 mins. I quickly packed my bad with necessary things and walked down. It was my mom who stood near the stairs and could not take her eyes of me and was stunned to look at my attire. I came down and my dad was shocked too while karthik dint know how to react. My mother gave a big smile and called me to the kitchen. As I went in, she hugged me and asked me to be safe. She asked me again if I could pull off this dress without being harassed. I promised her that I am going to a safe party and all are my friends. I told her that I will not do anything that I am not allowed to do so. She still seemed little worried but I assured her that its my first time too and will take care of myself. We walked out and noticed karthik was in a perfect black suit with a red maroon bow. I knew he would have chosen red to match radhika’s dress colour as he likes her a lot. We exchanged hi fi and heard radhika’s car horn and we all walked out. Mom and dad followed us till the car and met radhika in the car.

We bid good bye and headed to the party. Radhika was ravishing in her red dress and her curves were looking great. Karthik was praising both the girls but he could not look away from radhika. She told us that it will take 45 mins to reach the place and her boyfriend varun will be at the venue receiving all the guests. She told us that total of 30 people will be at the party and most of them are varun’s friends and some of them were radhika’s cousins and their friends. She told us that the party will be by the pool and gradually we can move the party inside the house till their parents arrive. She also told us that party ends when her parents arrive and I could stay over. She told karthik that her cousin chaya lives close to his house and she can drop him off at home. Karthik was disappointed as she dint offer him to stay over. But it is understandable since radhika doesn’t know karthik much even thou she met him sometimes at my house or some cafe. Luckily the traffic was at ease and we already reached the farm house.

We entered the farmhouse gate and got down the car and the smell of the herbs lifted my mood. The place smells awesome I told radhika and she smiled and said there is more to see and directed us towards the door. As we approached the door, I could notice varun dressed in maroon suit and looks perfectly trimmed. He looks like milind soman, tall and perfectly toned. He hugged radhika and squeezed her bum over the dress with his big right hand. She smiled and introduced me and karthik. He hugged me and his hand reached under my dress to my naked bum. I gave a jerk and moved away and radhka came to me and winked at me saying get used to it babe that is how the party will go on. I was still perplexed while varun greeted karthik with a fist punch and told him to greet the girls with a bum squeeze.

Karthik was all excited now. Karthik turned around to radhika and spoke did we introduce each other? Radhika gave a sly smile and told him to come in and keep the introduction to later. Karthik was disappointed that he could not reach out to her bum but he felt his turn will come soon. We entered the hall and varun introduced us to some of his friends. They came hugged and reached out to our bums. Thou they dint go under my dress as they dint seem confident on this new greeting style. Then radhika introduced her friend chaya to us. Karthik was eager to go and hug her while reaching out to her bum. He went down to reach her thighs and brought his hand over the bum giving her a sensual jolt. She must have loved it as she looked pink and gave a naugty smile at him. Radhika told her that she needs to drop karthik home as they stay close by. They both exchanged smiles again.

As we moved along to other end of the house we could see lighted pool and drinks table on one side and lot of people chit chatting while the music is jazzed up. As we moved out of the back door to reach the pool area, radhika and varun moved to the center and introduced everyone to everyone and asked everyone to move around introduce each other and told them the party is all planned and they will announce each item in the plan as the time goes by. So I moved to the drinks counter to pick up a breezer and a guy named ravi met me at the counter with a hard squeeze to my bum and felt pain through my nerves. I yanked a little and he asked sorry for being hard. I moved on by saying its ok and advised him to be gentle with others. I sipped the drink and felt my insides calming down.

I moved closer to the pool and another guy david introduced me and gave a gentle tap on my bum which felt a lot better and we spoke some more on what we do and other things before another tall guy walked by introducing himself as steven and moved his hand inside my dress and drew a sensual circle. Wow that was innovative I felt how guys are trying innovative things today. Now I was getting excited how it goes with others. As I was having a small conversation with these two guys, I was watching karthik squeezing girls bums in a sensual way as he did before and seems over excited with his big wide smiles. I was already liking the party where everyone seems to excited and happy. Probably this is first time exotic party for most of them. I also realized the party is equally numbered between guys and girls to keep up the fun. Well planned radhika and varun I thought in my mind.

Guys are looking perfect and girls are looking sexy. I dint realize I lost in my thoughts amidst a conversation, so I excused myself and moved on to next guy who was in glittering blue suit and he took my hand gave me a spin and landed me on his hands like in salsa and then gave me a hug and a gentle squeeze to my bum. He was too big for me to even put my arm around him. His name was akbar and he was radhika’s cousins friend. He moved on with a smile to another girl and I met sharan who was short but well built. He was shorter than me and he could easily run his fingers under my dress to squeeze my bum and ran a finger over the bum line to my ass. I felt this was little too much but he was gentle and did not try to flirt, so I took it fine.

Then I met another guy whose name I did not get as he had an accent in his voice and he just tapped my bum and dint seem too much interested in this new greeting style. Then I bumped into karthik and he gave a naughty smile and said I ll give an awesome squeeze to my best fried and he moved closer and squeezed my bum very close to the ass in a very sensual way and told me the skin is super soft and took a step further and squeezed my boobs with his other hand and pushed him away and gave a smile and a slap. He walked on and then I met two other guys who squeezed me to thier hearts content and that comes to an end of guys in that area. I went back to drinks counter to have breezer and it was 10 30 pm already.

Radhika and varun came to center again and told us the next plan is going all wet in the pool. They pointed us to the shower room and told us there are hangers to hang our clothes if we want or just drop them anywhere and jump right in. Everyone raised their bottles in air and shouting “Yeh” in excitement. Hearing to everyone’s excitement. Varun started stripping and throwing the clothes at the door and he jumped into the pool in his blue underwear and semi erect penis. And suddenly everyone including radhika started stripping and throwing clothes near the door about the same place where varun threw his clothes and jumped into the pool one by one as the honey singh’s aaj blue hai pani pani song started. I followed the same. Just realized I was in netted white lingerie and I could be showing more than others and more than what I would intend to. But then I had no choice now and I had to play along. I was quick to throw my dress and jumped in the pool where radhika stood.

My nipples became hard as I immersed into water and in the netted white bra I guess nipples were easy to spot. I asked radhika if its too much show and she told me that it is little bit but not too bad as the net on the bra is playing a little hide and seek. And saying this she pinched my nipples which made me give out a soft scream. Varun notice this and came over and praised my body while scanning my boobs. I said he has a great body in return and he smiled and kissed radhika and thanked her in helping him to look at his best always. Steven got out of the pool and kept all the drinks around the corner so that everyone could reach and have a drink in the pool. We all gave a “Hey” to him and moved to grab a bottle. As I moved I felt many bodies rub thru mine while no one misbehaved. I grabbed my bottle and and took a sip and kept it back.

Radhika asked me to come with her and we went to other corner of the pool and she told me lets go under water swim and have some fun. I understood her and we both did a underwater swim and I could see her slapping the guys bum. I thought to myself this was an excellent plan to take revenge. But I wanted to know the guy and then change my style of bum slap. So I came up the water spotted the guys face and went into water and pelted his bum. Haha I am so loving this, I told to radhika and she went into water and continued. I saw the ravi guy who was hard on my bum and I knew what I ll do to him and I went down reached that guy and took a second pause and pinched him hard and I could even hear his scream inside the water. Then I got out and told him tit for tat for which he laughed and said it is fine girl go ahead and pinch others too. I too laughed and looked around to spot kartik flirting with a girl. I went down the water and went near him and yanked his underwear down.

I dont know why I did this but just happened at the moment. I could see his penis and well shaved abdomen. I did not want to face him and I was quick to swim far away and went behind akbar and came out of water. I could see that karthik was looking around but I am sure he did not see me. He continued flirting and looking around. Meanwhile akbar noticed that I was not paying any attention to him and pulled my cheeks to draw attention. I told him sorry and continued dancing with him to another honey singh tune. Everyone were dancing and singing along and party was getting interesting. Guys and girls were getting closer to each other and feeling their bodies in the dance steps. As I was thinking all this I could feel akbar hands over my hip helping me move to the tune. I was feeling so nice I must agree.

As the song ended I excused myself and moved down the water and towards radhika before I met steven inside the water. He caught my hand and pulled me up and held me by hip and asked me for a dance and I could not say no. He was sharp yet sensual guy. The song which was going on was “Jiya jale” from dil se and I was doing all the preity zinta moves what ever I could remember like other girls and steven was running his hand over my body senusally. I was heated up with all his sensual moves but he was careful not to touch me inappropriately and that gave me some confidence in dancing with him. He next lifted me and turned me around and everyone were watching us in awe.

I liked this guy a lot and thought to continue dancing until the end of the song. I went down the water in a dance move and I could see his white underwear and his poking penis. Uff! That gave me a jolt in my body. As I was coming up I ran though my hand on the side of his legs till his chest and squeezed his bum as a part of the dance move. His bums were so hard like a rock I could hardly move an centimeter in his skin. He started liking that dance and he did a similar move going inside the water and running his fingers from my feet and moving upwards. When he got to my thigh his fingers deviated and went into my inner thighs and I was getting tensed but it all happened in an instant and he ran his finger tough my panty lines and moved up and did the same on my bra but brushed my nipples on the way out of that region. We did few more moves and the song ended. I told him he has a good body and really hard bums and he laughed and said your nipples are hard too and I felt shy and naughty. I started feeling nervous and I said see you later and moved on since I dint want to go any further with this guy as this is already the maximum I have done with anyone.

Then I randomly started dancing with everyone for next 10 mins. Then radhika and varun went out and announced that its already 11 30 and we are approaching midnight and we all should get dressed for the final event. She told us the towels are kept near the bathroom and we can use them and wipe ourselves dry and change over either inside or behind the bushes like how the humans do. Everyone laughed out at those words. They also announced they have two heated tables kept near the drinks counter and we must drop our wet inners on them so that it will get dried up before we leave the place. Everyone were excited at the idea of not wearing the inners for the finale. So guys and girls started moving out of the pool and went towards the bathroom to pick their towels.

Quickly they formed a queue near the bathroom holding their towels and party clothes. I got into the queue and covered myself as much as possible with the small towel since my skin was easily shown in the wet inners. Steven came and stood behind me striking some conversation. God I just cant be away from this guy, I thought to myself. He is very attractive and tempting guy. We were talking casually about what we like and dislike. It has been 10 mins and queue is moving very slowly, may be ppl are taking shower in the bathroom. Some of them decided to ditch the queue and move to the bushes. I was getting frustrated in the wet clothes and thought I should also go to the bushes. Just then steven asked me if I want to go and change elsewhere. I said yes and we moved out of the queue to the nearby bushes. As we walked I saw many of them naked and just having a conversation being naked. I could see the guys penis so erect and girl is giggling at it. We went little away from them and found a spot where we could change. Steven removed his underwear and became fully naked and I was shocked. His penis was hard, long and thick. I could not take my eyes of it and was feeling very very wet. He asked me to become naked too and have some fun. I dont know what he meant by fun but as soon I heard that I came into sense and told him I am not feeling comfortable and will go behind that tree and change. He just smiled and gestered his hand to have me walk by.

I walked over to the tree and stood behind. Looked around to see if there is anyone in the vicinity. I confirmed there were no one and I removed my towel with left hand and placed it on the right hand which was holding my dress. I used my left hand to remove my panty and I was struggling to hold still. Since it is near the tree, the ground was dirty so I could not keep my clothes down. Finally I managed to remove the panty and put it on my right hand. Then I could easily snap open my brand from behind and with some wierd movements I could remove my bra as well. Then I held my dress open and wore it from up. It took a while but somehow I managed to do it on my own and without dropping the other things on the ground. I walked out and I could see steven waiting for me dressed up in his suit. His erection is still hard and easily visible from the outside. It looked like someone shoved a cucumber in his pant. I just gave a smile and he understood it.

As we were walking out, he felt my naked bum and told me dress is not proper and adjusted. He told me there isn’t much to adjust as I can see your bum if you just wiggle around. I casually told him thanks and told him today is your lucky day. Then I also realized my nipples are pretty apparent from the outside of the dress. As I looked around all girls looked the same, with poking nipples and all men with poking penis. Wah! What a night, I thought to myself. As instructed all of them dropped the inners on the heated tables. I moved near the door to pick up my accessories. As I bent forward to pick up the accessories someone slapped my bum and I jerked and that movement let his hand almost touch my pussy. As I looked back in anger it was karthik and he told me sorry and told he dint expect his hand to go so much further. Looking at his innocent face I calmed down and laughed at his poking penis which by then struggling to get out. I guess this is the first time we have see each other so much naked. Some wierd feeling cropped up in my mind but I shut it out.

I wore my accessories and moved into the house to find a mirror to set my hair and some quick makeup. As I reached the bedroom in the groundfoor I saw radhika and other girls too applying some makeup and getting ready. We chatted and laughed at the whole scenes as we were getting ready. We went out in 5 mins and varun announced that girls and guys will have to pick a random number form the box which he was holding and then that number will match up with a partner for the dance. Once the song is over then we just circle ourself to the next partner for the next song. This will go on till everyone danced with everyone. So there wil be 15 pairs and each song of 4 mins. So for one hour we all will be dancing with different partners. And that will conclude the night as radhika’s parent will come back and we need to leave the house. Everyone were happy to hear that they will dance will everyone. One by one guys and girls went to pick their numbered chit. I got number 3 and guys were calling out numbers to identify the partners. I heard ravi calling out number 3. I thought to myself what a start, the only guy I wasnt happy before is my first partner now.

Anyways we all formed a big circle around the pool and everyone were with their partners. The music was slow blues english romantic songs. First song just started and ravi took my hands and started the slow dance with me. He turned me around and around and slowly got close to me. And I could feel his body so close. The song turns anyone on since it is so romantic I thought to myself. I was looking around and some couples were also kissing and exploring others bodies. I was lost in thoughts and found him staring at my cleavage and smiling. He slowly kept his hand on the hip and pulled me closer. Now my body is touching his body. His hands moved from the hip to bum naked bums and then thighs. I could not get myself to get close to this guy somehow. And luckily the song ended and radhika shouted all the girls to shift clockwise.

The next guy I landed with is varun. He welcomed me with a big smile and gave a huge and kept his hand on the bum to squeeze and the song started. So he just kept his hand on the bum and kept moving to the tune. I felt wierd and excited. I was moving my hand behind his back and I too squeezed his bum couple of times. So the full time he was just massaging my bums and dancing by singing the song to me. It was very romantic and somehow did not feel wierd at the end of the song. I moved on it was sharan, the short guy and the next song started. He turned me around and kept his hand on my hips such that my ass is on his penis. He was making my bums move like the twerking. He was rubbing my ass on his penis.. He was getting very excited as I could make out the hard poking thing on my bum. He was also moving his hands over my body and touched my boobs once or twice. But most of the time he was moving on the stomach area. After the song ended I saw his penis was like rock hard trying to tear his lenin pant. We both laughed and I bid him bye and moved on to next guy akbar. The big guy was very kind to ask for my hands and started my salsa moves before he held me by hip and lifted me and moving me to the dance tune by his hand. He turned around by keeping me in his hands like how fathers do with kids.

The only problem here is my dress was flying giving a free show to anyone watching. Ofcourse he cannot see anything form his angle but other can notice my naked pussy. The cold air made my nipples go hard and I was getting very horny slowly. He dropped me back to ground and ran his fingers on my lips, face and neck and made me go mad. Song came to an end and he felt sorry to let me go. But I already go into a great mood. Then it was karthik and he gave me a naughty smile. He started dancing normally like a waltz style and telling me what all naughty things he did. He looked at my nipples and told me someone made me so high. I told him it was akbar and we looked at akbar and he was doing the same to the next girl. Now we could easily see the girls naked pussy as he rotated her. Karthik was like I will have fun the next song.

I pinched his nipple and gave him a naughty smile. He said he could do the same and I said you cant. He hugged me tightly and moved his hand on my bum and traversed his finger through the bum crack but this time touch my ass hole and he took it out when I hit him on his penis with my hand. It was very awkward but we just smiled and a bell rang to indicate its mid night. We all jumped in a hurray and then karthik asked me for a kiss and we kissed for next 2 mins. It was very very nice. It was my first romantic smooch. We pulled apart our mouth and look around and everyone were lip locked as though it was ordered to be. We just laughed at what all we did today. I told him lets just keep this to friendship and not take it forward. He laughed and said dont worry you are my friend and your friend will be my partner with a wink. He was referring to radhika as he look at her. She just pulled herself out of varun’s mouth. We thought they planned in such a way that they were together at 00:00 for this kiss. Anyways we moved on and I danced along with other guys and finally landed with steven who was doing all romeo gestures.

I noticed his penis was easily noticeable and he told me not to stare so much as it will tear the pant. I laughed and said poor thing struggling inside. He put one arm around my back and another hand held my hand like a salsa close hold position. He was dancing and moving his hand on the back up and down in a sensual way. He rotated me and now both his hands were on my stomach and exploring everywhere sensually. He touched both my boobs and now on my nipples I could not move somehow. He was circling my nipples and it was becoming very very hard. I was letting soft moans and I was feeling his penis with my bums. He moved up and started caressing my neck and my moans have become louder and I am sure our neighboring partners could hear. He slowly moved his one hand down to my thigh and started coming up and I could feel the heat emanating from my pussy. I could not control anymore I felt.

Suddenly there was a horn sound near the gate and everyone came back to senses and radhika announced that her parents came off and we need to leave. She asked steven to put all the inners into a bag and change it out somewhere and start leaving from the back door before parents come near the pool. So everyone ran and collected their things and started leaving. I could see steven was disappointed by he has to leave. Our eyes met and we could feel the passion. As he was told, he took a bag and dumped all the inners and ran out of the gate.

Just then radhika’s parents mr. Satish sharma and mrs. Mythri sharma walked to the pool and they could see guys and girls out of the back gate. Radhika and I stood waving our hands. Radhika told her parents that we just finished the party and it was awesome.They were happy it all ended in time and praised us that the place dint look messy apart form the breezer bottles lying here and there. Then we moved into the house and her parents spoke to me asking if everything was good and if I was comfortable. I told them this was the best party ever and I enjoyed myself. They were happy to listen and she told me she is sending a message to my mother that everything is fine and advised me also to send a message. They told me I can sleep with radhika in her room and they will drop me after breakfast tomorrow. I thanked them and I nodded for everything. Radhika told me she will show me something and took me to the next room. As soon as her parents went to different room, she requested me that she needs my help in something. She told me that varun is hiding in her bedroom upstairs and they are planning to have sex tonight. I was wooing her and she was winking.

She asked me to act as if I am not sleepy and be in the hall watching tv till she messages me to come up. She told me all 3 will have to adjust in her room and I said it is fine I can adjust anywhere. She was happy and gave me a hug. And we both went back to hall and by then her parents were not in the hall. She told me their room is also upstairs but otherside and since there is a balcony in the middle they cannot hear anything. She switched on tv and handed me the remote. And told me that if I am hungry I could go and grab anything from the kitchen. She was telling me about the dvd rack and the movies in it and she was talking about some movie in details when we heard her parents door sound and they came down after changing to night clothes. Her mother was in a silver satin nighty and her father was in a tee shirt and loose shorts.

Her mother went to kitchen for something and her father came to us and asked us what we were doing. Then radhika told him that I was not sleepy and wanted to watch some movie so she was explaining. I nodded my head in support of her. Her dad bought that lie and asked me to sleep soon as it is not good to stay awake late. Her mom grabbed a bottle of water and went up and her dad followed her to the bedroom. She immediately told me to enjoy my time and hugged me again, I slapped her bum like others and asked her to have spicy fun. She was smiling big time and went to her room. I sat down the sofa and was browsing channels. Then I realized this was a smart tv and went to the apps menu and found netflix. So I opened and was selecting some titles to watch. Then I found the old series friends and I started watching some random episode since I already watched everything. I was feeling sad that the party ended today and I was feeling tired now.

I realized that I was not wearing any inners since they took everything and went from the table and we did not get time to collect ours. I put my legs on the sofa table and I could easily reach my pussy with my hand as my dress was very short. I was feeling my pussy and I was feeling so good. I was thinking about the sex radhika and varun is having now and I was feeling more excited. I slowly started rubbing my pussy and could not concentrate on the tv. Suddenly the wifi went down and the video started buffering. I took my hand from the pussy and reached out the remote. I was trying to replay but did not work and then I went back to the app list and reopened the app but it failed due to lack of network. Though I did not care about the video I felt I cannot be playing with myself without the sound else someone might hear some sounds from my moans if there were any. I was trying to fiddle around with the apps and by mistake I closed the smart tv and it opened up the regualr tv and somehow the volume was too much. I lowered the volume and opened up the smart apps.

Just then I saw radhika’s father walking towards me with a smile on his face. He came close and asked me if everything was fine. I told him internet was not there and netflix stopped and it switched over to tv by mistake and volume became high. Then I noticed he was looking at my exposed bottom due to my sitting position. Suddenly I realized my position and adjusted and put my feet on ground. He said dont worry beta internet is not good in this farm house and it will come back soon. He took the remote in his hand and opened the netflix app and it was working now. He sat down on the single sofa next to mine and asked me what I would like to watch. Then I told him I was watching friends and he started that. Then he asked me if I need anything to drink and I told him no thanks. He said he is planning to make himself some tea and he could make one for me too. I was tired and I felt a tea would be good.

I told him yes and he went to kitchen and came back with two cups of tea. We both were watching friends and he started asking questions on my studies and future plans and other things. I was feeling good while sipping the tea and answering him. Then he asked me about my boyfriend and I told him I dont have any. He smiled and said ok and dint ask further about it. He asked me about my hobbies and I told him about my tennis, swimming and yoga classes. He was impressed with my hobbies and appreciated me. He told that is why I have awesome body as he stared at my curves. I smiled and said thanks. He said he loves swimming and that is why insisted on having swimming pool in this house. He asked me if I would like to join for a swim now. I said I am tired and moreover I do not have swimming attire.

He laughed and said yea you are right, you are not even wearing any inners. I put my head down and said yes sorry that was because it got wet due to swimming and others took it off by mistake. He said that is fine you can be free free. I just smiled and kept quiet. Then he asked me about yoga. I told him I joined yoga classes recently and haven’t learnt much but I go everyday. He told me there is a yoga room just behind where I was sitting and it is designed to be completely peaceful and meditation room with sound proofing. I was like wow that is so nice. He said come I ll show you and I went behind him. He opened the door and the room was smelling so good and really nicely designed. He was explaining me the room and I was exploring it. I asked him about the smell and he said it is from an lavender essential oil. Then I noticed so many essential oils kept on one table. I asked him why do you have so many oils here. He told me that he learnt ayurveda massage and sometimes he massages radhika’s mom for relaxation and fun.

I was like wow that must be so nice. He asked me if I want to have a quick massage. I was hesitant and said no. He said ok and we moved on to see his meditation music collection. I was surprised to so many types of music for meditation. So I asked him if I can listen to one of them. He said sure and told me he will close the door since it will disturb others upstairs. He closed the door and turned on the music. It was so nice with the smell and music I just closed my eyes and leaned on the wall for a sec. He then told me you seem to be enjoying, why dont you relax while I massage, I am sure you will have an awesome experience. I thought about it for sometime and then I was like it may not be appropriate since I dont have my inners too. He said beta listen, you have to be naked for massage anyways and there will be towel on you all the time.

Moreover I am a professional therapist and then he picked up a laminated certificate and showed me. He said it will help you a lot to relax your muscles. He told take that towel from the corner and change into that. I thought for a second and then I told him ok. He went and got me the towel. He said excellent I will go prepare right oil for you. I went to the bathroom to change. I merely had to unzip my dress and put on the towel. Towel was not big, it hardly covered from my boobs to my bum. I was feeling tensed somehow but the day has been all about surprises and I was ready to just go ahead whatever happens. He asked me to sleep chest down on the yogamat covered with big towel. I lay down and tried to cover my ass. He said dont worry and asked me to lift my upper body a little and he unhooked my towel and removed it completely. I jerked trying to cover my ass. He said calm down and he changed the direction of the towel and placed it from my back to bums.

He asked me not to panic and relax. Otherwise there wont be any effect on the massage. I said to myself to calm down and not to over react. He told me he would start the massage on the back and and then slowly go to legs and then front side. I was very nervous. He told he would pull down the towel to expose my back for massage. He poured oil on my back and I felt so high and left out a faint moan and I am sure he would have sensed it too. He kept his hands on my back and started the massaging. He started with long strokes on my back from my tailbone to neck. I was feeling so good and relaxed. He did various kind of movements and I was completely mesmerized. After sometime he told back is over and he will pull up the towel and do the lower part. He pulled my towel till neck till tail bone. Now my entire bums are exposed to him and I was feeling very shy and horny. He split my legs apart and sat in between my legs to massage my bums. Entire pussy was visible to him now.

He must have noticed wetness on the towel below as he mentioned me that it is normal to feel horny and told not to worry about it. He was pouring oil on my bum and when the oil was dripping through my bum crack and when it reached my ass hole I was in seventh heaven and I jerked and moaned which could easily be heard. He told me good relax and dont worry. He was gently massaging and explaining me the nerve endings and how massaging them will help the body. I could not listen to him as I was feeling too high. His hands were everywhere including the ass several time and I could not control. He can notice the wetness in my pussy now I thought to myself. His fingers were doing magic. He gently massaged along the bum lines and followed it under things just nex to pussy. I felt a shock wake as he massaged and moaned again. While pulling his fingers out he touched my pussy and said your are so hot and you deserve a treat. I was not able to concentrate anymore. I told him lets do the legs and he said ok and moved on to my legs.

He lifted each leg and kept on his thighs and I could feel my legs touch something may be his penis. That made me go mad. I wanted to see but could not move. He finished both my legs and asked me to turn over. I was not in my senses anymore and I did not hear. He tapped me on my shoulder to wake me up and I came back to senses and turned over. I was naked in front of an old man. Suddenly noticed he was also naked and his penis was erect like a snake. I immediately got up covered myself with hands and asked him why he is naked. He told me he dint want to get oily and this is how it is suppose to be done. He put his hand on my head and asked me to relax as nothing will happen without my permission.I felt I was horny and vulnerable. He put on the towel again on my legs and told me he would massage my upper body. My nipples were standing and rock hard I felt and he kept his hand on my boobs and I lifted my legs in pleasure.I kept looking at his penis and it was wiggling a lot.

He put my legs down and sat on my thighs in such a way that his penis is now touching my abdomen. I was getting scared and excited. He was massaging my boobs and nipples and I was moaning very loud now. I was unable to control my emotions. He was not stopping and continuosly engaging his hands in some senusal patterns. He moved his hands to my stomach and senusally drawing circle and put his little pinky finger into my navel and making me go mad. My moans continued as he withdrew from my navel and got up from my thighs and parted my legs again. May be he could not wait anymore and he wanted to have some fun. He gently kept his hand on my pussy and started massaging the walls of my vagina. My moans turned into little screams and liquid was oozing out of my pussy. He inserted his finger inside and I could literally see colours. I was in ecstasy and could not control anymore. He kept fingering me in all directions and then he reached gspot and I screamed loudly in pleasure. He massage a lot and I was gripping the towel tightly and lifting my entire upper body up in pleasure.

He inserted two fingers with great difficulty and mesmerized my pussy totally. I felt I could passout any time. I was screaming literally and unable to bear the pleasure. He turned around and came into 69 position and I knew what to do. I grabbed his penis this was my first time. It was so big and thick I dint know what I am doing. I kept doing updown motion and he asked me to put into my mouth. I did as he told me and it tasted salty and he started doing in and out motion in my mouth and kept his mouth on my pussy and his tongue was licking me and doing all sort of stuff. I was completely out of control and going mad. Just then I heard my mobile ring so loudly that we both jerked out of our position. It was radhika and I told I should pick it up and got up to reach my mobile from the table. She sounded worried and asked me if everything is fine.

I just old her it is fine and I slept off by mistake. She told me to come to her room now. I said ok I ll come soon and I kept the phone. Suddenly I came to my senses and told her dad I cannot stay here anymore I need to go. He was immensely disappointed but he respected my decision and said ok. I cleaned up my pussy and thighs. Wore my dress in front of him this time. He was also wearing his clothes. We hugged eachother and went out of the room. I quickly went up to the bedroom and found both of them lying on the bed covered up in bedsheet and both of them said hi and I replied to them with a hi. Varun asked me what is that nice scent from me and I told them that I took some oil from the yoga room and applied to my body. She stared at me for a while and said good you smell wonderful and asked me to join her by her side. I laid down on the bed next to her and went under the blanket and realized shes naked. She said dont worry just chill. You should also get naked and sleep instead of this dress.

She also told me varun is also naked but you dont have to worry. I was thinking what is happening today. So much to take in just one day. I was ready and I told her ok and turned back and asked her to unzip my dress. She did and help me remove it completely. I threw the dress and slept naked next to her. Since 3 of us slept on the same bed. My body was completely touching her and since my body was oily she was totally liking the smooth skin. She spoke out loud saying my body is so smooth with this oil and the smell is intoxicating and awesome. Hearing to that varun turned sideways and was reaching out to my body and he placed his hand right on my boobs and rubbed to feel the oil. I jerked a bit in surprise but I convinced myself that anything can happen.

Radhika ignored it and did not say anything. I asked her how as the night and she said it was amazing and varun scaled her to new heights. And she said now they are tired and time to sleep. I said ya lets sleep I am tired too. We said good night to each other and slept. I was recollecting everything that happened tonight and feeling so good and did not reliaze when I went into deep sleep. I woke up and looked around I did not find varun or radhika. I picked up my dress and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I got out and radhika was in the room and she told lets go for breakfast. I looked at the time and it was 10am already. I messaged my mother that I just woke up and will come soon. As I went down. Her mom and dad were already at the dining table. Her dad was smiling wide and I smiled back at him. It felt like a dream to me. We had breakfast and then we all left in the car and they dropped me home and there ends my day.

Uff!! What a day, I would cherish this experience thought out my life. So unreal yet so intriguing. Just cant imagine if I could spend such a day. Luckily no one was rude or bad. I was not harassed and felt most secure. Everyone respected feeling and acted matured. It was just a posh party which I am guessing does not happen anywhere unless planned well by friends. Hats off to Radhika and Varun. Here I am completing this story after 4 months. Now I have completed my exams and ready to enter the college life. See you all till my next story.

Be safe. Take care. Enjoy.

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